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Holywell documents at the

Northumberland Archives Service

correct to 2 September 1996

DT 256 M Tithe Award 1841
QRD 10 Deed 1894
QRD 11 School 1913
ZGI/XXV/1-6a-c Plans & survey 1788-c.1840
ZGRdn Deeds 1778 & 1891
QRUP See Deposited Plans Index
NCB/DL/D/6 Title deeds Holywell Grange Farm 17-19c
NCB/DL/D/8 Leases of coal under Holywell Grange Farm 1851-1936
NCB/DL/D/26 East Holywell Coal Co. deeds 1879-1914
B25/111/1 Deed 1554
NRO 641 East Holywell colliery pitman's bond 1844; lease book 1856-76; memo book 1896-1927; agreement book 1876-1907
CES 225 Holywell Grouped County Primary School minutes 1935-1966
ZRI 35/22/214 Colliery boring book
ZRI 35/23/7 & 15 Colliery lease book
NRO 602/25/iv re Carriage of Coals through Holywell estate 1810. pp.102-3
NRO 740/23/2-7 Letter books re collieries 1925-31
NRO 641 Misc documents re East Holywell Colliery. Pitman's bond 1844. Leasebook. Agreement book 1876-1907
M8/35-37 East Holywell Methodist church records 1874-1938 incl. lease from E. Holywell Colliery 1874 (Berwick)
EP 143/D1-16 Registers & records of St. Mary's Holywell 1892-1967
NRO 1336 & 1337 25-inch O.S. plans of village 1922
NRO 1352 East Holywell Coal Co. files
NRO 1223 State of East Holywell Colliery 1928
1DE/8/105 Arbitration award concerning rent for land in Holywell 1532/3
QSB 91/6 Depositions re miners' strike and troubles in East Holywell 1844
ZCL/B/137 Thos. Clennel & Fewick & Clennel Esqrs.& the East Holywell Coal Co. Ltd. 1921
NRO.725/C.45 Leases re mineral and royalty interest in Holywell early 20th Cent.
ZMI.B.13/X Letters & papers re miners' strike 1844
NRO.725/C2/176 Plans re. East Holywell Colliery 1896-1926
1DE/1/114 Deed 1492
1DE/8/15 & 16 & 113 Legal papers 1585-1609
1DE/9/1 & 8 & 17 & 27 Estate papers 1518-1659
1DE/10/2 Tynemouthshire rentals 1606
M.10/F.12 Papers re use of 2 Dene Street (Bates'Cottages) by Methodist minister 1961-1963
M.10/G.2 Bates' Cottages Methodist Church records 1931-1951
EP.143/D.1-16 Registers and records of St. Mary's Holywell 1892-1967
EP.6/A.83 Holywell township tithe award 1841
CEB 18 School Board Records 1902
ZAN M.13/F.13 p.18 Sketch of Bates old house in Halliwell 1837
NRO.2795/3 Extracts from court rolls of Seaton Delaval re. Holywell 1448-1605
NRO.2659/32 Deed of co-partnership in Newbiggin and Haliwell mains collieries 1767
NRO.2444 East Holywell Colliery injury compensation books 20th c.
CES 310/12 Seaton Terrace junior mixed school admission register 1909-1965
NCB/DL/D.26 East Holywell Coal Co. deeds 1879-1914
NRO.650/A.4 Fragment of document re Holywell 1550
CES 188 Seaton Terrace County Primary School log books 1909-1969
QSI Easter 1757 Indictment Halliwell Bridge
NRO 3031/13 Photo Aged Miners' home
M10/F12 Papers re use of 2 Dene Street (Bates Cottages) by Methodist minister 1961-1963
M10/G2 Bates Cottages Methodist Church records 1931-1951
EP6/A83 Holywell township tithe award 1841
NRO 4182/30 Counterpart lease of coalmines at Holywell 1887. Parties include the East Holywell Coal Co.
NRO 4250/1/5 Abstract of release by Ann Bates to George & Thomas Hall of messuage in Holywell
NRO 4250/10/1 Memoranda relating to the Bates family of Holywell and Milbourne n.d.
NRO 4182 Deeds relating to Milbourne Hall and properties at Holywell & East Hartford & Ponteland & Whalton & Woodhorn.
NRO 4182/5 Lease and Release. Bank Top Farm & North Farm & Strother Farm & Fenwick Close Farm & Mansion House of Holywell. 23rd/24th April 1824.
NRO 4182/12 Agreement for division of Common land. Holywell 1842.
NRO 4182/1 Lease for one year farmholds at Holywell. 26 November 1798
NRO 4702 Pedigree of Hills of Holywell & Newbiggin & [Chiswick/Cheswick?]
NRO 4327/66/1-11 Records of closed Women's Institutes. Holywell village 1963-1994.
NRO 4090/A/104 Holywell County First School Governors' Minutes 1974-1991
NRO 4090/J/3 Seaton Terrace Nursery School papers 1985-1989.
There is also a small collection of photographs
6644-48, 9152, 9161, 9166-67, 9238-41, 9244, 9246, 10146-49, 10885-6, 14966-15015 farming scenes

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