Newcastle, St John


"ST JOHN'S CHURCH situated on the west side of Westgate-street, is a large cruciform structure, probably of the age of Edward I., and chiefly of the early English character, but greatly affected by comparatively modern alterations and enlargements. It is surmounted by a quadrangular embattled tower, and contains a font venerable for its antiquity, several ancient monuments, an altar piece, and a painted window, by Mr. Gibson, of Newcastle. This church, anterior to the Reformation, possessed three chantries, which underwent the fate of the other religious establishments at that period. The register commences in 1587." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855]



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  • Newcastle on Tyne Local Studies Centre holds copies of 1851 - 1891 Census for All Saints, Byker, St Andrew, St Nicholas, Westgate, Walker, Longbenton, Killingworth and Weetslade. They also provide a useful User Guide No 2 Census Records
  • The 1851 Census Index (microfiche CN1) and 1871 Census Index (microfiche MS415, MS416, MS421) published by the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society

Church History

Benwell's churches past and present - a guide 2015
Fifty years 1898 - 1948 Benwell Presbyterian Church 1948
Jubilee Celebrations 1906 - 1956 Paradise methodist Church 1956

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  • The history of Benwell and Elswick is included in:- Northumberland County History Committee, History of Northumberland, Volume 13. Newcastle, A. Reid, 1930. (Available on fiche from Ancestral Indexes).


  • Benwell Manorial records at Northumberland County record Office - a handlist compiled by H A Taylor


