Newcastle, St Andrew


"ST ANDREW'S CHURCH is situated on the west side of Newgate-street, and is traditionally asserted to be the oldest church in Newcastle; its erection being ascribed to David, the church and abbey building monarch of Scotland. Its style of architecture seems to have been originally Norman, but, as a whole, the building has been much modified by frequent alterations and repairs. We find this church mentioned as early as 1218, and in 1280 the judges held their courts in this edifice. It subsequently underwent extensive repairs, but it suffered so much during the siege of Newcastle, in 1644, that there was a cessation of service within its walls for more than a year. The tower of this church is low in proportion to its height, but it is thought too have been different before the siege just alluded to, when it, in common with the chancel, sustained great injury. ... The register commences in 1597." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855]

"NEWCASTLE-upon-TYNE, a port and market-town and borough (ancient), and a county (of itself), locally in Castle ward, county of NORTHUMBERLAND, ......containing, exclusively of the townships of Byker, Cramlington, Heaton, and Jesmond, in the eastern division, and of Benwell, Elswick, Fenham, and Westgate, in the western division, of CASTLE ward, ....." [Samuel Lewis Topographical Dictionary of England 1831 © Mel Lockie]







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  • The history of Jesmond and Fenham is included in:- Northumberland County History Committee, History of Northumberland, Volume 13. Newcastle, A. Reid, 1930. (Available on fiche from Ancestral Indexes).


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Military Records

Newcastle St Andrew (and Jesmond)
2 Aug 1918  W. Sloane, Sergeant 6095 112 Coy Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), age 29 son of William and Susan Sloane 170 Ellesmere Road Benwell [grave W.U. 356]
5 Aug 1917  Frank Bearman, Lieutenent 3rd Bn East Lancashire Regiment [grave W.U. 323]
11 Aug 1916  Napoleon Leveille, Private 105907 52nd Bn Canadian Infantry, age 36 husband of Amy Leveille 1053 Balmoral Street Medicine Hat Alberta [grave O.U. 317]
11 Aug 1916  William Gordon Stanley Thorman, Gunner 134882 2nd Btty 1A Reserve Brigade Royal Field Artillery, age 26 son of William and Margaret M Thorman of Stockton, husband of Linda May Thorman of Harrogate Yorks. [grave V.U. 147]
11 Aug 1918    Alexander Wald, Lieutenant 36th Squadron RAF  MILITARY CROSS [grave N.V. 261]
14 Aug 1918   W.E. Carver, L/Cpl 325019 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 47 son of Charles and Maria Carver, husband of the late Elizabeth Carver 143 Dinsdale Road Newcastle [grave E.C. 238]
14 Aug 1919  John McMaster, Drummer 22207 A Coy 1st Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 41 son of John and Mary McMaster.husband of Mary Alice McMaster 23 Churchill Street Newcastle [grave S.U. 351]
16 Aug 1920   J.  Corbitt, Private 80365 Northumberland Fusiliers [grave L.C. 296]
17 Aug 1916  Stanley Francis Chippendale, Bombadier 1634 52nd Battery 25th Brigade Australian Field Artillery, age 21 son of John Gabriel Chumstie and Alice Carrington Chippendale of Parrametta New South Wales [grave P.U. 88]
19 Aug 1915  J Cawson Private 23/804 23rd Tyneside Scottish Northumberland Fusiliers [grave E.C. 54]
22 Aug 1917  Thomas Donkin, Sapper 2747 3rd/2nd {Northumbrian) Division Royal Engineers, age 33 son of Margaret and the late Thomas Donkin of Spittal Tongues [grave E.C. 324]
23 Aug 1914  Albert George Wade, Private 6952 3rd Bn Duke of Wellington West Riding Regiment, age 30 son of Frederick Wade of Haggerston London and Mrs C Williams (formerly Wade) of Baxtergate Whitby [grave E.C.9]
30 Aug 1917   J.F. Bowles Private 202140 7th Agricultural Coy Northumberland Fusiliers [transfered to (237138) 412 Agricultural Coy Labour Corps] [grave W.U. 348]
