"WARKWORTH, a parish in the eastern division of Morpeth ward, and eastern division of Coquetdale ward, comprises eighteen townships, and is bounded on the north by Shilbottle and Lesbury parishes, on the west by Felton, on the south by Widdrington, and on the east by the German Ocean. The parish contains an area of 19,365 acres; its population in 1801, was 2,033; in 1811, 2,101; in 1821, 2,265; in 1831, 2,478; in 1841, 3,512; and in 1851, 4,439 souls. It is intersected by the river Coquet and by the Newcastle and Berwick railway. The scenery in this district is very beautiful, and gems and pebbles of great value are sometimes found on the bed of tbe Coquet. It abounds with coal and freestone; limestone is also found, and there is a valuable whinstone dyke at Acklington." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855].

"WARKWORTH, a parish, county of NORTHUMBERLAND, comprising the townships of Birling, Brotherick, High Buston, Low Buston, Sturton-Grange, and Walkmill, in the eastern division of COQUETDALE ward, and the townships of Amble, - Acklington, Acklington-Park, Bullock's - Hall, East Chevington, and West Chevington, Glosterhill, Hauxley, Hadston, Morrick, Togston, and Warkworth, in the eastern division of MORPETH ward, county of NORTHUMBERLAND...." [Samuel Lewis Topographical Dictionary of England 1831 © Mel Lockie]

Places covered by the parish registers include Acklington, Amble Broomhill and Chevington



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  • Burial Register 1878-1900, Burial Register 1900-1976, Purchased Graves Register 1878-1976 and Grave Plan (Photocopy) for Amble Civil Cemetery, and Burials Grant Books 1910-1957 for Chevington Civil Cemetery are available at Northumberland Record Office


  • Northumberland County Record Office holds copies of Census Returns 1841 - 1891 and provides a useful User Guide 
  • The 1851 Census Index (microfiche CN24, CN31) Warkworth, Felton, Shilbottle and Lesbury (PRO piece HO107/2419 folios-275) (Type B) (Book) Woodhorn, Widdrington, Ulgham, Warkworth (part), Bothal, Hebron & Felton (part) (PRO piece HO 107/2418 folios 461-641) (Type B) (Book) published by the https://www.ndfhs.org.uk/ may be of value to researchers interested in this parish.
  • A list of ships and crews in port during the 1881 census provided by Bob Sanders.
  • 1891 Census Warkworth (Amble, Gloster Hill, Hauxley, Radcliffe, Morwick, Togstone, Acklington, Acklington Park, Lesbury, Bilton, Alnmouth, ships in port and Coquet Lighthouse) (PRO piece RG12/4262) (Type B) (Book) (Volume 72) published by the https://www.ndfhs.org.uk/ may be of value to researchers interested in this parish.
  • 1891 census Warkworth (Felton Greens, Glantlees, Swarland, Elyhaugh, Newton on the Moor, Hazon and Hartlaw, Whittle, Shilbottle, Guyzance, Brotherwick, Walkmill, High and Low Buston, Stirton Grange, Birling and Warkworth) (PRO piece RG12/4261) (Type B) (Book) (Volume 71) published by the https://www.ndfhs.org.uk/ may be of value to researchers interested in this parish.

Church History


Church Records


Civil Registration

  • This area is divided between Northumberland North Second Registration District and Northumberland Central Registration District.
  • Certificates of birth, death and marriage can be ordered Locally from Northumberland County Council.

Description & Travel

The Amble Branch Railway ran from the Junction north of Chevington to Amble via Broomhill, on the East Coast main line It was single track to Broomhill and double track to Amble. The line was opened in 1849 by the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway to carry coal from the local collieries to Warkworth Harbour. The line was completed and opened to passengers in 1879, with Broomhill Station opening in 1880. It became part of LNER in 1923. The line closed to passengers in 1930 but the goods service continued under the Eastern Region of BR upon Nationalisation in 1948, the service finally being withdrawn in 1964, and the line  closing in 1969                

  • The Amble Branch   Bartle Rippon 2007
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Military Records

