Newcastle, St Nicholas


"The Church of St. Nicholas, an ancient and beautiful edifice, situated in the parish to which it gives its name, was founded in the year 1091, by Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury, Earl of Dorset, a follower of William the Conqueror. ... The original church was burnt down in 1216, and rebuilt in 1359, since which period it has been frequently repaired and beautified: it is now a magnificent structure, situated on the crown of a bold eminence, which rises abruptly from the river nearly to the centre of the town. ... The steeple of this church is a very ingenious specimen of architecture. It is sixty-four yards high, and consists of 13 pinnacles, and two bold stone arches supporting a large and beautiful lantern, crowned with a tall spire." [From History, Directory, and Gazetteer, of the Counties of Durham and Northumberland, Parson, William and White William. Newcastle 1827.]



  • Newcastle on Tyne Local Studies Centre holds copies of 1851 - 1891 Census for All Saints, Byker, St Andrew, St Nicholas, Westgate, Walker, Longbenton, Killingworth and Weetslade. They also provide a useful User Guide No 2 Census Records
  • The 1851 Census Index (microfiche CN3) and 1871 Census Index (microfiche MS421) published by the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society
  • 1891 Census Northumberland – Newcastle, St Nicholas (PRO piece RG12/4208) (Type B) (Book) (Volume 18)  published by the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society 

Church History

  • The parish of St Nicholas, with its magnificent church, described above, claimed jurisdiction over the three other parishes in the city, All Saints, St Andrew's and St John's, and also over Gosforth. In most regards, however, they were all independent parishes.
    The interior of the church was badly damaged by the Scots during their brief occupation of the city in 1640. In 1644, during the nine-week siege by the Scots, the enemy threatened to demolish the church spire, but were deterred when Scottish prisoners were placed in the lantern tower.
    St Nicholas' Church became a cathedral in 1882 when the diocese of Newcastle was formed.
  • Newcastle, St Nicholas:- The Ancestral Indexes website provides information under the headings Church and History.

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Military Records

Newcastle St Nicholas churchyard
27 Aug 1917   J. Leslie, Sapper Deal/5057(S0 Depot RN Division Royal Marines, [grave E.U. 131]
29 Sep 1918   H.G.Henderson, Sergeant 1136 63rd Training Squadron RAF [grave D.C. 143]
22 Oct 1918   J. Young Sgt 20848 Durham Light Infantry 12th Bn, husband of Eliza A Young of Newcastle [grave D.C 151]
29 Oct 1918   L.H. Henderson, 2nd Leiutenant RAF [grave D.C 143]
6 Nov 1918   Rupert Victor Bulmer, Private 40510 East Yorkshire Regt , age 22 son of John William and Elizabeth Ada Bulmer of Jesmond  [grave F.U 84]
8 Aug 1942   Eileen Shotton, Wren 32681 Womens Royal Naval Service HMS Jackdaw, age 22 daughter of John Edward and Alice Maud Shotton of Cowgate [grave O 19]
12 Aug 1947   James Courtney, Fusilier 4266473 13th (HD)Bn (City of London Regiment) Royal Fusiliers, age 35 son of James and Margaret Courtney. husband of Annie Courtney of Newcastle [grave I. 81]
16 Aug 1945   Harold Robertson, Cpl 1308203 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 38 son of William and Elizabeth Ann Robertson of Newcastle [grave U. 25A]
28 Aug 1941   Sidney George Curtis, Lieutenant 161148 7th Bn Royal Northumbrian Fusiliers, age 40 son of Herbert and E M Curtis, husband of Violet May Curtis  [grave G 94]
5 Sep 1942   Peter Gill, Sapper 1985593 Royal Engineers, age 40 son of Leonard Wilcox and Jain Haig Gill, husband of Marie Gill of Cowgate Newcastle [grave G 61] 20 Sep 1940   John Cousins Hodgkinson, Fusilier D/38073 10th (H.D.) Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 45 husband of Dora Hodgkinson [grave O 112]
8 Sep1945   John Latimer Hodgson, Captain 128200 594 Comb Motor transport Coy, Royal Army service Corps, age 48 son of Thomas and Georgina Latimer-Hodgson, husband of Winifred C Latimer-Hodgson of Newcastle [grave T 4]
9 Sep 1940   Robert John Walton, L/Sgt 2069197 232 Field Company Royal Engineers, age 21 son of Joseph and Mary Jane Walton of Newcastle [grave S 224]
15 Sep 1942   Thomas Turnbull, Gunner 1764968 549 Btty 91 searchlight regiment Royal Artillery, age 35 son of William and Bridget Turnbull, husband of Margaret Turnbull of Benwell [grave K 192]
21 Sep 1944   Bertie Butler, Aircraftman 1st Class 867047 RAF Auxiliary, age 51 husband of Dorothy Butler of Newcastle  [grave X 148]
24 Sep 1946   James Anderson, Cpl 1127608 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 24 son of William and Ann Anderson of Newcastle [grave K 51]
26 Sep 1940   John Frederick Wright, Private 5988563 1st Bn Hertfordshire Regiment (Beds and Herts Reg), age 40 husband of Kathleen Agnes Wright of Letchworth, Herts [grave N 232]
1 Oct 1943   Henry Davey, Gunner 4444044 Royal Artillery, age 39 husband of Stella Jane Davey of Fenham Newcastle [grave O 35]
4 Oct 1941   John James Wood, Leading Aircraftman 867843 938 Balloon Squadron RAF, age 41 husband of Emily Wood of Newcastle  [grave G 81]
17 Oct 1942   William Larkman, Leuitenant 234211 30th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 38 son of James and Susanna Larkman, husband of Susan Larkman of Stratford Essex [grave W 145]
17 Oct 1945 George Henry Ronald Hadwin, 2nd Radio Officer Merchant Navy MV British Courage (London) age 23 son of Stephen and Sarah Winifred Hadwin of Fenham Newcastle [grave V 69]
22 Oct 1945   James Pattison McLaughlin, Chief Engineer Officer Merchant Navy SS Ogmore Castle (Cape Town) age 65  [grave M244]
27 Oct 1943   Frank Cartwright, Gunner 900922 288 Battery 124 Field Regiment Royal Artillery, age 24 son of James Ralph and Mary Ellen Cartwright of Newcastle [grave G 91]
10 nov 1940  Harry Hutchinson Chalder, Pilot Officer 43691 RAF Volunteer Reserve 41 squadron  [grave W 300]
19 Nov 1945   George Brown, Able Seaman C/JX 174914 RN HMS Pembroke, age 33 son of Richard and Margaret Brown (nee Vine) of Newcastle husband of Isobel Brown (nee Smith) of Cowgate [grave O 141]
26 Nov 1940   Robert Meikle, Sgt 938736 RAF Volunteer Reserve 105 squadron, age 23 son of David Fraser and Jane Isabella Meikle, (nee Lumsdon)) of Newcastle [grave C 10]
5 Dec 1943   Sydney Maher,  Aircraftman 2nd Class 1660201 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 38 son of William and Catharine Maher of Newcastle husband of Janet Maher of Jesmond [grave H 96]
9 Dec 1943   Oswin Wilson,  Sapper 2084159 Royal Engineers, age 40 son of Edward and Edith Wilson of Newcastle [grave D 192]
10 Dec 1943  Joseph Gallagher, Cpl 13106584 Pioneer Corps, age 43 son of Joseph and Sarah Ann Gallagher, husband of Jane Gallagher of newcastle [grave X 176]