Norfolk: Ashill


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

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The description of the parish has not been transcribed because it is similiar to that in White's Directories for 1845 and 1883.

These are the names in the text that are not included in the list of residents and tradespeople, below:

           Ashburton Lord
           Edwards   Rev. Bartholomew, M.A.
           Leicester Earl of

There are memorials in the church to the Boyce and Cotton families.

This is the list of the tradespeople and the most prominent residents.

POST OFFICE at Morris Gardiner's. Letters despatched, via Watton, at 5.30 p.m.

           Allcock   Joseph             schoolmaster
           Amys      Charles            victualler, White Horse
           Boughen   James              carpenter
           Buckenham William            corn miller
           Butcher   Mark               brickmaker
           Darsley   Mrs Ellen
           Darsley   Zachary            victualler, Crown
           Edwards   Rev. Barthw., M.A. Rectory
           Harrowing Kiddle             lime burner
           Lusher    Thomas             beerhouse
           Oldfield  James              coal dealer and carter
           Darsley   John
           Green     Daniel             (and brewer)
           Lockwood  William
           Garner    Stephen
           Lusher    John
         * are owners.
           Blower    William
         * Boyce     Eliz.              Lodge
           Codling   George
         * Darsley   Zachary
           Hartt     Chas.              Uphall
           Jeary     Robert
           Lock      James
           Lockwood  Goddard
           Mason     John
         * Oldfield  Henry
           Reeve     William            (& machine owner)
           Seed      Edward
           Wortley   Newton             Church Farm
           Wrightup  Henry              Panworth Hall
              GROCERS AND DRAPERS.
           Blower    William
           Gardiner  Morris
           Twaite    William
           Allcock   William
           Ward      Robert
           Allcock   John
           Garner    John

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