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Military Records

Newcastle St John (Westgate and Elswick)
5 Aug 1920   G.W. Ross, Driver 33556 Royal Field Artillery [transferred to (700844) 3rd Company Labour Corps], age 26 husband of Sarah Margaret Ross of Newcastle on Tyne [grave C New ground 168]
3 Aug 1917   W.G. Storey, Private 4501 6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 50 son of the late Thomas and Mary Storey, husband of Mary Storey of Newcastle on Tyne [grave M.C. 396]
6 Aug 1915   J. Biggar, Private 2347 6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers  [grave O 93]
6 Aug 1920   T. Cook, Private 12446 East Lancashire Regiment 7th Bn, age 36 son of Alexander and Agnes Cook, husband of Mary Cook [grave M.C. 495]
7 Aug 1920   F. Common, Private 9384 Royal Defence Corps 157th Protection Company, age 56 husband of Eleanor Common of  Benwell [grave E. New ground 87]
7 Aug 1920   Archibald O'Connell, Driver 232970 Royal Field Artillery, son of Sarah O'Connell, husband of Hannah O'Connell of  Elswick [grave P.U. 69]
14 Aug 1916  Robert James Holloway, Lieutenant 5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers [mentioned in Dispatches] age 48 son of Charles and Elizabeth Holloway of Southampton, husband of Katherine Louisa Holloway of Newcastle on Tyne [grave O New ground 583]
15 Aug 1917   Henry McGuire, Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant 3/11341 Durham Light Infantry, age 52 husband of Mary McGuire of Benwell [grave O New ground 613]
16 Aug 1914   Christopher Tate, Private S4/218562 Royal Army Service Corps, age 32 husband of Margaret Tate of  Newcastle on Tyne [grave X.U. 615]
21 Aug 1918 R.H.H. Russell, Private CH/2097(s) Royal Marine Light Infantry RM Depot (Deal), son of Mrs Russell of  Newcastle on Tyne [grave A.U. 40]
28 Aug 1914   T.N. Whitfield, Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/1752 RN HMS Arethusa, son of Mrs M.F. Whitfield of  Newcastle on Tyne [grave M.U. 37]
28 Aug 1919   G.W. Jeffrey, Private 18763 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers BC Depot Labour Corps  [grave T.U. 421
6 Sep 1914   Francis Herbert Reynolds, Chief Armourer 165336 RN. HMS President, age 43 husband of Ellen Bartlett Formerly Reynolds of  Guernsey C.I. [grave J.U. 153]
6 Sep 1919   R.C. Horner, Aircraftman 2nd Class 267574 RAF No1 Wireless School, age 20 son of John and Ellen Horner of Elswick [grave E.U. 89]
9 Sep 1914   J. Traynor, Private 4/7226 4th Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 26 son of Bernard and Bridget Traynor of Newcastle on Tyne [grave S.U. 367]
9 Sep 1918  John Albert Alderson, Cpl 33606 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (Depot), age 37 son of the late William John Alderson, husband of Catherine Alderson of  Newcastle on Tyne [grave j.C. 551]
9 Sep 1915   Cuthbert Smith, Private 3209 (Depot) Northumberland Fusiliers, age 20, born Washington Co Durham,  son of Charles and Elinor Smith of  Benwell [grave M.U. 229]
10 Sep 1915  T. Anderson, Cpl 1530 Royal Field Artillery 1st/2nd(Northumbrian) Brigade, age 20 brother of Charles Henry Andersonof Newcastle on Tyne [grave N.C. 128]
15 Sep 1920   W. Greenwell, Private 291913 Northumberland Fusiliers, age 35 husband of Isabella Greenwell of South Benwell [grave J.U. 235]
16 Sep 1916   John Barrett Darley, Deck Hand 149/SD HM Trawler Lysander ll RN Reserve, age 43 only son of John B and Mary Darley, husband of Hannah Darley [ grave T.U. 803]
16 Sep 1919   William Wood, Driver 26344 Royal Field Artillery, age 24 son of William and Margaret Wood of Newcastle on Tyne [grave M.C. 945]
20 Sep 1920   Thomas Downton, Sergeant 5239113 2nd Bn Worcestershire Regiment, age 29 husband of Annie Downton of Benwell [grave D.U. 229]
20 Sep 1920   T. Rowell, Private 21/1067 Depot Northumberland Fusiliers transfered to (700844) 3rd Coy Labour Corps, age 41 husband of Ellen Rowell of  Elswick [ grave E New ground 168]
22 Sep 1920   Andrew Cruddace, Able Seaman Tyneside Z/6199 Hawke Bn RN Division RN Voluntary Reserve, age 22 son of George Edward and Margaret Cruddace of Gateshead [grave E New ground 88]
23 Sep 1918   John William Phillips, Private 104703  3rd Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 20 son of Mary Ann Phillips of Benwell [grave M.C. 263]