2 Sep 1914  James John Brown, Sergeant 94855 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards, age 40 Husband of Annie Brown 197 Philip Street Newcastle (Long Service and Good Conduct Medal) [grave R.U. 376]
3 Sep 1915  John McDonald, Cpl 9650 2nd Bn Highland Light Infantry, age 35 son of the late John and Helen McDonald of Glasgow [grave X.U. 183]
6 Sep 1917  B. McCabe, Private 24/453 11th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers [grave W.U.350]
9 Sep 1917  F. M.Moat, Private 203407 1st/4th Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry [grave A.C. 304]
10 Sep 1914  S. J. L. Woodward, Gunner 77015 £rd Battery 1st Reserve Brigade Royal Field Artillery [grave E.C. 431]
10 Sep 1915   M McDonald, Private 6046 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) [grave X.U. 182]
11 Sep 1915  J. W. Bell, Private 231399 23rd Tyneside Irish Northumberland Fusiliers [grave E,C. 38]
16 Sep 1915  T. Kilkenny Private 15968 3rd Bn Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment [grave X.U. 217]
18 Sep 1916   C Beardmore, Private 40049 3rd Garrison Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, age 40 son of Henry and Emily Jervis of Stoke on Trent [grave V.U. 53]
19 Sep 1915   Charles Swainsbury, Gunner 69718 1A Reserve Brigade Royal Field Artillery [grave E.C. 37]
21 Sep 1914   Hector John Patterson, Staff sergeant T/423 9th Section (York) Army Ordnance Corps, age 33 son of John and Margaret Patterson, husband of Ethel I Patterson of Plumstead London [grave R.U. 373]
21 Sep 1918   W Hardman, Private 33251 Cameronians (Sottish Rifles) [grave E.C. 267]
23 Sep 1920   J Lockey, Driver 457704 550th Field coy Royal Engineers [grave Q.U. 429]
27 Sep 1915   G Bull, Private 9911 1st Bn Northumberland fusiliers, age 29 son of Frederick H and Elizabeth Bull of Gravesend Kent [grave E.C. 398]
28 Sep 1914   Arnold Stacey, Acting Bombardier 90623 3rd reserve Battery Royal Field Artillery [grave F.C. 416]
28 Sep 1915   J. S. Moir-Byres 1st /3rd Scottish Horse, son of Mts Moir-Byres of Guildford Surrey [grave H.C. 300]
1 Oct 1914   C. E. Bloomfield, Private 11131 1st Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), brother of Mrs E Reed of Tottenham, London [grave R.U. 372]
1 Oct 1915   R. Inglis, Private 4079 3rd/5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers [grave E.C. 396]
6 Oct 1915   C. R. Park, Sergeant 5328 3rd Bn Gloucester Regiment, son of Sergeant John Park of the Gloucester Regiment [grave H.C. 300]
9 Oct 1914   Samuel Gerrard, Gunner 35963 !st Reserve Brigade Royal Field Artillery [grave C.C. 190]
9 Oct 1917   T. Williamson, Driver 43908 Royal Field Artillery [grave W.U. 351]
12 Oct 1918   J Hall, Private 44245 16th Bn Yorks and Lancs regiment  [grave Q U 382]
13 Oct 1918   Harold Fairbank, Cpl 8857 1st Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 25, born London  [grave Q.U.383]
14 Oct 1914   W Cameron, Private 1227 7th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers [grave R U 377]
16 Oct 1918   E Hasker, Coy Q/M Sergeant 3677 A Coy, 11th Bn Yorkshire Regiment, age 48 husband of Margaret Taylor (formerly Hasker) of Dunmore East Co.Waterford [grave E C 414]
16 Oct 1918  John James Hedley, Able Seaman TZ/8683 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve HMS Satelite, age 21 husband of Carrie Hedley ( nee Palmer) [grave Q U 834]
19 Oct 1915   Jeremiah Hennessey, Chief P/O 101192 Royal Navy HMS Victory, husband of M J Hennessey of Larne Co. Antrim [grave X U 216]
23 Oct 1914   John Herbert Pinchin, Sergeant 5235 G Coy. 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment, age 32 son of Jane Pinchin of Devizes Wiltshire [grave R U 348]
23 Oct 1918   George William Allan Livingstone, Private 19133 2nd Regiment 5th African Infantry,son of Mary and the late George Livingstone of Jesmond [grave A C 281]
