"TYNEMOUTH parish is bounded on the north and west by the parishes of Earsdon, Long Benton, and Wallsend, on the south by the river Tyne, and on the east by the German Ocean. It comprises the townships of Chirton, Cullercoats, Murton or Moortown, North Shields, Preston, Tynemouth, and Whitley, whose united area is 7,222 statute acres. The population in 1801, was l4,345; in l811, 19,042; in l821, 24820; in 1831, 24,778; in 1841, 27,249; and in 1851, it had increased to 30,524 souls. The surface is generally level, consisting of a strong soil, well suited for the growth of beans and wheat. Coal and ironstone are abundant, and the only magnesian limestone in the country is found in this parish. Three moors, known respectively by the names of Tynemouth Moor, Shire Moor, and Billy Mill Moor, and containing together an area of 1,300 acres, were divided and enclosed, under the authority of acts of parliament, obtained in the reign of George III." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855]



  1. Tyne and Wear Archives, Blandford House, Newcastle on Tyne  have records from Tynemouth General Cemetery. Transcripts of the Sexton's Books 1833-1839 for Tynemouth Cemetery and of monument inscriptions for Albion Road Cemetery, North Shields can be seen at Newcastle Central Library, Local Studies Dept.



Church History


Church Records


Civil Registration

  • This area is within North Tyneside Registration District
  • Certificates of birth, death and marriage can be ordered by post. North Tyneside Registrar, Maritime Chambers, Howard Street North Shields NE30 1LZ or by Telephone 0191 6436164

Description & Travel

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Law & Legislation

  • Mary Hunter has transcribed a report from the North Shields Daily News of 9th March, 1883 describing an alleged miscarriage of justice which resulted in the imprisonment of three men. The report includes a petition to the Home Secretary which carries the names and occupations of 216 local people.


  • Tynemouth - Maps - links and information.

You can see maps centred on OS grid reference NZ340700 (Lat/Lon: 55.023161, -1.47028), Tynemouth which are provided by:


Medical Records

  • Cholera Inquiry Commission Report 1854. On 31st December 1853 a commission was established to inquire "into the causes which have led to, or have aggravated, the late outbreak of Cholera in the towns of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead and Tynemouth." And on 15th July 1854 the commission presented this report.