23 Sep 1919   William Alexander Horn, Private 38486 1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers, age 33 son of M.A. and the late William Horn of Elswick [grave L.C. ll]
26 Sep 1920   Edward Oliver, Private 23840 Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment, age 34 son of Edward and Amelia Oliver, husband of Margaret Ellen Oliver of Bentinck Newcastle on Tyne [grave E. New ground 8]
30 Sep 1920   G. Worth Sergeant 9478 Depot Northumberland Fusiliers [grave W.C. 564]
3 Oct 19120   D. Leslie,  Staff Sgt Major 1546, Royal Army Service Corps, age 60 son of  Charles and Mary Leslie of Dundee, husband of Mary Leslie of Benwell Newcastle [grave O.C. 51]
4 Oct 1918   Matthew Heslop, Gunner 99625 1st Reserve Brigade Royal Field Artillery, transferred to (323091) 471st Home Service Employment Coy, Labour Corps [grave B.C. 276]
4 Oct 1918   D. Slattery, Private 265532 Northumberland Fusiliers [grave Y. U. 110]
7 Oct 1915   Joseph Henry Reardon, Private 11956 10th Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 38 son of the late Patrick and Catherine Reardon of Newcastle [grave T.U. 406]
7 Oct 1919   John Alexander McArthur, Private 21/1512 Northumberland Fusiliers (21st Tyneside Scottish), age 42 son of John and Mary McArthur of West Calder, West Lothian, husband of Eliza McArthur of Newcastle [grave H.C. 361]
8 Oct 1920   Matthew Brown, Private 42125 Depot, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own), transferred (694441) 728th Cot Labour Corps, age 38 son of Thomas and Mary Brown, husband of the late Margaret Brown of Elswick Newcastle [grave J.C. 104]
9 Oct 1918   Alfred George Heath, Private 83950 3rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 20 son of Edwin Henry Andrew and the late Martha Elizabeth Heath of Newcastle [grave H. C. 405]
12 Oct 1916   G W Carrick, Private 26639 3rd Bn Durham Light Infantry [grave S.U. 379]
12 Oct 1917    James Carver, Private 38136 25th Bn Durham Light Infantry transfered ( 167656) Northern Command Labour Centre, Labour Corps, age 38 son of Alexander and Mary Carver, husband of Mary Ellen Carver [nee Edwards] of Newcastle [grave B.C. 309]  
12 Oct 1920   Robert Bulman, Private 20308 Royal irish Fusiliers depot, age 32 son of the late George and Mary Ann Bulman, husband of Rose Bulman of Newcastle [grave X.U.648]
17 Oct 1915   John Lish Bennett, Private 24/922 Northumberland Fusiliers (24th Tyneside Irish), age 18 son of William and Margaret Bennett of Newcastle[grave N.C. 183]
18 Oct 1916   William Youll, L/Cpl 11085 West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) Depot, age 23 son of Annie Youll of Newcastle  [grave Q.U 4]
19 Oct 1919   J Marshall, Private T/389732 Royal Army Service Corps [grave O.C 838]
23 Oct 1919   Mark Weddle, Driver T/459870 878 Horse Transport Coy. Royal Army Service Corps (Larkhill),age 19 son of John and Edith Weddle of Newcastle [grave X.U 413
27 Oct 1918   George Kemp Armstrong, Stoker 48125 Royal Naval Reserve HMS Humber, age 28 son of Matthew and Margaret Armstrong of Newcastle [grave K.U. 223]
27 Oct 1918   Charles Ridley Widdrington, Private M2/226888 Army Service Corps, age 30 son of George Nelson and Eleanor Widdrington, husband of Annie Widdrington of newcastle [grave T.U 109]
2 Nov 1916   F.G. Hill, Private 3/9199 10th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers  [grave P.U. 412]
9 Nov 1916   Ernest Dawson, L/Cpl 3609 C Coy 8th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 21 son of the late James and Jemima Dawson of Elswick [grave D.C. 180]
9 Nov 1918   J Smith, Regimental Q/M Sergeant C 129 D Bn Manchester Regiment, age 41 son of Christopher and Maggie Smith of Newcastle, husband of Elizabeth Winton Smith of Gurnsey C I. Mentioned in Dispatches [grave O.C. 48]
12 Nov 1918   William Simpson,  Shoeing Smith 75865 B Btty 337 Brgde Royal Field Artillery, age 29 son of John and Catharine Simpson of Newcastle [grave U.U 5]
12 Nov 1918   H.  Watson,  Private 3115 Northumberland Fusiliers Transfered to ( 204648 ) Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment) [grave N.C 638]
13 Nov 1918   William Bowman,  Driver T4/234529 Army Service Corps 665 Horse Transport Coy (Woolwich) age 23 son of the late William Bowman of Newcastle [grave C.C 416]
