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Fuel Distribution

Ashill like a number of Parishes had Charities which had left money to help its poor. These are described in 1811 by Zachary Clark in his book on Norfolk Charities .

For more information on these and other records see the Parish Accounts page.

This is one item from a Norfolk Record Office document [with reference PD 548/95 and microform MF718/11] containing Miscellaneous Papers for 1818-1837 (but it also contains earlier documents).

The original document contains the fuel accounts for 17/Dec/1787 which are fully transcribed. The other dates covered by the document ie. 30/Dec/1787, 15/Jan/1788, 28/Jan/1788, 10/Feb/1788, 16/Mar/1788, 14/Apr/1788 and 2/Jul/1788 are only mentioned here when people were first given fuel at a date later than 17/Dec/1787.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Acct of Poor for division of Fuel
Oct 22nd 1786(sic)
with Buscalls Papers
of Firing distribution.

An Account of Coals distributed to the Poor of Ashill having legal Settlements Labourers in Husbandry ½ Bush(el) each in Family Trades 1 Peck each not having 5£ a year by Estate or Hire.

 Poor belonging to Ashill 1787No in
AAdcock Mary1-2
 Arnold Robert & Esther42-
BBrownsill Jeremiah1-2
 Barnes Mary Widow1-2
 Bartlett James & Mary522
 Blower John & Mary   ½ Quany a Trade41-
 Blower John & Hannah21-
 Blower Thomas Junr1-2
 Blower Thomas & Ann312
 Boughen Mary Widow1-2
 Boughen John & Rose63-
 Brown John & Elizabeth / Quan732
CCock Thomas1-2
 Collings John & Hannah   half the Quantity a Trade3-3
DDrew Joseph & Elizabeth732
 Dent Jas & Elizabeth (*)732
GGarner John & Mary   ½ the Quan a Trade612
 Garner Henry & Hannah   a Trade312
 Gostling Samuel & Elizabeth312
 Griggs Thomas & Daughter21-
 Griggs Stephen & Susanna42-
HHarrell Charles & Ann522
IIreland Mary Widow & child21-
 Jarrett Thomas & Amy312
 Lambert Thomas & Jane (*)21-
 Lavender Barbara1-2
 Lockwood John & Mary42-
 Lusher Robert & Elizabeth42-
MMiller Francis & Mary63-
NNorgate Thomas & Alice42-
OOfield William & Elizabeth21-
 Ofield John & Mary63-
 Osborn William & Ann21-
 Oxborough Samuel & Elizabeth522
 Oxborough William & Daughter21-
 Oxborough Thos & Wife (*)21-
PPercival Mary Widow42-
 Pollard Mary21-
RRome Philip & Elizabeth42-
 Rust Thomas & Elizabeth312
SShin John & Mary42-
 Smith Mary Widow1-2
 Stebbings John for Sisters Child1-2
 Sturgin Francis & Ann84-
TTenant John & Elizabeth21-
WWard John & Mary522
 West John & Daughter   (Qu)21-
 Whatling Richard & Wife (*)312

Distribution of Coals arising from Firing Allotment
1787 Dec 17th to July 22nd 1788.


[End of Document]


  • In other documents the following alternative spellings have been seen which appear to refer to the same people/places:-
  • Normal allowance was 2 Pecks per person where 4 Pecks = 1 Bushell.
  • The entry for Dent Jas & Elizabeth came from 10/Feb/1788 as that is when they first receive an allocation.
  • The entry for Lambert Thomas & Jane came from 16/Mar/1788 as that is when they first receive an allocation.
  • The entry for Oxborough Thos & Wife came from 2/Jul/1788 as that is when they first receive an allocation.
  • The entry for Whatling came from 14/Apr/1788 as that is when they first receive an allocation.

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