Merchant Marine


Military Records

2 Aug 1916   John Lawrence Charles Theis, Stoker 1st Class 291444 RN HMS Pembroke, age 36 son of John and Augusta Theis husband of Elizabeth Theis of London [grave K.C. 12144]
9 Aug 1919   R.E.M. Rowntree, Private 240638 5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers,age 41 son of Eleanor and the late Trump.Major James Rowntree , husband of Janet Rowntree 3 front Street North Shields [grave E.C. 7021]
19 Aug 1915   John Mackie, Trimmer 703/TS RN Reserve HMS Yacht Miranda ll [grave C.C. 9288]
19 Aug 1916   Frederick Bunter, Chief Armourer 155806 Royal Navy HMS Nottingham [grave K.C. 12143]
19 Aug 1916   James McIlrath, P/O Stoker 299009 RN HMS Nottingham, age 32 son of John and Jane McIlrath of Belfast, husband of Margaret McIlrath ofBelfast [grave K.C. 12146]
21 Aug 1916   Arthur Patterson, Engineman 3004/ES RN Reserve HM Drifter Agnes + Janet  [grave K.C. 12381]
22 Aug 1915   H. MacDonald, Private 18641 13th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers [grave k.C. 12129]
26 Aug 1917   John Henry Yeaman, Private 1609311th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 32 son of James and Martha Ann Yeaman of Chirton, husband of Florence Wilhelmina Yeaman 46 Camden Street North Shields [grave K.C. 12425]
29 Aug 1918   William Laws Bell, Air Mechanic 1st Class RAF Volunteer Reserve Training School (Halton) [grave F.U. 11275]
1 Sep 1916   James Bruce, Private 4/8466 2nd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment(Prince of Wales Own), age 41 son of John and Amelia Bruce of Dundee [grave C.C.9471
5 Sep 1914   E. Head, leading Aircraftman 193392 RN HM Sub C19, age 34 husband of G Head 21 Cornelia Street Barnsbury London [grave K.C. 12126]
7 Sep 1920   William Henry Herring, Private 61666 1st/5th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own), age 21 born Sunderland, son of Albert and Lavinia Edith Herring,   Cleveland  Road North Shields [grave K.C. 12881]
12 Sep 1917   John Robert Henry, Deck Hand 11929/DA RN Reserve HMS Satellite, age 34 son of the late Isabella Henry, husband of Dorothy Lucus (formally Henry) [grave F.U. 11402]
14 Sep 1916   Frederick Allerton, Sapper 604 No1 Company Tyne Electrical Engineers, Royal Engineers, age 20 son of James and Elizabeth Allerton 26 Seymour Street North Shields [grave D.C. 2310]
18 Sep 1914   Charles Edward Johnson, Private 8807 1st Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 30 husband of Alice Johnson North Shields [grave K.C. 12128]
18 Sep 1918   Peter Kemp Ross, Master, Mercantile Marine SS John O Scott, age 50 husband of Susanna Ross of Monk Seaton [grave C.C. 10330]
20 Sep 1916   Frederick Jull, Sapper 1560 1st/2nd Durham Field coy Royal Engineers, age 23 son of Benjamin and Mary Jane Jull of North Shields [grave F.U. 11927]
28 Sep 1918   Henry White, Able seaman Tyneside Z/3173 Royal Navy Volunteer reserve Hood Bn RN Div, age 22 son of the late Charles and Jane White of Gateshead [grave K.C. 12490]
30 Sep 1918   William McDowell,3rd Engine Officer Mercantile Marine Reserve HMS Warden, age 25 son of Allan and Mary Jane McDowell of Belfast [grave C.U. 9250]
2 Oct 1916   William Foreman, Deck Hand 557/TS Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Princess Royal II, age 23 son of William and Jane Foreman of North Shields [grave F.U. 11369]
4 Oct 1916    Robert John Arnott, Deck Hand 9809/DA Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Rodney (Training School (Halton)), age 26 husband of Thomasina McAllister Arnott of North Shields [grave F.U. 10/189]
4 Oct 1916   William Sharp, Sergeant 4618 2nd/4th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, age 40 son of Henry and Mary Sharp, husband of E.A. Sharp of North Shields [grave C.U. 8795]
4 Oct 1918   William McCarty, Engine Room Artificer 1142/EA Royal naval reserve HMS Vivid, age 28 son of Thomas and Caroline McCarty of North Shields [grave R.C. 1557]
8 Oct 1918   A Anderson, Private 35136 5th Bn Duke of Wellington (West Riding Regiment), age 18 son of Mary E and the late Charles Anderson of North Shields [grave K C 12166]