14 Nov 1915   R. H. Nicholson,  Private 21/874 Northumberland Fusiliers 21st (Tyneside Scottish) [grave B.C 289]
14 Nov 1918   John Simm,  Private 23582 North Staffordshire Regt, age 35 son of John George and Maria Simm, husband of Jane Simm of Bentinck Newcastle [grave J.C 603]
15 Nov 1919   J. Johnson,  Pioneer 234080 Royal Engineers Railway Troops Depot [grave X.U 235]
17 Nov 1915   John Hanlon,  Private 4505 1/6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 39 son of John Hanlon, husband of Margaret Ann Devanny (formely Hanlon) nee McCabe of Newcastle [grave R.U 340]
19 Nov 1920   J. Brown,  Bandsman 8518 Durham Light Infantry, age 36 husband of Phoebe Brown of Newcastle [grave X,U 99]
20 Nov 1918   Matthew Robson Cleugh,  Private 5290 Northumberland Fusiliers, age 23 son of Matthew and Margaret Robson Cleugh  of Elswick, husband of Mary Cleugh of Newcastle [grave O. C 72]
21 Nov 1916    William John Parnell, M.C.,  Private 20/603 Northumberland Fusiliers 20th (Tyneside Scottish) age 34 son of James and Georgina Parnell of South Moor Stanley Co Durham, husband of Ellen Smith (formerly Parnell) of Guisbro [grave M.C 57]
22 Nov 1920   R W Harrison, Private 202146 Northants Regiment, Transfered to ( 89250)  11th Infantry Labour Coy Labour Corps, age 33 son of Thomas and Ellen Harrison, husband of Ellen Harrison of Newcastle [grave D.U 258]
25 Nov 1918   W. G Harrington,  Driver 73297 3rd Reserve Btty Royal Field Artillery  age 27 husband of Mrs F. T Harrington of Newcastle [grave O.C 723]
30 Nov 1915   James Scott,  Private 2801 1/6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers [grave N.C 423]
30 Nov 1918   W. C. Bell,  Private 16945 7th Bn Yorkshire Regiment, age 31 son of the late William and Ann Bell of Middlesbrough [grave X.U. 84]
1 Dec 1918   James Donnelly, Able Seaman 194021 RN (RFR/CH/B/6495)) HMS Pembroke, age 38 son of Thomas and Bridget Donnelly of Stockton [1900 China Medal]  [grave C new ground 158]
2 Dec 1917   Arthur Samuel May,  Driver 240315 1A reserve brigade Royal Field Artillery [grave M.C 477]
4 Dec 1918   Thomas T Charlton,  Co/S.M. 265333 1/4th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, husband of D Charlton of Newcastle [grave G.C 310]
4 Dec 1918   Alan John Mawson,  Lieutenant 5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 31 son of Thomas Oliver and Florence mary Mawson of Newcastle [grave P.C 141]
5 Dec 1918   J. T Dove,  Private M/2/119542 Royal Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Clearing Off. (Blackheath), son of J.T and Mary Dove of Whitley Bay [grave O.C 131]
6 Dec 1918   John George Robson,  Private 38896 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Depot, age 20 son of Samuel Campbell Twigg and Isabella Robson of Newcastle [grave O.C 399]
11 Dec 1919   G. H. Chapman,  Pioneer WR/42336 Royal Engineers Railway Construction Troops Depot (Longmoor), age 19 son of Matthew Chapman of Newcastle [grave L.C 499]
2 Aug 1942   James Henry Phillips, Sergeant 5048276 11th Bn South Staffs regiment, age 27 son of James and Ada Phillips, husband of Martha Doris Phillips of Pendower Newcastle [grave O New ground 675]
3 Aug 1940   James Johnson, Fusilier 4271769 2nd Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 20 son of William and Elizabeth of Elswick [grave O Uncons. 142]
8 Aug 1945   Henry Bertelson, Norwegian Sailor Merchant Navy age 40 [grave P 164]
9 Aug 1942   Albert Chambers, Bombardier 1511576 Royal Artillery 64 (The Queens Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry)Anti Tank Regiment. age 24 son of Henry and Mary Ann Chambers, husband of Annie Chambers of Benwell [grave Q uncons. 161]
11 Aug 1941   William Willison Roberts, Chief Engineer Officer Merchant Navy, SS Fulham (London) age 43 son of John Lang and Jessie Roberts, husband of Ida Roberts of Newcastle [grave O New ground 23]
11 Aug 1942   Marion McNally, Private W/96066 Auxilliary Territorial Service, age 18 daughter of James and Mary McNally of Elswick [grave S Uncons. 186]
13 Aug 1941   Robert Wilson Reid, Aircraftman 1st Class RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 19 son of Teresa, stepson of James Conroy of Denton Burn [grave U Uncons. 24]
17 Aug 1941   H.G. Hewison, Sergeant 1379096 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 30 husband of Kathleen Hewison  of Benwell [grave O New ground 892]