Warkworth St lawrence
30 Jun 1916   T. Lamb, 2nd leuitenant Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry [grave South West Old section 838]
15 October 1941   Peter Hedley, leading Aircraftman 643440 RAF, age 19 son of George Robert and Mary Elizabeth Hedley of Warkworth [grave 304N]
8 Nov 1917   A. Hindmarsh, private 39895 11th Bn Leicester Regiment, age 19 son of Adam and Mary Ann Hindmarsh ofHigh Buston, Alnmouth [grave North East BN131]
Amble West Cemetery
3 August 1944  Ralph Redpath age 33 Private 1720327 Pioneer Corps, Son of Alexander and Jean Redpath, husband of Mary Redpath of Amble  [grave H 133]
30 August 1917 James Dixon age 38 Private 11095 Durham Light Infantry, son of the late James and Mary Dixon, husband of Annie Simons (formerly Dixon) of 7 Lime Street Amble [grave B 127]
4 September 1944 William Allen Baston Private 5777941 Royal Norfolk Regiment 8th (H.D.)Bn. age 47 husband of Elizabeth Allen of Amble
19 Oct 1944   Robert Nairn Main Stewart, leading Aircraftman 1047393 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 23 sonof Mrs E Stewart. husband of Mary Stewart of Amble [grave I 149]
6 Nov 1940  John Frederick Marshall, Seaman LT/X20368A RN Patrol Service HM Drifter Girl Helen [grave L 76]
18 Nov 1916 J.E Straughan, Private 1477 1/7th Bn Northumberland Fusiluers age 23 husband of Mrs Straughan of Amble [grave C 424]
Chevington Churchyard
30 Nov 1916   G. Trueman,  Able Seaman Tyneside Z/4301 RN Volunteer Reserve Howe Bn RN Div. age 19 son of George and Jemima Trueman of South Broomhill Morpeth [grave C 303]
15 Dec 1916   John George Stewart,  Private3797 1/7th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 21 son of John and Elizabeth Catharine Stewart of Chevington Drift [grave E 70]
18 August 1944 William Joseph Humble age 18 L/Cpl 14498673 10th Bn Duke of Wellingtons Own West Riding Regiment son of John William and Mary Alice Humble of Widdrington [grave Sec H 236]
20 August 1941 Eric Lawrence Cash Sgt 916895 R.A.F. 82nd Squadron, Volunteer Reserve [grave Sec H 242]
3 September 1942  Jack Duncan Duffus Sergeant 525589 RAF, age 26 son of Henry Beveridge and Marjory Duffus, husband of Mary Duffus  of West Radcliffe [grave H 292]
4 September 1941  Charles Oliver Steggall Sergeant 755408 58th Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 33 son of Oliver James and Edith Helena Steggall of Ipswich Suffolk [grave H 198]
4 September 1941  William Howard Trewin Flight Sergeant R/69644 58th (RAF) Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force,age 24 son of Joseph Howard and Estella A Trewin of Toronto [grave H 199]
4 September 1941  Robert Lawrence Ward Sergeant R/56104 58th (RAF) Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force, age 21 son of Wyley and Marnie Ward husband of Alice C Ward of Virginia Beach Virginia USA [grave H 241]
5 September 1941  Wladyslaw Blasinski Porucznik P/1040 60 O.T.U Polish Air Force age 24 [grave H 197]
5 September 1941  Stanislaw Sadawa Plutonowy P/781291 60 O.T.U. Polish Air Force [grave H 200]
7 September 1941  Richard Scott Austin Pilot Officer 403785 10th (RAF) Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force, age 21 son of Robert Cox and Amy Charity Baring Austin, of Wellington New Zealand [grave H 284]
7 September 1941  William Stuart Flight Sergeant R/60298 10th (RAF) Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force, age 21 son of Duncan and Christine J Stuart of Victoria B.C. [grave H 289]
14 September 1941 Hugh John Findlay Flying Officer C/1179 406 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force, age 28 son of David and Effie Hamilton Findlay, husband of Jessie Carroll Findlay,Westmount Province Quebec [grave H 240]
14 September 1941 Edwin Karl Vickers Flight sergeant R/63911 406th Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force,age 28 son of James Roy and Gertrude Madeline Vickers husband of Mary Vickers of Toronto [grave H 245]
17 September 1947 Desmond D Cody Byrne Flight Lieutenant 50808 RAF [grave H 250]
10 Oct 1939   Thomas Mycroft Sergeant 519466 152 Squadron RAF, age 24 son of George and Caroline Mycroft (formerly Ettenfield) of Manchester [grave B.B.96]
12 Oct 1941   William Lockett Gunner 1077738 13th (Hon Artilary Coy) Royal Horse Artillery, age 27 son of Charles and rachel Lockett of Stockport Cheshire [grave H 196]
12 Oct 1941   John Allen Ryerson Turner Sergeant R/56104 58(RAF)Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force, age 22 son of John Lorne and Winifred Maud Turner of Ottowa Ontario [grave H201]
14 Oct 1944   Maurice Emile Sauzier, Flying Officer 153215 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 24 son of Emile and Annie Martin Sauzier of Forset Side Mauritius [grave H 192]
16 Oct 1947   John Jack, Pilot 11, 1609301 247 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 23 son of David and Gertrude jack of farnham Common Bucks. [grave H 235]
26 Oct 1947   Thomas McNee W/O First Class NP 30302 Australian HQ A.C.M.F, age 33 son of William and Emily McNee, husband of Cecilia May McNee of New South Wales [grave H 238]
3 Nov 1944   William Glass,  Leading Seaman C/SSX19503 RN HMS Tracker, age 24 son of William and Elizabeth Glass [grave H 294]
5 Nov 1940   Donald McIntosh Gray, Pilot Officer 837255 RAF Volunteer Reserve 610 squadron, age 21 son of Johnand Mary Jane Fraser Gray of Palmers Green Middlesex [grave H 285]
22 Nov 1943  Geoffrey Booth,  Flying Officer 119496 RAF Volunteer Reserve (Pilot) age 23 son of Harold and Elsie Booth of Leeds [grave H 193]
28 Nov 1942  George Trueman Jobson,  Sergeant 1287935 RAF Volunteer Reserve 75 Squadron, age 20 son of John and Mary Edith Jobson of South Broomhill Morpeth [grave G 21]
28 Nov 1942  Alexander McIsaac, Sergeant 412891 RN Zealand Air Force 75 (RAF) Squadron , age 24 son of Allan Joseph and adelaide McIsaac of Whakatane Auckland NZ. [grave G 20]
1 Dec 1943   George John Stewart Kerr,  W/O 1558163 RAF Volunteer Reserve 75 Squadron, age 22 son of John and Georgina Kerr of High Ongar Essex [grave H 293]

Poor Houses, Poor Law

  • Warkworth Parish was part of Alnwick Poor Law Union. The Union Workhouse was located at Bondgate Without, Alnwick. Some records are held at Northumberland Record Office but these are of limited genealogical value.
  • Peter Higginbotham has provided details and photographs of Alnwick Workhouse.