14 Oct 1914   W. H. Mellors, Sergeant 9805 4th Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)  [grave K C 12130]
15 Oct 1916   Frederick George Spalding, Cpl 2627 1/6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 21 son of John Spalding of North Shields [grave K C 12145]
18 Oct 1920   William John Jessup, Private 8857 169 Protection Coy. Royal Defence Corps, age 50 son of Geoge and Mary Jessup, husband of Eleanor Ann Jessup of North Shields [grave K C 12811]`
20 Oct 1918   Sidney Cockburn, Gunner 108266 101 Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery, age 21 son of William and Robina Cockburn of North Shields [grave B C 7601]
22 Oct 1919   Ernest Ross, Able Seaman Z/8670 Anson Bn Royal Naval Division Tyneside RN Volunteer Reserve, age 23 son of Henry Ternant and Sarah Braithwaite Ross [grave K C 12671]
29 Oct 1919   Ernest Smith, Gunner 225975 75 Anti Aircraft Section Royal Garrison Artillery, son of Joseph and Ellen Smith of North shields [grave K C 12770]
1 Nov 1916   Arthur Patterson, Engineman 3004/ES RN Reserve HM Drifter Agnes & Janet [grave K.C 12381]
5 Nov 1918   George Porterfield, Engineman 4850/ES RN Reserve HMS Island prince [grave K. C 12637]
6 Nov 1916   G. Hislop Private 8990 Border Reg. 2nd Bn, age 33 son of the late John and Sarah Hislop of Willington Quay, husband of Barbara Todd (formely Hislop) of North Shields [grave K.C 12148]
6 Nov 1918   M. Jones, Private 5394 Lincolnshire Reg transfered to (18849) Labour Corps [grave R.C1542]
8 Nov 1915   Frederick James Briggs, P/O Stoker 302431 RN HMS Undaunted, age 31 son of James Briggs, husband of Maud E Bell ( formerly Briggs nee Mansfield) of Mount Hamilton Ontario [grave R.C 12131]
8 Nov 1918   James Henry Button, Deck Hand 4131/HD RN Reserve HMS Pactolus [grave F.U. 12110]
8 Nov 1918   John Robert Crozier, Sapper 465433 Royal Engineers 8th Anti Aircraft Searchlight Section, age 28 son of John Robert and Elizabeth Crozier of North Shields [grave C.C 9118]
10 Nov 1917   C. Wilson Private 19781 Northumberland Fusiliers Depot, age 24 son of John and Elizabeth Wilson [grave K.C 12160]
11 Nov 1916   E. Morton,  Rifleman 6676 Kings Royal Rifle Cps 2nd Bn  [grave K.C 12147]
12 Nov 1915   George Stuart,  Stoker 1st Class SS/105798 RN. HMS Undaunted  [grave F.C 9322]
14 Nov 1920   Charles Holland Bromley,  Private 17361 Yorkshire Regiment  [grave Cons 12755]
16 Nov 1917   William Bell Turnbull,  L/Sgt 16/162 16th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers son of Mr R and Mrs E M Turnbull of Tynemouth [grave F.U 10517]
18 Nov 1918   Peter Beattie,  Deck Hand 6432/DA RN Reserve HMS Sattelite [grave C.U 9261]
19 Nov 1915   William George Adams,  Sergeant 6941  1st Bn Kings Own (Royal Lancashire) Regiment, age 30 son of William and Emma Amelia Adams, husband of the late Hilda Adams North Shields [grave 1.C.C 12231]
19 Nov 1919   William Urwin,  Lieutenant RAF, age 20, born Tynemouth  son of Thomas and Jane Urwin of North Shields [grave F.C 10740]
23 Nov 1918   Georgina Drysdale,  Telephonist G/668 Womens Royal Naval Service, age 19 daughter of Mr J Drysdale of North Shields [grave H.U 58]
23 Nov 1918   J. W. Ibister,  Private 21992 8th Bn Northumberland fusiliers  [grave K.C 12167]
25 Nov 1914   William Morrice,   Trimmer 105/TS RN Reserve HMS Island Prince, age 29 son of John Morrice of Aberdeen, husband of Josephine Deans Marie Morrice of Aberdean [grave K.C 12138]
26 Nov 1918   V.A. Kirk,  Steward,  Mercantile Marine Reserve HMS Paris [grave A.C  959]
28 Nov 1916   G. Graham,  L/Cpl 27/1371 Northumberland Fusiliers 27th (Tyneside Irish) [grave K.C 12394]
28 Nov 1918   Charles Spendiff,  Sapper 465590 Royal Engineers 17th Anti Aircraft Searchlight section, age 30 son of Harry and Jessie H Spendiff of North Shields [grave F.U 7916]
1 Dec 1916   J. Coleman,  Private 13111  3rd Bn Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment) age 44 son of Thomas and Mary Coleman of Kilkerrain Co. Galway [grave F.R. C 846]
2 Dec 1916   Joseph Clifton Appleby,  Private 30820 2nd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own), age 42 son of Franklin and Eliza Appleby of Walsall Staffs [grave K.C 12389]
