Norfolk: Alburgh


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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ALBURGH, a pleasant village on an acclivity, 3 miles N.E. by N. of Harleston, and 5 miles W. of Bungay, has in its parish 589 souls, and 1514 acres of land, belonging to several charities in Norwich, and to a number of freeholders, the largest of whom is George Grout, Esq. It lies in several manors.

The Church (All Saints,) has a square tower, and the living is a rectory, valued in the King's Book at £12, and in 1831 at £395. The Earl of Effingham and others are patrons, and the Rev. Chas. Sutton, D.D., incumbent. The rector has a small manor here.

The Town Estate, purchased in the reign of Henry VIII., with £20 left by Richard Wright, and other monies paid by the parish, consists of a farm of 83A., at Wissett; 3A. 2R. of land, in Alburgh; and a farm of 25A. in South Elmham. The rents amount to £180. 18s. per annum, out of which the town reeves pay all the expenses attending the church, and other town charges, and apply the balance in aid of the poor rates. At the enclosure, under an act of the 41st George III., an allotment of 13A. 1R. 20P. was awarded to the poor of Alburgh and Wortwell, and is now let for about £40 a year, which is distributed in coals.

           Able       Mrs C.
           Algar      Mr Jas.
           Barber     Wm.            corn miller
           Blofield   Watling        bricklayer
           Bond       Barnabas       chief constable
           Bootman    John           blacksmith
           Burroughs  Wm.            beerhouse
           Debenham   John           tailor & shopkpr
           Devereux   Benj.          plumber, &c
           Dunn       Charles        vict. King's head
           Dunn       Isaiah         grocer, &c
           Ewen       Rev. Wm. M.A.  curate
           Matthews   Jno.           shoemkr  [see note below]
           Moore      Robert         bricklayer
           Moore      Wm.            butcher
           Read       S.             bricklayer
           Reeve      Edward         beer seller
           Smith      J.             shoemkr  [see note below]
           Strainge   J.             wheelwright
           Theobald   John           schoolmaster
           Todd       Noah           bricklayer
                         * are Owners.
           Bond       Barnabas       Parker    Isaac
         * Brock      John (&        Patrick   Wm.
                        joiner)      Rackham   John
         * Denny      John           Spelman   Isc. Geo.
           Devereux   Benj.        * Walker    George
         * Doughton   Mchl.        * Youngs    John
           Drane      Wm.          * Youngs    Saml.
           Harvey     Thomas       * Youngs    S. jun.
           Legood     Jerh.        * Youngs    Sarah
           Miles      Isaac

Note: in the original this is:
     Matthews Jno. & Smith J. shoemkrs

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