Norfolk: Alderford


Census: 1831

Alderford is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 43/27] is on 3 sheets of paper, the breaks being indicated by [Page n] which are not on the original.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Name Index

The census contains the following names and the numbers in brackets refer to the page numbers on which they occur.

Bacon (1)
Copeman (1)
Crisp (2)
Freestone (3)
Gage (2)[Notes]
Howlett (1)
Jackson (3)
Little (3)
Rainer (3)
Shuttleburgh (3)
Stanhope (1)
Stimpson (1,2)
Tuck (1)

The Census Document

The census contains the following information.

[Page 1]

Population of Alderford 1831

  Benjamin Stimpson Ser 58
  Robert Stimpson 63
  Mary Stimpson 57
  Francis Stimpson 21
  Harriett Stimpson 19
  John Stimpson 15
  Robert Bacon 69
  Mildred Bacon 60
  Harriett Howlett 23
  Sarah Stanhope 33
  Sarah Howlett 16
  Wm Copeman 64
  Elizabeth Copeman 23
  Mark Tuck 50
[Page 2]    
  William Gage 34
  Elizabeth Gage 38
  Charles Gage 13
  George Gage 11
  Harriett Gage  9
  Clarisa Gage  8
  Martin Gage  7
  Author Gage  3
  Emma Gage  2
  Benjamin Stimpson Jur 23
  Sarah Stimpson 32
  John Crisp 29
  Mary Crisp 32
[Page 3]    
  Samuel Freestone 50
  Sarah Freestone 42
  Frances Freestone 14
  Richard Freestone  9
  Robert Shuttleburgh 18
  Anne Little 70
  Henry Rainer 38
  Martha Rainer 47
  Mary Rainer 14
  James Rainer 12
  Susan [Rainer]  7
  Emely Rainer  5
  Mary Jackson 79



[End of Census Document]


  • All shorthand contractions in the document have been reproduced as written.
  • The gaps between blocks of names are believed to indicate households which if correct would equal 8.
  • There are 40 people listed above and White's 1845 gives a population of 44.
  • See also the Alderford 1841 census which shows :-.
    • Gage family are now named Gedge.
    • In the RAINER family above the surname after Susan was blank. She is now enumerated as Susan Rayner aged 15 [where age has been rounded down to nearest 5 years].

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