Norfolk: Alderford - 1801-02 - Land Tax


This tax was based on the value of property etc. and paid by the owner or (sometimes) occupier according to their agreement. It started in 1692 and valuations are based on those done at this date.

For more information on these records see the Land Tax Assessments page.

This Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference C/SCD 2/9/1 1801 and also on microform] is one of the Norfolk Quarter Sessions Land Tax Assessments which are arranged by divisions this one being in Eynsford Hundred.

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From 1798 a printed form was used which contained the following.

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

  • Names of Proprietors = "Names of Proprietors
                                          Listed Alphabetically"
  • Value = "Valuation"
  • Exon = "Sums assessed & exonerated"
  • Not Exon = "Sums assessed & not exonerated"
  • Estate = "Sums assessed of PERSONAL ESTATES STOCK"
  • OFF = "Sums assessed of OFFICES ANNUAL AMOUNT"

Norfolk to Wit
For the Parish of Alderford

An Assessment for one Year, from the 5th April, 1801, to the 5th April, 1802, made in pursuance of an Act passed in the 38th Year of the Reign of his Majesty George the Third, for granting an Aid to His Majesty, by a LAND TAX to be raised in Great Britain, for the Service of the Year 1798, and made perpetual by another Act passed in the 38th Year of the Reign of his said Majesty and also in pursuance of another Act passed in the 39th Year of the Reign of his said Majesty's Reign, for continuing and granting to his Majesty a Duty on Pensions, Offices, and Personal Estate, &c. for the Service of the Year 1801.

  ExonNot Exon    
Names of ProprietorsOccupiersValue
Brown Zach       4  -.16.-    -.16.--. 4.-
Brown Zach     36½  7. 6.-    7.  6.-1.16.6
Copland J D 36½  7.6.-      
Copland J D 13½  2.14.-      
De Vere John       3  -.12.-    -.12.--. 3.-
Howlett Bryant       1½  -. 6.-    -. 6.--. 1.6
Ogleby Geo       5  1. -.-    1. -.--. 5.-
Newton Revd J W     15  3. -.-    3. -.--.15.-
Porrett Robt     37  7. 8.-    7.  8.-1.17.-
Wodehouse Honbl John       6  1. 4.-.    1.  4.--. 6.-
[Totals] 5010.-.-10821.12.-  21.12.-5.  8.-

Rob Porrett
Jn Howlett
Assessors & Collectors


[End of Document]


  • In other rate documents the following alternative spellings have been seen which appear to refer to the same people/places:-
    Geo Ogleby/Geo Ogleby L:D: (1803)/George Oglevie Ld (1805), Porrett/Porritt
  • All the occupiers names were blank although they should have been filled in.
  • J D Copland had paid 15*Yearly rate so that no more tax was payable on the two blocks of land.
  • The quality of the fiche is very poor.
  • In the 1802 Norfolk Poll book :-
    • Bryant Howlett is a farmer living at Swannington.
    • James William Newton is a Clerk at Norwich
    • G. Ogilvie L.L.D lives in London.

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