19 Aug 1941   Joseph Clarke Osborne, Gunner 1106693 Royal Artillery 1st Reserve Field Regiment, age 32 son of James and Mary Ann Osborne, husband of Doris Osborne of Benwell [grave E New ground 970]
20 Aug 1941   John Fitzpatrick, Aircraftman 1st Class 868044 938 Balloon Squadron RAF Auxilliery, age 37 son of John and Janet Agnes Fitzpatrick husband of Emily Fitzpatrick of Newcastle [grave U Uncons 67]
23 Aug 1946   Albert Joseph Wilson, Private 3130684 Army Catering Corps, age 24 son of James and Margaret Wilson of North Shields [grave O Uncons 546]
25 Aug 1944   Lawrence O'Brien, Sergeant 1597276 180 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 21 son of Frank and Hannah O'Brien, husband of Binnie O'Brien of Newcastle on Tyne [grave  U uncons 108]
31 Aug 1942   John McClarence, Private 2188728 31st Bn Suffolk Regiment age 31 son of John and Hannah Parker McClarence of Newcastle [grave T Uncons 492]
2 Sep 1944   James Barras, Colour Sergeant 3596750 Border Regiment, age 30 son of James Gray and Dorothy Barras, husband of Emily Mary Barras of Paddington London [grave O New Ground 14A]
6 Sep 1944   Richard Hughes, Sergeant 1572188 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 21 son of Jacob and Annie I Hughes of Newcastle [grave O New ground 898]
6 Sep 1946   Thomas Henry Atkinson, Fusilier 4278170 7th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 35 son of Robert Thomas and Ethel Atkinson Newcastle [grave N. New ground 594]
6 Sep 1947   Michael Kelly, Private 19043636 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, age 21 son of John and Hannah Kelly of Newcastle [grave K 368]
8 Sep 1939   George Alfred Hicks, Driver T/38377 Royal Army Service Corps   [grave E new ground 861]
9 Sep 1942   William Hancock McCormack, Pilot Officer 119574  RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 26 son of John and Jane McCormack, husband of Catherine Agnes of Heaton [grave B New ground 289]
14 Sep 1942   Thomas Connelly, Leading Aircraftman 937 Balloon Squadron RAF Auxilliary, age 38 son of Daniel Patrick and Susannah Connelly, husband of Annie Connelly of Newcastle [grave A New ground 91]
20 Sep 1939   John William Middleton, Trooper 7894443 Royal Tank Regiment 49th (6th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers) RAC, age 27 son of Horatio and Phebe Middleton, husband of Margaret Middleton of Newcastle [grave O New ground 72]
25 Sep 1940   George Simpson, Private 4451112 2nd Bn Durham Light Infantry [grave O uncons 259]
25 Sep 1943   Joseph Victor Kelly, Private 13069207 Pioneer Corps, age 24 son of Joseph and Martha Kelly of Newcastle [grave O New ground 201]
25 Sep 1945   Frederick James McCann, Able Seaman C/J78618 RN HMS Sandhurst, age 44 son of William and Helen McCann, husband of L.E.V. McCann of Weymouth Dorset [grave G Cons 86]
27 Sep 1947   J. Drummond, Private 4699280 The Loyal Regiment ( North Lancs), age 24 son of George and Margaret Drummond of St Anthony's Newcastle [grave G 24]
28 Sep 1945   John Easton Johnson, Able Seaman C/JX249010 RN HMS Sussex, age 29 son of John and Janet Johnson, husband of Charlotte Johnson of Benwell [grave O New ground 687]
28 Sep 1946   Robert Stanley Thompson, Craftsman 5573851 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, age 27 son of Robert and Esther Thompson of Benwell, husband of Janet Thompson of Ashton Under Lyne [grave C New ground 756]
29 Sep 1944   Thomas Marshall, Able seaman C/SSX30259 RN HMS Lamerton, age 23 son of Robert and Isabell Marshall of Newcastle [grave I Cons 311A]
4 Oct 1939   Frederick Henderson May, Aircraftman 1st Class 521784 224 Squardron RAF, age 32 son of Joseph William and Elizabeth May May, husband of Ellen  May of Newcastle [grave E. New ground 864]
10 Oct 1945   Benjamin Edward Goreham, Trooper 7908788 5th Bn Royal Tank Regiment Royal Army Corps, age 25 son of Mr and Mrs B.E Goreham of Scotswood Newcastle, husband of Winifred V Goreham, (nee Campbell) [grave C. New ground 706]
13 Oct 1945   Kenneth Morrison, Leading Aircraftman 1049371 RAF Volunteer Reserve [grave B New ground 454]
15 Oct 1945   Arthur Miller Haveron, Leiutenant 194571  184 H A A Regiment RA, age 21 son of Sebastian and ElizaMiller Haveron , husband of Margaret Muir Haveron (nee Renwick) of Elswick  [grave E New ground 633