2 Dec 1916   Robert Blackelock,  Private 6545 10th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 24 husband of E Blackelock of North Shields [grave F.U 12267]
3 Dec 1916   John Lumsdaine Rutter,  Gunner 156493 6th Reserve Bgde Royal Field Artillery, age 24 son of Thomas and Mary C Rutter of North Shields [grave F.U 11121]
6 Dec 1918   G. F.  Ball,  Lieutenant 2/1st Highland Cyclist Bn Army Cyclist Corps [grave C.C 9636]
9 Dec 1920   J. Harrison,  Private 65046 Northumberland Fusiliers, age 22 son of Mrs Mary Ann Wilkinson of Percy Main [grave F.U 8836]
10 Dec 1918   J. A. Kent,  Private 84957 4th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 17  [grave F.C 10705]
11 Dec 1915    W. H . G Wilmot,  Private 10600 3rd Bn Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment)  [grave K.C 12135]
12 Dec  1919   W. J. Davison,  Private 101327 Royal Fusiliers, age 34 born North Shields son of Mrs Mary Ward of North Shields [grave K.C 11953]
12 Dec 1917   Robert Newson,  Snd Hand Mercantile Marine Steam Trawler Ranter (North Shields), age 61 born Lowestoft son of Benjamin Newson of Lowestoft, husband of the late Margaret Agnes Newson [grave K.C 12165]
12 Dec 1917   J. W Taylor,  Deck Hand Mercantile Marine Steam Trawler Ranter (North Shields), age 41 husband of Margaret Taylor of North Shields [grave K.C 12159]
12 Dec 1917   James Robert Waddell, 2nd Engineer Mercantile marine Steam Trawler Ranter (North Shields) age 29 born South Shields, son of Robert and Sarah Ann Waddell, husband of Mary Ann Waddell (nee Harding) of North Shields [grave    K. C 12162]
13 Dec 1917   Joseph  P. Manningham,  Private 21993 3 Coy Depot Northumberland Fusiliers, age 52 son of the late Mr and Mrs James Manningham, husband of Rosina Manningham (nee Calabrees) of North shields [grave K. C 12535]
4 Aug 1941   Thomas Clark, Private 2044423 2nd Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 21 son of Elizabeth, and stepson of J Crowe of North Shields [grave K. 13366]
10 Aug 1945   Sydney Towell,  Able Seaman Merchant Navy MV Alexia (London), age 31 sonof John William and Florence Towell of North Shields [grave K 13614]
12 Aug 1940   Thomas Margetson Anderson, Seaman LT/JX 180420 RN Patrol Service HM Trawler Pyrope, son of John Thomas and Ann Isabella Anderson of North Shields [grave K 14397]
13 Aug 1942   Randolph William Urquhart, Sub-Lieutenant RN Reserve HMS Jervis Bay,age 53 son of George Stedsman and Elizabeth Urquhart, husband of Ann Carr Urquhart of North Shields [grave C Uncons. 10395]
19 Aug 1942   John Stewart Haynes, Pilot Officer J/8961 Royal Canadian AF (172 RAF) Squadron, age 20 son of Revd. Canon John Francis and Susanna Margaret Haynes of Saskatchewen Canada [grave K 13257]
19 Aug 1943   George Roper, Private 4469008 Royal Army Ordnance Corps, age 41 husband of Margaret Mary Roper of North Shields [grave J RC 1796]
28 Aug 1942   Henry Clay, Sergeant 112057 RAF Volunteer Reserve, 115 Squadron, age 28 son of John and Mary Clay of North Shields [grave K. 14512]
3 Sep 1940   Thomas Harrison,  Private 4462441 Durham Light Infantry [grave F Uncons, 11953]
4 Sep 1943   James Winchester, Sergeant 1476370 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 20 son of James A Mand Agnes Winchester of North Shields [grave K 13193]
7 Sep 1940   Sidney Preston, Sapper 2189654 Royal Engineers 5 Stevedore Bn, age 36 son of William and Frances Preston, husband of Mary Ellen Preston of North Shields [grave K 14382]
8 Sep 1942   Thomas Arthur Russell, Master, merchant Navy SS Easton (Toronto), age 52 son of James and Elizabeth Russell, husband of Thomasina may Russell of north Shields [grave K 13194]
8 Sep 1945   Raymond Park, Private 14802076 Royal Army Medical Corps, age 19 son of John and Catherine Park of Percy Main [grave F Uncons. 13666]
9 Sep 1943    Ian Barbour, L/Bombardier 14570939 Royal Artillery, age 40 (born Scotland) son of George Gerrie and Agnes Douglas Barbour of Elgin Scotland [grave C. Uncons. 103777]
10 Sep 1943   John Rowley, Cpl 4266618 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 33 son of John and Nancy Rowley, husband of Margaret Rowley of North Shields [grave K 14009]
