Deaths and Fatal Injuries at - North Shields on May 3rd1941


When the air-raid sirens sounded at 11.12 p.m. on 3rd May 1941, 195 people took refuge in the public air-raid shelter in the basement of Wilkinson's Lemonade Factory on the west side of King Street, North Shields, near the junction with George Street. Perhaps more people than usual took shelter that night because, even before the sirens sounded, there were enemy aircraft overhead.

About thirty minutes later four high-explosive bombs hit the town and one scored a direct hit on Wilkinson's factory. It seems likely that the bomb penetrated the roof and exploded on the factory floor. The thick concrete floor would have protected the occupants of the basement from anything less; but in the event it shattered and collapsed into the basement taking heavy machinery machine with it as it fell. Incredibly 99 escaped or were rescued alive, but the death toll was appalling - 96 had died in the basement and a further seven died in hospital from their injuries. 42 of the 103 dead were children under 16.

Of the other three bombs which hit the town, one struck 3 George Street killing two occupants, and the others fell harmlessly - one landing at High Water Mark on The Flatts and the other on a railway embankment near Stephenson Street.

In terms of bombs dropped, this attack on the Borough was almost trivial - the Borough suffered many much heavier assaults. In terms of damage done, it was serious, but it was far from the worst to hit the town. But when we think in terms of human life and human suffering, the raid was unrivalled throughout the war. Taking the region as a whole, there would be nights when the death toll was higher, but what makes this raid so significant regionally and even nationally is that all but two of the dead were at the same location and had been killed by the same bomb - indeed that single high-explosive bomb which hit the Lemonade Factory was probably one of the costliest weapons ever dropped on this country.

Person's Killed or Fatally Injured in Wilkinson's Shelter, King Street

(Addresses are in North Shields unless otherwise stated.)