17 Oct 1944   Margaret Darnell, Private W/62077 Auxiliary Territorial Service, age 28 daughter of Francis Joseph and Sarah O'Brien Darnell of Elswick [grave U uncons 209]
17 Oct 1946   William Nattrass L/Cpl 14699622 26 Vehicle Repair Depot Royal Army Ordnance Corps, age 33 son of William and Ada Nattrass, of Newcastle, husband of Patricia Nattrass of Oxford [grave C New ground 689]
17 Oct 1947   William Wilson, Trooper 427197 43rd (6th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers) Royal Armoured Corps Royal Tank Regiment, age 42 son of William and AnnieWilson, husband of Elizabeth Ann Wilson of Newcastle [grave U 332]
21 Oct 1940   John Alexander Pringle, Gunner 788717 Royal Artillery  [grave P uncons 369]
21 Oct 1946   Thomas Walter McGill, Able Seaman C/JX 198659 Royal Navy HMS Pembroke, age 65 husband of Mary Ann McGill of Newcastle [grave O uncons 160]
24 Oct 1943 Robert Hugh Livingstone, Warrant officer 971439 RAF Volunteer Reserve M.S.M., age 56 son of William and Bridget Livingstone of Newcastle, husband of Annie of Thornley on Tees [grave C New ground 58]
28 Oct 1944   Thomas Nicholson Cowan Johnston, Sergeant 1523033 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 29 son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Nicholson Cowan  Johnstone of Newcastle [grave C New ground 726]
31 Oct 1939  John William Combs, 40th Group National Defence Coy., age 45 son of James and Ann Laverick Combs, husband of E. A. Combs of Newcastle [grave M cons 768]
2 Nov 1946   Francis Dominic Shepherd, Private 101453 Pioneer Corps, age 23 husband of Eva Shepherd of Benwell [grave P 291]
3 Nov 1941   Herbert Walker, private 10551070 Royal Army ordnance Cops, age 36 son of George and Elizabeth Walker, husband of Margaret C Walker of Elswick [grave U uncons 369]
11 Nov 1947   Joseph Arthur MacAlhone Private 3452883 Kings Own Royal Regt (Lancaster) age 29 son of Denis and Elizabeth MacAlhone, husband of Margaret Mary MacAlhone of Elswick [grave C New ground 441]
29 Nov 1944   Arthur Frederick Brewster,  Bombardier 926370 72 field regt Royal Artillery, age 49 son of Alfred William and Mary Brewster, husband of Louise Brewster of Walkergate Newcastle [grave  Q New ground 906]
6 Dec 1942   Frederick George Bowles,  Cadet Air Transport Auxilliary, age 30 son of William Ernest and annie Bowles, husband of Marjorie Bowles of Newcastle [grave O new ground 905]
7 Dec 1939   Thomas Anderson,  Private 4443783 Durham Light Infantry [grave D cons 245]
9 Dec 1943   Leslie Knox,  Private 1837350 Durham Light Infantry, age 22 son of George and Margaret Knox, husband of Helen Forsyth Knox of Newcastle [grave B new ground 234]
10 Dec 1943   Richard Dumphey,  gunner 1073665 312 Btty 54 H.A.A. Regt Royal Artillery [grave Y uncons 425]
Benwell St James
20 August 1918 C. H.Boakes private 211261 Labour Corps 485th Home Service Employment Company [grave F.210]
6 Nov 1918   G. W. Robson, Driver 32925 Royal Field artillery, transferred to [496476] Coy SOuthern Command Labour Corps,age 22  [grave A 344]
29 Nov 1916   Reginald Walpole,  Driver 80981 Royal Field Artillery 31 Div Amunition Coy, age 39 son of William Richard and Margaret Fraser Walpole of Richmond Surrey, husband of Mary Walpole of Scotswood Newcastle [grave A.C 48]
21 September 1943 Henry Jackson Turnbull Trooper 7890695 Royal Armoured Corps 43rd (6th)Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Royal Tank Regiment, age 27 son of Henry J and Sophia Jane Turnbull, husband of Agnes Hilda McLean ward Turnbull of Benwell [grave F,178]
15 October 1941    John Greener Nubley, Sergeant 1375467 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 26 son of George Renshaw and Eliza Jane Nubley of Newcastle [grave F 37]
25 Nov 1946   Robert White Dykes,  Fusilier 4275169 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 28 son of Robert White and Isabella Dykes, husband of Mary Dykes of bBenwell [grave G 43]

Names, Personal

Benwell Buses and Boxing - the story of Audrey Guthrie by Andrew Clark [e.book] The story of the first women professional boxer in the North east of England.



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Social Life & Customs

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