27 Oct 1914   Harold William Foreman, Private 8849 1st Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers, age 26 son of Eliza M Hoag (formerly Foreman) of Tooting London, and the late Samuel Foreman. [grave R U 349]
27 Oct 1918   George Thorley, Driver T/275594 530 Horse Transport Coy. Army Service Corps, [grave Q U 397]
28 Oct 1916   Charles Augustus Harrison, Lt/Col Royal Engineers, age 68 son of Col Charles Henry Harrison R.A., husband of Julia Elizabeth Hooper (formerly Harrison) [grave G C 78]
29 Oct 1917   Henry George Fordham, Lieutenant and Quarter Master , [grave Q.U.363]
29 Oct 1918   Barbara Ramsey Todd, Worker 41144 Queen Marys Army Auxillary Corps, 23rd Officers Cadet Bn (Catterick), age 26 daughter of W George Todd of Newcastle [grave N U 23]u
31 Oct 1914   J Stubbs, Private 11968 3rd Bn Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment)  [grave G C 241]
31 Oct 1918    John William Emery, Private TR/161553 53rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 18 son of Charles and Jane Emery of Newcastle [grave F C 177]
2 Nov 1914   C. White Private 7095 Durham light Infantry Depot, [grave G.C 28
7 Nov 1915   D. Bacon Private 1560 Northumberland Fusiliers 1/7th Bn age 22 son of James and Annie Bacon of Guidepost Choppington [grave K.C 80]
7 Nov 1918   Dudley Francis Persee, Leiutenant RN HMS Tartar  D.S.O, [grave Q.V. 399]
9 Nov 1918   G. Batty,  Corldstream Guards 2nd Bn age 30 son of Mr W Batty [grave Q.U 400]
11 Nov 1918   C. W Scattergood,  Private 60057 5th Bn Royal warwickshire regiment  [grave Q U 401]
12 Nov 1914   Albert Frederick Newington, Cpl 6596 3rd Bn Duke of wellingtons(West Riding regiment), age 31 son of Thomas Newington of Ramsgate, husband of Florence Marion Beaumier (formerly Newington) of Toronto Canada [grave R. U 378]
13 Nov 1915   Thomas Scott,  Chief engineroom Artificer CH/268011 RN HMS President [grave C.C 357]
14 Nov 1914   W. W. Stanley, Rifleman 5974 1st Bn Kings Royal Rifle Corps  [grave R. U 379]
15 Nov 1915   John Lewis Platt, Driver 1249 1st Reserve Btty Royal Field Artillery, age 33 son of james and Helen Platt, husband of Tomina Rendell (formerly Platt) [grave
19 Nov 1919  Victor James Duffy Sergeant 61793 Royal Field Artillery 3rd Div. Ammunition Col. age 30 Native of Calcutta [grave Q.U 422]
20 Nov 1914   Stanley Hertel Private 3/10326 West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) 3rd Bn. age 20 brother of Mrs Elam of Leeds [grave M.C 67]
22 Nov 1917   A. G Deuchar Captain Royal Flying Corps Cyclist Bn, age 25 son of Edith Deuchar of Maida Vale London and the late Alexander Deuchar [grave I.C 450]
23 Nov 1918   Edward Spoors, Gunner 59543 Royal Garrison Artillery Clearing Office Formerly No 2 Depot, age 36 husband of M.J Spoors of Bensham Gateshead [grave G.C 308]
24 Nov 1918   Archie Abram Oliver Private 189702 Canadian Forestry Corps, age 41 son of William and Nancy Oliver [grave Q. U 42]
2 Dec 1917   Jemima Wilson,  Member 3812 Queen Marys Army Auxilliary Corps (Gayeshead Hostel), age 24 daughter of James and Margaret Wilson of Moniaive Dumfriess [grave Q. U 364]
8 Dec 1918   Henry Satchwell,  Lieutenant Territorial Force Reserve  [grave Q.U 113]
22 Aug 1940   Cecil Robson, Leading Seaman D/J30959 Royal Navty HMS Victory, (also served in 1914-1918 War) age 41 son of George and Janet Robson, husband of Enid Robson of Jesmond [Enid died 1987 age 80] [grave P Uncon grave 4]
2 Sep 1941  Odvar Manus Moen, Sailor Norwegian Merchant Navy, age 22 [grave P Uncon Grave 337]
7 Oct 1940   Charles Edward English, Pilot Officer 77791 605 Squadron RAF, age 28 son of Joseph Edward and Bertha Evelyn English of Jesmond Newcastle, [grave B Joint grave 213]
17 Oct 1943   Sidney Meredith Mather, Sergeant 533561 287 Squadron RAF, age 25 son of William and Frances Mather of Newcastle [grave T Uncons 216]