19 Sep 1941   Ernest R Blake, Marine CH/X 103266 Royal Marines, age 32 son of Joseph and Annie Blake, husband of Vera Blake of Cleveleys  Lancashire [grave K. 14450]
20 Sep 1941   James Nelson, Seaman D/7543C RN Reserve HMS City of Durham, age 39 son of Francis Patrick and Mary Annie Nelson, husband of Ann Ellis Nelson of North Shields [grave K 14460]
21 Sep 1944   Margaret Dowey, Private W/168351 Auxiliary Territorial Service, daughter of Mr and Mrs M Hoolison of Blyth [grave K 14501]
25 Sep 1942   Albert Henry Rapson, Able Seaman P/So/X999RN Volunteer Reserve, age 27 son of William G and Emily C Rapson,of Burgess Hill, Sussex [grave K 14516]
25 Sep 1944   John Edward Norton, L/Cpl 3657819 1st Bn South Lancashire regiment, age 28 husband of Minnie Morton of North Shields [grave J.R.C. 2764]
30 Sep 1941   Charles Henry Coppard, seaman LT/JX 228099 RN Patrol Service HM Trawler Eileen Duncan, age 19 son of Benjamin Henry and Edith Lucy Coppard of Bexlyheath Kent [grave K 14464]
30 Sep 1941 Herbert Burdett Flint, Seaman LT/JX 211067 RN Patrol Service HM Trawler Eileen Duncan, age 32 son of Edward and Mary Ellen Flint, husband of Winifred May Flint of Crewe [grave K 14472]
30 Sep 1941   Llewellyn Hewlin, Seaman LT/JX 220933 RN Patrol Service HM Trawler Eileen Duncan, age 22, born Newfoundland  son of Mr and Mrs Charles Hewlin, husband of Margaret Hewlin of Gateshead [grave K 14468]
30 Sep 1941   John Leslie Jemmett, Seaman LT/JX 174551 RN Patrol Service HM Trawler Eileen Duncan, [grave K 14470]
30 Sep 1941   Ernest Flood, Stoker 2nd Class RN Patrol Service HMS Deveron, age 25 son of James and Kate Flood, husband of Mary Verdun Flood of Huntington Yorks [grave K 14474]
30 Sep 1941   Douglas Wareham, Seaman LT/JX 195264 RN Patrol Service HMS Callioe, age 23 son of Thomas and Cecily Wareham of Newfoundland [grave K 14462]
30 Sep 1941   Ernest William Wilkinson, Wireman C/MX 63865 Royal Navy HM Trawler Eileen Duncan, age 23 son of Edward John and Elizabeth Wilkinson of Liverpool [grave K 14466]
4 Oct 1944   Basil Liddle, L/Bombadier 1726094 520th Coast Regiment Royal Artillery, age 34 son of George Henry and Jane Mather Liddle of North Shields [grave K 13884]
5 Oct 1945   Joseph Defty, Fireman Merchant Navy SS Thistlebrae (Sunderland), age 57 son of Henry John and Margaret Defty, husband of Elizabeth Defty of North Shields [grave K 14058]
7 Oct 1942   James Munro Clark, Private 2080770 Royal Army Service Corps, age 23 son of Robert and Elizabeth Clark of Chirton North Shields [grave K. 14518]
8 Oct 1942   Douglas Hastings, Pilot Officer 42406 RAF, [grave C. uncons 12984]
8 Oct 1942   Sidney Whitfield, Pilot Officer 126519 235 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 22 son of Sydney and Lilian Margaret Whitfield of North Shields [grave E uncons 4155 East]
20 Oct 1943   Stanley Fairhurst, Sergeant 1145873 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 25 son of John Bowman and Anna isabella Fairhurst of North Shields [grave K 14489]
24 Oct 1942   John Charlton Prince, Aircraftman 2nd Class 1641385 RAF Volunteer Reserve husband of Jane Ann Hodgeson Prince of Tynemouth [grave E cons 6522E]
29 Oct 1941   Charles Edward Roper, L/Bombadier 2024367 307 Battery 37 Searchlight Regiment Royal Artillery, age 32 son of Henry and Mary Jane Roper, husband of Dora Roper of North Shields [grave K 14476]
30 Oct 1942    William Allen Cruikshanks, Pilot Officer 126086 224 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, son of Mr and Mrs W A Cruickshanks of North Shields [grave F uncons 13602]
2 Nov 1939    Murdock MacKenzie, Seaman LT/X8100C RN Reserve (Patrol Services) HMS Greenfly, age 28 son of Donald and Catharine MacKenzie of Stornaway Isle of Lewis [grave F uncons 11835]
4 Nov 1941   Henry Newstaed Turnbull Stoker LT/X 101005 RN Reserve  age 29 son of Robert and Martha Turnbull, husband of Agnes Turnbull of North Shields [grave K 12707]
5 Nov 1943   Joseph Burdon Able seaman C/JX 187027 RN HMS Walpole, age 24 son of Joseph and Frances Burdon, husband of Lillian Burdon of North Shields [grave K 14487]
7 Nov 1940   Frederick Henry Sansom, Seaman LT/JX 193893 RN Patrol Service HM Trawler Girl Helen [grave K14399]
