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Extracts from the 1861 Census of Tynemouth



Transcribed by Penuel Ellis-Brown


Forenames Surname Rel to Head Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
John Knox Head Marr 37 Master Gunner. Royal Artillery SCT
Mary Knox Wife Marr 33   ESS, Walthamstow
Annie I Knox Dau   9 Scholar KEN, Woolwich
John C Knox Son   7 Scholar CON, Scilly Islands
Robert H Knox Son   6 Scholar CON, Scilly Islands
FRAs Knox Dau   4 Scholar CON, Scilly Islands
Charles W Knox Son   2   CON, Scilly Islands
Thomas Knox Son   3 m   NBL, North Shields
John Fairfax Head Marr 36 Sergeant Royal Artillery LEI, Leicester
Sarah Fairfax Wife Marr 20   NBL, Seaton Island
John Hall Head Marr 35 Bombardeer Royal Artillery YKS, Bywater
Martha Hall Wife Marr 37   SSX, Bexhill
George I Hall Son   4   SSX, Bexhill
Martha A Hall Dau   1   SSX, Bexhill
Alexander Rose Head Marr 35 Gunner Royal Artillery SCT
Elizabeth Rose Wife Marr 40   SOM, Copen?
Maryanne Rose Dau   9 Scholar SOM, Copen?
John Dodge Head Marr 31 Gunner Royal Artillery SAL, Bolder
Mary A Dodge Wife Marr 20   IRE
Joseph Dodge Son   6 m   NBL, North Shields
William Ferrier Head Marr 41 Foreman of Stores FRA (British subject)
Mary Ferrier Wife Marr 39   KEN, St.Nicholas
Henrietta Ferrier Dau   7 Scholar MDX, London
Robert Ferrier Son   2   NBL, North Shields

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Forenames Surname Rel to Head Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
Lawrence Byrne Head Marr 40 Chief Boatman of Coastguard IRE
Ellen Byrne Wife Marr 28   DUR, Easington
Joseph Alexander Head Marr 33 Coastguard KEN, Sharyss?
Jane Alexander Wife Marr 30   KEN, Rochester
Joseph Alexander Son   2   NBL, Tynemouth
Richard Miller Head Marr 36 Coastguard IOW, Cowes
Jane Miller Wife Marr 34   IOW, Cowes
Richard Miller Son   13   IOW, Cowes
Benjamin Miller Son   10   IOW, Cowes
Flora Miller Dau   8   DOR, Weymouth

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Forenames Surname Rel to Head Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
Samuel Wesencroft Head Marr 57 Lightkeeper CON, Sully Light
Jane Wesencroft Wife Marr 39   NBL, North Shields
Charles Wesencroft Son Un 16 Clerk NBL, Tynemouth Lighthouse
Samuel Wesencroft Son   14 Plumber's Brazier NBL, Tynemouth Lighthouse
Richard H Wesencroft Son   12 Scholar NBL, Tynemouth Lighthouse
Jane E.S Wesencroft Dau   10 Scholar NBL, Tynemouth Lighthouse
Margaret A Stephenson Sister in law Un 22   NBL, North Shields
George F. Harrison Visitor   11 Scholar NBL, Preston
Richard Eddy Head Marr 42 Lightkeeper CON, St.Just.
Margaret Eddy Wife Marr 37   CON, St.Levan?
Richard Eddy Son   13 Junior Joiner CON, St.Just.
Henry Eddy Son   11 Scholar CON, St.Just.
William Eddy Son   10 Scholar CON, St.Just.
James Eddy Son   7   CON, St.Just.

