Tynemouth, Northumberland:- Church History

  • The old church in Tynemouth Priory was the original parish church of Tynemouth, but by the seventeenth century this was unusable. It was replaced by Christ Church (consecrated 1668) in the adjoining town of North Shields. This was enlarged in 1792.

    For many years Christ Church alone served the needs of a very large and growing population. Around 1840, however, Holy Saviour Church at Tynemouth Priory and Holy Trinity in North Shields were brought into use, and these attained parish status in 1861. In the latter year three more churches, St Paul's, Whitley Bay; St John's, Percy Main; and St Peter's, Tynemouth, further subdivided the ancient parish. In subsequent years several more churches were added, including North Shields, St Augustin, which was consecrated on November 18th 1884, and which has the distinction of being the first to be consecrated in the new Diocese of Newcastle.
  • The Ancestral Indexes website provides information about Cullercoats, St George, Cullercoats, St Paul, North Shields, St Augustin, Percy Main, St John and Tynemouth Priory, Holy Saviour. There is also information about Tynemouth, Christ Church under the heading History.
  • Bell Ringers at St Paul's, Cullercoats have their own website which gives a summary of the history of the church.
  • The website of the Christ Church, North Shields Bell Ringers includes a short history and photos of the interior and exterior of the building, tower and bells.