7 Nov 1946   Alfred Ward Stott Fireman Merchant Navy Naval Auxlly Personel HMS Chitral, age 30 son of Andrew Ward and Margaret E Stott of North Shields [grave K 14446]
7  Nov 1947   Linwood Alfred Lambert, Private 14620332 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) age 33 son of Robert Thompson and Mary Jane Lambert, husband of Vera Stella Lambert of North Shields [grave K 14799]
8 Nov 1941   William Young Harvey Gunner 13103731 Royal Artillery, age 36 son of H Young and Theresa Harvey of North Shields [grave C uncons 13045]
9 Nov 1940   Joseph Anderson, Cook Steward Merchant Navy MV Shellbrick II (Swansea), age 48 son of John and Hannah Anderson, husband of Jennie Anderson of North Shields [grave C uncons 12910]
12 Nov 1945   George Clements,  Chief Engineer Officer Merchant Navy MV Saltflat (London)  age 36  [grave C uncons 13526]
16 Nov 1943   Luke Park Dawson,  Private 2040588 Royal Army ordnance Corps, age 23 son of John and Edith Jane Dawson of North shields [grave K 12190]
16 Nov 1944   William Rogers,  Lieutenant RN Reserve HMS Yeoman, age 55 son of William and Jemima Rogers, husband of Christine Yvonne Rogers of North Shields [grave F uncons 13654]
17 Nov 1945   W. T  Nergaard, Fusilier 4278905 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, son of William Taylor and Karina Nergaard of North Shields [grave K 14525]
18 Nov 1940   Charles Gay,  Private 3193146  6th Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers, age 21 son of Herbert and Hilda Gay of Percy Main [grave F uncons 11669]
19 Nov 1944   Dennis Mason,  Seaman LT/JX 320146 RN Patrol service HMS  Flying Eagle, age 22 son of James and Agnes Mary Mason of Middlesbro [grave K 14507]
24 Nov 1943   Donald Watson Clish,  Mess Room Steward Merchant Navy SS British Viscount {London) [grave  K 11058]
24 Nov 1947   George Robert Glass Fireman Merchant Navy MV Dispenser (Southampton), age 55 son of Margaret Jane Glass, husband of Phoebe Glass of North Shields [grave J RC 2793]
25 Nov 1944   Matthew Rowntree, Sergeant 1091825 RAF Volunteer Reserve 427 (RCAF) Squadron, age 37 son of Matthew and Margaret Jane Rowntree, husband of Jane Burton Rowntree of North Shields  [grave K 14503]
1 Dec 1940   George Cummins Harrow,  Private 36822 Gordon Highlanders [grave K 14403]
1 Dec 1941   John Chadwick,  Leading Stoker D/KX85244 RN HMML 300, age 28 son of John and Margaret Ann Chadwick of Manchester husband of margaret Chadwick [grave K 14494]
2 Dec 1941   Ernest Walter Pimm, Seaman LT/JX 26276RN Patrol Service HM Patrol vessel Danehill, age 28 son of Walter and Beatrice Ellen Pimm of Dorridge Warwickshire [grave K 14492]
3 Dec 1940   Alfred John Patterson,  Leading Aircraftman 292439 RAF, age 40 son of John and Elizabeth Patterson, husband of Selina Donaldson Patterson of North Shields [grave K 14402]
9 Dec 1944 John Thomas Flanagan,  Private 5575641 1st Bn Gloucestershire Regiment, age 29 son of Ellen Flanagan of North Shields, husband of Georgina Flanagan of West Hartlepool [grave K 14505]
11 Dec 1942   Ethraine Fenwick Mundy,  Stoker LT/X105005 RN Patrol Service HMS Europa, son of Thomas and Hannah Mundy, husband of Margaret Mundy of Tynemouth [grave K 14520]
12 Dec 1942   Edward Galea,  Fireman Merchant Navy SS Knitsley (Newcastle) age 32 son of Gato and Alexandra Galea of Malta, husband of Edna galea of North Shields [grave J. RC 1778]
Whitley Bay St Paul
10 August 1919   E. R. Taylor, Bandsman 59793 3rd Bm West Yorkshire Regiment  Prince of Wales Own, age 17 son of Bert and Ann Jane Taylor of Cullercoats [grave Spec. Memorial, SW of church]
11 September 1917   L. L. Inganni, private 23815 Royal Army Medical Corps, age 33  [grave SW corner]
15 Oct 1917   William Wakenshaw, Sapper 203065 D Coy.Royal Engineers Training Centre (Denganwy), age 34 son of Robert and Isabella Wakenshaw husband of Annie Wakenshaw of Cullercoats [grave N.E part 2]
12 Dec 1915   Thomas Nicholson Jobling,  Cpl 1156 2/1st Northern Cyclist Bn, age 26 son of Nicholson and Isabella Jobling, husband of Annie Symmington Barratt (formerly Jobling) of Sheffield [grave S W part 470]