18 Oct 1940   Hugh Cochrane, Fusilier D/16224 1oth H,D, Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 70 [born 1871 Newcastle], son of late Thomas and Margaret Cochrane, husband of Margaret Cochrane of Newcastle [grave S Uncons 222]
24 Oct 1947   Reginald Temple, L/Cpl 2091228 Royal Engineers, age 43 son of James and Janet Temple, husband of Mary Ethel Temple of newcastle [grave X uncons 308]
22 Oct 1940   John Pearson Morrison, Sergeant 754728 48 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve,  [grave O uncons 277]
11 Nov 1941   Joseph Mackey  Gunner 851860 54 Heavy Regt Royal Artillery, age 23 son of Mr and Mrs W Davidson of Newcastle [grave V uncons 450]
OLD JESMOND General Cemetery
1 Jan 1917   John Frederick Corbitt,  Lieutenant Royal Defense Corps 151st Protection Coy [grave xiii 1C 1C]
30 Jan 1915   Arthur Bedford,  Private 2248 6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 21 son of Mr J. H.Bedford of Newcastle [grave xii 2E 3C]
21 Feb 1918   William Jobling,  Private 33719 Ist Labour Coy Lincolnshire Regiment, Transfered to (23642) 475 Home Service Employment Coy, Labour Corps, age 35 son of Thomas and the late Sarah Jobling of Newcastle, husband of Maggie Louise Jobling of Byker [grave 6 1H 3]
24 May 1917   John Gordon Steel,  2nd Lieutenant 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, Mentioned in Dispatches age 20 son of John Tinline and Alice Maria Steel of Stocksfield [grave xi 3H 3C]
13 Jun 1942   Ian Hebron Brodie,  Driver T/81521 Royal Army Service Corps, age 27 son of Spencer and Isabel Brodie of Newcastle, husband of Agnes Brodie of North Shields [grave 23 7H 2]
8 Nov 1918   Christopher Brewis Wilson,  Cpl 340424 37th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 25 son of Dorothy Jane and the late John Wilson, husband of Mabel Wilson of Newcasrle [grave vi 3H 4C]
10 Nov 1916  Roy Craig Dunford,  Captain 1/6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers D.S.O., age 35 son of Charles George and Barbara Jane Dunford of Newcastle, husband of Helen Walker Dunford of Edinburgh [grave xix 7B 1U]
19 Nov 1940   Francis Thomas Bernard Wadsworth,  2nd Lieutenant 92368 Royal Engineers 232 Field Coy,Mentioned in Dispatches age 22 son of Edward James and Mary Ellen Wadsworth, husband of Geraldine Rosa Wadsworth of Walker Newcastle [grave 6 1H 2]
26 Nov 1918   John Gray,  2nd Lieutenant West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) 3rd Reserve Bn, age 23 son of John and Mary Gray of Jesmond [grave 9 cons E1 3]
6 Dec 1918   Herbert Miller,  Paymaster Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Halcyon, age 33 son of James and Mary Hannah Miller  [grave x 2L 4]
Westgate Hill Cemetery
16 August 1918   Arthur Henry Bailey, Private 29291 25th Bn Durham light Infantry, age 47 son of Samuel and Eliza Bailey, husband of Mary Jane Bailey of Newcastle [grave Q 108
24 Oct 1918   A. R. Bristow,  Worker 3487  Australian Munitions [grave G 124]
1 Nov 1918   J. Caddle, Cpl 35238 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), age 41 son of James and Elizabeth Caddle, husband of Elizabeth Caddle of Newcastle [grave Q 112]
1 Nov 1918   James Stafford,  Private 308930 Tank Corps Depot Workshops, age 30 son of James and Elizabeth Stafford, husband of margaret Stafford of Newcastle [grave Q 101]
3 Nov 1918   George Brewsher Atkinson, Private TR5/161425 53rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 18 son of Joshua Atkinson of Newcastle [grave V 18]
12 Nov 1918   Alfred Edward Campbell Private 26/803 Northumberland Fusiliers Depot, age 35 brother of Sarah Campbell of Newcastle [grave H 214]
8 Dec 1918   Michael Kelly,  Sapper 327984 Royal Engineers Reserve Bn R Anglesey, age 39 son of Elizabeth and the late Michael Kelly of newcastle [grave L 30]
21 Nov 1941   Oliver Johannes Hansen,  Sailor Norwegian Navy age 38 [grave P uncons 317]
21 Nov 1941 Bernard Olai Anderson, Sailor Norwegian Merchant Navy age 51 [grave P uncons 316]