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Forenames Surname Rel to Head Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
John Taylor Head Marr 39 Lieutenant Royal Artillery KEN, Woolwich
Elizabeth Taylor Wife Marr 29   IRE
Richard Biskett Head Marr 37 Sergeant Royal Artillery IRE
Maria Biskett Wife Marr 39   IRE
Thomas Biskett Son   12 Scholar KEN, Woolwich
Robert Biskett Son   10 Scholar HAM, Portsmouth
Richard Biskett Son   8 Scholar SCT
James Biskett Son   6 Scholar IRE
Maria Biskett Dau   2   KEN, Woolwich
Alfred Brown Head Widwr 34 Corporal Royal Artillery MDX, St.Georges
Ellen S. Brown Dau   4 Scholar WAL, Kan Island
Mary A. Brown Dau   3 Scholar WAL, Dale Point
Robert Patterson Head Marr 33 Bombr. Royal Artillery YKS, ?
Mary Patterson Wife Marr 21   DUR, Gateshead
Hector Robertson Head Marr 33 Bombr. Royal Artillery SCT
Jane Robertson Wife Marr 30   KEN, Bexley Heath
Hector Robertson Son   9 Scholar KEN, Woolwich
Frederick H. Rose Head Marr 32 Bombr. Royal Artillery SSX, Brighton
Elizabeth Rose Wife Marr 31   JAM, Fort Augustus
William Rose Son   4 Scholar CON, Falmouth
Frederick Rose Son   1   HAM, Aldershot
Robert Addy Head Marr 35 Gunner Royal Artillery IRE
Mary A. Addy Wife Marr 34   IRE
Hannah Addy Dau   9 Scholar IRE
William Addy Son   5 Scholar IRE
John Addy Son   3   HAM, Portsmouth
John Green Head Marr 36 Gunner. Royal Artillery LEI, Great Wigton
Carolyn Green Wife Marr 29   NF, Fort John
Emily J. Green Dau   9 Scholar NF, Fort John
James Green Son   3 Scholar IRE
Thomas Green Son   3 m   NBL, Tynemouth
Henry Kidd Head Marr 26 Gunner. Royal Artillery IRE
Eliza Kidd Wife Marr 34   IRE
Emma Kidd Dau   1   KEN, Shoreditch?
John Wood Head Marr 39 Gunner. Royal Artillery SCT
Emily Wood Wife Marr 48   KEN, Monkshorton
William Wilson Head Marr 32 Gunner. Royal Artillery IRE
Harriett Wilson Wife Marr 31   DEV, Uplasman?
Harriett M Wilson Dau   7 Scholar DEV, Barnstaple
Charles Smith Head Marr 27 Gunner. Royal Artillery LEI, Huckley
Elizabeth Smith Wife Marr 20   NTH
Charles Smith Son   4 m   KEN, Woolwich
Peter Adams Head Marr 32 Gunner. Royal Artillery GLS, Highton
Harriett Adams Wife Marr 32   ESS, Grayle
William Sturges Soldier Un 28 Bombr. Royal Artillery STS, Horlighton
William Dumbrell Soldier Un 32 Bombr. Royal Artillery SSX, ?
William Morley Soldier Un 27 Bombr. Royal Artillery DUR, Darlington
Andrew Noble Soldier Un 33 Bombr. Royal Artillery IRE
William Wilkinson Soldier Un 32 Bombr. Royal Artillery CHS, Fiddely
John Apley? Soldier Un 32 Gunner IRE
Edward Ball Soldier Un 39 Gunner SCT
Thomas Costella Soldier Un 32 Gunner SCT
James Clarke Soldier Un 31 Gunner LAN, Bre*ham
Richard Gard? Soldier Un 22 Gunner HAM, Woolwich
William Garratt Soldier Un 30 Gunner SFK, Molton
Adam Gordon Soldier Un 34 Gunner SCT
James Gedie Soldier Un 36 Gunner SCT
James Green Soldier Un 31 Gunner IRE
John Harvey Soldier Un 32 Gunner DEV, Bigsby
Joseph Ketteridge Soldier Un 25 Gunner ESS, Redwinter
John Lindsay Soldier Un 40 Gunner SCT
John Mcdonald Soldier Un 32 Gunner IRE
William Mars Soldier Un 30 Gunner IRE
William Richards Soldier Un 32 Gunner SCT
Samuel Russell Soldier Un 32 Gunner IRE
Hugh Sanna? Soldier Un 42 Gunner IRE
John Shaw Soldier Un 31 Gunner SCT
Wm. J. Thompson Soldier Un 37 Gunner IRE
William Dufall Soldier Un 34 Gunner HAM, Whitehampton
Joseph Warrington Soldier Un 28 Gunner HRT, St.Martin
George Yule Soldier Un 36 Gunner SCT
James Mciver Soldier Un 37 Gunner SCT
Peter Sanderson Soldier Un 27 Gunner NBL, Elderton
Thomas Porter Soldier Un 23 Gunner NBL, ?
Thomas Aspinall Soldier Un 33 Gunner LAN, Liverpool
James Montgomery Soldier Un 36 Gunner SCT
Martin Kingsley Soldier Un 34 Gunner IRE
William Thornton Head Marr 46 Barrack Sergeant CUL, Allenby
Caroline Thornton Wife Marr 40   HAM, Woolwich
John Thornton Son Un 18 Iron Shipwright BRK, -Windsor
Ann Thornton Dau   14 Scholar LND, Tower
Hannah Thornton Dau   12 Scholar LND, Portman St.
Margaret Thornton Dau   10 Scholar LND, Westminster
Jane Thornton Dau   8 Scholar LND, Westminster
William Thornton Son   5 Scholar LND, Westminster
Thomas Thornton Son   3   NBL, Tynemouth

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Transcribed by Penuel Ellis-Brown