Whitley Bay (Hartley)
21 August 1917   William Davis, Private 8995 North Satffordshire Regiment [transfered to (254319) Labour Corps] native of Stoke on Trent [grave C.C 876]
29 August 1914   J.W. Burnd, Private 318853 3rd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment Prince of Wales Own [grave A.C 149]
4 September 1915   Bartholomew Hewit, Private 3/9073 3rd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment Prince of Wales Own, age 38 son of William and Sarah Ann Hewitt of Pontefract Yorkshire [grave South A.C. 212]
7 September 1920   James Scott Dodds, Coy Sgt/Major 471809 3rd/1st Durham Field Coy, Royal Engineers, age 49 husband of Mary Bertram Dodds of Whitley Bay [grave E.C 1573]
5 October 1916   Josiah Finney Murton, Sergeant 19757 Durham Light Infantry, age 33 son of Joshua and Mary Ann Murton of Whitley bay [grave A.C. 252]
22 Oct 1918   Thomas Joseph Keevil, Private 59394 5th Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment, age 18 son of Thomas and Sarah E Keevil of Stourton Wiltshire [grave O.U. 5195]
4 Nov 1918   George Carr, Senior Reserve Attendant M/22301 RN Auxilliary, Sick berth Reserve HMS Pembroke, age 36 son of George and Sarah E Carr of Cullercoats [grave A.C 1]
7 Nov 1918   John Robertson, Private M2/134574 29th Div MT Coy Army Service corps, age 28 husband of Jennie Hartley (formerly Robertson) of Preston Lancs. [grave C.C. 966]
15 Nov 1918   C. Ridgeway, Private 6433 West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) 2nd Garrison Bn, age 40 husband of Bertha Peacock (formerly Ridgeway) of Cullercoats [grave C.C 965]
6 Dec 1918   Roy Neville Smith,  Sergeant 364 10th Bn Australian Infantry (AIF), age 28 son of Walter herbert and Elizabeth Frances Smith of Glenelg South Australia [grave C.C 979]
1 August 1942   Bernard Francis Quinn, Sergeant 11/4417 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 28 son of Joseph Charles and Alice Augusta Quinn of Whitley Bay [grave O.RC 5385]
3 September 1942   John Lee Docksey, 2nd Lieutenant 224523 Royal Artillery, 64 (Queens Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry) Anti tank Regiment, age 25 son of Sidney Bateson and Mabel Docksey  [grave G 2108]
25 August 1943   Keith Wheldon Whitton, Midshipman RN Volunteer Reserve HMMTB 349, son of Archibold Carnegie and Ellie Wheldon Whitton of Whitley Bay [grave A 370]
19 Oct 1947   William John Patrick Croft, Captain 147934 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers M.B.E.  [grave O.R.C.5167]
1 Nov 1940   George Smith, Chief Engineer Officer Merchant Navy S.S. Letchworth (Newcastle), age 64 son of George and Elizabeth Smith, husband of Isabella Smith of whitley Bay [grave P 5845]
3 Nov 1940   Frank Anthony Tinn, 5th Engineer Officer merchant Navy S.S. Eros (Belfast) [grave J 3309]
26 Nov 1940   Eric Parker Fenwick, Sergeant 638788 RAF (wireless op/air gunner), age 18 son of Isabella Fenwick of Monkseaton, [grave J 3514]
2 Dec 1944   Thomas William Forster,  L/Sgt 4272184 Royal Artillery 565 Btty 236 Searchlight Regiment, age 36 son of John Charles and Jennie Louise Forster of Monkseaton, husband of Mary Margery Forster [grave O RC 5163]
8 Dec 1941   Leonard Alfred Arnold,  Aircraftman 2nd Class 1412625 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 33 son of Frank and Florence Arnold, husband of Kathleen Olive Arnold of Weymouth [grave J 3517]
8 Dec 1941   Desmond Leslie James Evans,  Aircraftman 2nd Class 1419886 RAF Volunteer Reserve , age 19 son of William Leslie and Maude Evans of Ashton Gate Bristol [grave J 3516]