Clarence BEAVERS, age 25, of 35 Whitby Street.
(Roll of Honour - Page 1797)
William Henry BROWN, age 19, of 73 Hudson Street.
Son of Mr A. Brown. (Roll of Honour - Page 1797)
Edith CHATER, age 7, of 110 Church Street.
Daughter of Alfred and Henrietta Chater. (Roll of Honour - Page 1797)
Henrietta CHATER, age 11, of 110 Church Street.
Daughter of Alfred and Henrietta Chater. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Henrietta CHATER, age 35, of 110 Church Street.
Wife of Alfred Chater. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
John CHATER, age 4, of 110 Church Street.
Son of Alfred and Henrietta Chater. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Mary CHATER, age 9, of 110 Church Street.
Daughter of Alfred and Henrietta Chater. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Alfred CHATER, age 42, of 110 Church Street.
A.R.P. Rescue Service. Husband of Henrietta Chater. Son of Mrs J.M. Chater. (Roll of Honour - Page 1797)
Audrey CRAIG, age 11, of 10 George Street.
Daughter of John and Ethel Craig. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Ethel CRAIG, age 31, of 10 George Street.
Wife of John Craig. Daughter of Alfred and Ethel Hymes. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
John CRAIG, age 37, of 10 George Street.
Husband of Ethel Craig. Son of William Henry and May Craig. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
George CUMMINGS, age 13, of 5 Tynemouth Road.
Son of Ethel and George Cummings. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Roland CUMMINGS, age 9, of 5 Tynemouth Road.
Son of Ethel and George Cummings. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
George CUMMINGS, age 50, of 5 Tynemouth Road.
A.R.P. Decontamination Squad. Husband of Ethel Cummings. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Emma CURRAN, age 80, of 66 North King Street.
Widow of William Henry Curran. Daughter of the late George and Joan Peversley of Gateshead. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
William Henry CURRAN, age 23, of 66 North King Street.
Son of William Henry Curran. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Henry Medcalf DALE, age 60, of 33 Park Crescent.
Husband of C. Dale. (Roll of Honour - Page 1798)
Mary Elizabeth DICKSON, age 54, of 31 Upper Queen Street.
Wife of Samuel Dickson. Daughter of the late Adam and Mary Jane Craig. Died 15 May 1941 at Shotley Bridge Emergency Hospital. (Roll of Honour - Page 198)
Elizabeth Ann DONKIN, age 11 months, of 5 Pontons Buildings.
Daughter of James William Donkin, Merchant Navy, and Elizabeth Lindores Donkin. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Elizabeth Lindores DONKIN, age 22, of 5 Pontons Buildings.
Wife of James William Donkin, Merchant Navy. Daughter of William Henry and Flora Smith. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Anthony ELLIOTT, age 17, of 58 Back George Street.
Son of Anthony Elliott. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Anthony ELLIOTT, age 43, of 58 Back George Street.
A.R.P. Heavy Rescue Service. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Mary Jane FERGUSON, age 56, of 58 George Street.
Wife of Thomas Ferguson. Died 5 May 1941 at Preston Hospital. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Alexander FRANKLAND, age 16, of 36 Upper Queen Street.
Son of Mr and Mrs A.E. Frankland. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Edwin GERMAIN, age 6, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Son of Robert and Eva Germain. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Ethel GERMAIN, age 4, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Daughter of Robert and Eva Germain. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Ivy GERMAIN, age 10, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Daughter of Robert and Eva Germain. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Robert GERMAIN, age 56, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Husband of Eva Germain. Died 4 May 1941 at Victoria Jubilee Infirmary. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Elizabeth GIBSON, age 60, of 96 Church Street.
Wife of Mr J. Gibson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Ethel Maud GIBSON, age 32, of 96 Church Street.
Daughter of Mr J. and Elizabeth Gibson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
John Thomas GLYNN, age 58, of 66 North King Street.
(Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Margaret GLYNN, age 29, of 66 North King Street.
Daughter of John Thomas Glynn. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
Edward Brown GOODWILL, age 7, of 7 North Church Street.
Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Goodwill. (Roll of Honour - Page 1799)
John William GOODWILL, age 4, of 7 North Church Street.
Son of Elizabeth Goodwill. Died 14 June 1941 at Shotley Bridge Emergency Hospital. (Roll of Honour - Page 198)
Joseph GOODWILL, age 31, of 7 North Church Street.
Husband of Elizabeth Goodwill. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Joseph Henry GRAY, age 53, of 70 Linskill Street.
Husband of Margaret Gray. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Margaret GRAY, age 50, of 70 Linskill Street.
Wife of Joseph Henry Gray. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Mary GRAY, age 21, of 70 Linskill Street.
Daughter of Joseph Henry and Margaret Gray. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Alfred HALL, age 2, of 65 George Street.
Son of Alfred and Martha Hall. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
James HALL, age 5, of 65 George Street.
Son of Alfred and Martha Hall. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
John HALL, age 9, of 65 George Street.
Son of Alfred and Martha Hall. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Martha HALL, age 31, of 65 George Street.
Wife of Alfred Hall. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Shirley HALL, age 4, of 65 George Street.
Daughter of Alfred and Martha Hall. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Sydney HALL, age 7, of 65 George Street.
Son of Alfred and Martha Hall. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Joan HARMAN, age 4, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Daughter of Mary Ellen and the late Thomas William Henry Harman. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Mary Ellen HARMAN, age 38, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Widow of Thomas William Henry Harman and daughter of Eliza and the late Richard Beagarie. Died 4 May 941 at Victoria Jubilee Infirmary. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Richard HARMAN, age 3, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Son of Mary Ellen and the late Thomas William Henry Harman. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Thomas HARMAN, age 6, of 25 Upper Reed Street.
Son of Mary Ellen and the late Thomas William Henry Harman. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
James HENDERSON, age 60, of 60 Back George Street.
Husband of Phyllis Henderson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Phyllis HENDERSON, age 61, of 60 Back George Street.
Wife of James Henderson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1800)
Lillian Margaret HERRETT, age 4, of 27 Upper Queen Street.
Daughter of Sto. A.C. Herrett, Royal Navy. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
David Venture HEWSON, age 24, of 44 Stanley West Street.
Son of Sarah Jane Fannon (formerly Hewson) and the late David V. Hewson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Alexena HODGSON, age 26, of 21 Upper Queen Street.
Wife of Fus. Henry Henderson Hodgson, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Elizabeth HODGSON, age 5, of 21 Upper Queen Street.
