Northumberland:- Occupations

  • A list of Collieries in Northumberland and Durham.
  • Lists of Coal Mines of Northumberland in 1896 and of Metalliferous Mines of Northumberland in 1896 provided by the Peak District Mines Historical Society Ltd.
  • Two interesting articles from History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club
    • Lime Kilns of North Northumberland by J.W. Bainbridge, vol. 45, part 2 (1991) pp. 111-138 - describes lime kilns in this area from 15th century onwards. Many photographs and lots of insight into working conditions.
    • Coal mines of North Northumberland by J.W.Bainbridge published in three parts in History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club.
      • Berwickhill, vol. 46, part 1 (1993) pp. 37-74
      • Scremerston Triangle, vol. 46, part 2 (1994) pp. 137-178
      • Southern sector - Duddo to Wandylaw, vol. 46, part 3 (1995) pp. 237-271
      This paper looks at the coal mines in these areas, their history, mining methods used, and the living conditions for the colliers and their families.
  • A picture of a Newcastle keel boat.
  • A listing of Markets, Fairs and Hirings in Northumberland.
  • The standard reference book for artists who were native of or worked in the North East is The Artists of Northumbria by Marshall Hall (Marshall Hall Associates Newcastle-upon-Tyne: 1973) ISBN: 0 903858 00 2