Names, Personal

  • A list of subscribers to the relief fund which was set up following an accident at Cullercoats in 1848 in which five fishermen were drowned. The list includes many Tyneside businessmen and nobility.

Poor Houses, Poor Law

  • Tynemouth Parish was part of Tynemouth Poor Law Union. The Union Workhouse was located in Preston Lane, North Shields. Some useful records are held at Tyne and Wear Archives, Blandford Square Newcastle on Tyne NE1 4JA  Tel: 0191 2772248

War Memorial Inscriptions

LEST WE FORGET - Whitley Bay (Hartley)

1 August 1942  Bernard Francis Quinn, Sergeant 11/4417 R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve age 25 son of Joseph Charles and Alice Augusta Quinn of Whitley Bay [grave O.R.C. 5385]

21 August 1917  William Davis Private 8995 North Staffs Regiment (transferred to Labour Corps (254319) age 49 [from Stoke on Trent] [grave C.C. 876]

25 August 1943  Keith Wheldon Whitton Midshipman R.N. Volunteer Reserve HMMTB 349, age 19 son of Archibald Carnegie and Ellie Wheldon Whitton of Whitley Bay [grave A 370]

29 August 1914  J. W.Burnd Private 3/8853 3rd Bn West Yorkshire (Prince of Wales Own)  [grave A.C. 149

4 September 1915  Bartholomew Hewitt Private 3/9073 3rd Bn West Yorks Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) age 38 son of William and Sarah Ann Hewitt of Purston Pontefract Yorks. [grave A.C. 212]

7 September 1920  James Scott Dodds Company Sergeant Major, 471809 3rd/1st Durham Field Company Royal Engineers, age 49 husband of Mary Bertram Dodds 8 Grafton Road Whitley Bay [grave E.C. 1573]