Daughter of Fus. Henry Henderson Hodgson, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, and Alexena Hodgson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Henry Henderson HODGSON, age 23 months, of 21 Upper Queen Street.
Son of Fus. Henry Henderson Hodgson, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, and Alexena Hodgson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Violet HODGSON, age 19, of 10 East George Street.
Daughter of Albertina W. and the late Henry Henderson Hodgson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
John George HOWARD, age 18, of 27 Church Street.
Son of R. Howard and the late George Darling Howard. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Ernest HULL, age 15, of 16 North King Street.
Son of Samuel and Alice May Hull. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Evelyn HULL, age 17, of 16 North King Street.
Daughter of Samuel and Alice May Hull. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Doreen Robina Bilton Jackson KAY, age 33, of 95 Church Street.
Wife of Pte. E. Kay, Durham Light Infantry. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Ernest William KAY, age 13, of 95 Church Street.
Son of Pte. E. Kay, Durham Light Infantry, and Doreen Robina Bilton Jackson Kay. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
George Alan KAY, age 2, of 95 Church Street.
Son of Pte. E. Kay, Durham Light Infantry, and Doreen Robina Bilton Jackson Kay. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Hylton Stuart KAY, age 8, of 95 Church Street.
Son of Pte. E. Kay, Durham Light Infantry, and Doreen Robina Bilton Jackson Kay. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Sydney Jackson KAY, age 7, of 95 Church Street.
Son of Pte. E. Kay, Durham Light Infantry, and Doreen Robina Bilton Jackson Kay. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Amy KIRBY, age 56, of 1 Hackworth Street, Dean Bank, Ferryhill.
Widow of J. Kirby. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Alexander LAWSON, age 64, of 24 Upper Queen Street.
(Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Jean LIDDLE, age 12 months, of 65 King Street.
Daughter of Charles I. and Margaret Adelaide Liddle. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Margaret Adelaide LIDDLE, age 21, of 65 King Street.
Wife of Charles I. Liddle. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Ethel LIVESLEY, age 55, of 11½ Back George Street.
Wife of Albert Livesley. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Margaret LOGIE, age 75, of 55 George Street.
Widow of Robert Logie. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Margaret Thomson LOGIE, age 48, of 55 George Street.
Daughter of Margaret and and the late Robert Logie. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Margaret Ann LOUGH, age 10, of 23 Upper Queen Street.
Daughter of William Robert and Margaret Lough. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
William Robert LOUGH, age 38, of 23 Upper Queen Street.
Husband of Margaret Lough. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
William MATHER, age 19, of 6 George Street.
Son of Isabella Mather. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
James MAVIN, age 9, of 96 Church Street.
Son of James William and Margaret Mavin. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Margaret MAVIN, age 30, of 96 Church Street.
Wife of James William Mavin. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Rosalie MAVIN, age 12 months, of 96 Church Street.
Daughter of James William and Margaret Mavin. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Mary Ann McGUIRE, age 27, of 55 King Street.
Wife of Thomas Matthew McGuire. Daughter of Margaret and the late John Southern. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
John Andrew McPHILLIPS, age 32, of 50 Upper Queen Street.
Husband of Gladys May McPhillips. Died 4 May 1941 at Victoria Jubilee Infirmary. (Roll of Honour - Page 1802)
Eliza Ann NESBITT, age 65, of 105a Church Street.
Daughter of the late J.R Nesbitt. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
John Robert NESBITT, age 76, of 105a Church Street.
(Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Edward NICHOLSON, age 34, of 148 Grey Street.
Husband of Emily Nicholson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Emily NICHOLSON, age 34, of 148 Grey Street.
Wife of Edward Nicholson. Daughter of Mr W.H. Hastie. Died 4 May 1941 at Preston Emergency Hospital. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Ivy Hastie NICHOLSON, age 9, of 148 Grey Street.
Daughter of Edward and Emily Nicholson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Mary NICHOLSON, age 57, of 95 Church Road.
Wife of R.W. Nicholson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Christina OLIVER, age 45, of 10 Kielder Terrace.
Wife of William John Oliver. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Elizabeth Ann Hyde PATTERSON, age 52, of 70 George Street.
Widow of Robert Patterson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Isabella PEARSON, age 65, of 1 Park Crescent.
(Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Edith Louvaine PHILLIPS, age 14, of 159 Linskill Street.
Daughter of Mr and Mrs J.W.S. Phillips. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Richard POTTS, age 63, of 9 East Percy Street.
(Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Isabella ROBSON, age 8, of 4 Oakwood Avenue, Chirton.
Daughter of Robert William and Isabella Robson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1803)
Margaret ROWNTREE, age 12, of 4 Beacon Street.
Daughter of the late Mr A.H. Rowntree. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
James SANDERSON, age 20, of 16 Albert Street.
(Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Hilda SHEARER, age 22, of 12 King Street.
Wife of Seaman Robert Collins Shearer, Merchant Navy. Daughter of James and Phyllis Henderson. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Norma SHEARER, age 2, of 12 King Street.
Daughter of Seaman Robert Collins Shearer, Merchant Navy, and Hilda Shearer. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Robert SHEARER, age 2 months, of 12 King Street.
Son of Seaman Robert Collins Shearer, Merchant Navy, and Hilda Shearer. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Agnes May SMITH, age 36, of 66 North King Street.
Wife of David Smith. Daughter of Emma and the late William Henry Curran. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Maureen SMITH, age 8, of 66 North King Street.
Daughter of David and Agnes May Smith. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Veronica SMITH, age 13, of 66 North King Street.
Daughter of David and Agnes May Smith. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Kathleen SUTHERST, age 32, of 24 Upper Queen Street.
Wife of Pte. R. Sutherst, The Gordon Highlanders. (Roll of Honour - Page 1804)
Maureen WARD, age 6 months, of 27 Lawson Street.
Daughter of Seaman William Ward, Merchant Navy, and Lilian May Ward. (Roll of Honour - Page 1805)
James Wallace WELDON, age 50, of 46 King Street.
Son of James Weldon. (Roll of Honour - Page 1805)
William George WOOLFORD, age 35, of 45 King Street.
Sergeant - Home Guard. Husband of Margaret Woolford. (Roll of Honour - Page 1805)

Person's Killed at 3 George Street

Ethel Ada HUNTER, age 49, of 3 George Street.
Wife of Andrew Scott Hunter and daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Hannant of Grimsby. Died at 3 George Street. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)
Margaret KING, age 61, of 3 George Street.
Daughter of the late J. King. Died at 3 George Street. (Roll of Honour - Page 1801)

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