Norfolk: Alderford - 1821-34 - Churchwardens' Rate


Alderford raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 43/24 and microform MF 718/3] containing the Churchwardens' accounts book for 1820-1861.

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Eynsford Hundred

A Church Reat [sic] Made by Benjamin Stimpson Church Warden other Chief Inhabitants In the Parish of Alderford from Michs 1821 upt to Michs 1822
At 6d in the Pound

Valuation[Occupiers' Names]£  sd
105Charls Tompson Esqr for the Leat [sic] Brown212  6
    2Ditto the Glebe   1  -
  20Ditto the Leat Sowell? 10  -
129Ditto3  4  6
  32the Leat Brett 16  -
  53Benjm Stimpson1  6  6
  12Priscillia Howlett   6  -
  10Wiliam [sic] Copman   5  -
  11Jams [sic] Howlett   5  6
  9  7  0
 Stock Brought Forward   210
  9  910
 Disbursements816  3½
 Stock in Hand 13


All valuations below in pounds

[Occupiers' Names]1823/4/6/7
Charles Tompson Esqr266266266266
Benjm Stimpson  65  65  65 
late Howletts    11 
Mrs Stimpson     65
late Howletts     11
Priscillia Howlett  12   
William Copman  10  12  10  10
Jams Howlett  11  11  
Robert Bacon   8  8  8

A blank in the table above means the person did not appear in that years rate.


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  • In other rate documents the following alternative spellings have been seen which appear to refer to the same people/places:-
    Bacon/Baccon, Copman/Copeman, Sowell?/Sewell
  • Leat = "Late" here.
  • Jams=James and Wiliam=William
  • Rate for 1823 was 3d per pound
  • Rate for 1824 was 1/6d per pound
  • Rate for 1826 was 3d per pound
  • Rate for 1827 was 3d per pound
  • Rate for 1828 was 3d per pound
  • Rate for 1829 was 9d per pound
  • Rate for 1830 was 6d per pound
  • Rate for 1831 was 3d per pound
  • Rate for 1832 was 2d per pound
  • Rate for 1834 was 4d per pound

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