Norfolk: Banham


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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BANHAM is a village 16 miles S.W. of Norwich, and 5 miles E. by N. of East Harling. The parish comprises an area of 3714 acres, and the population in 1841 was 1165. Post Office at Robert Turvey's. Letters delivered at 8 a.m. and despatched to Norwich and all parts, via Attleborough, at 6. p.m.

         Alderson  George          'Red Lion,' and bricklayer
         Armes     Isaac           miller and baker
         Bales     John            tailor
         Barnard   Thomas          tailor
         Bradley   John            shoemaker
         Browne    Sarah           shopkeeper
         Chapman   George          blacksmith
         Cracknell Wm.             painter, glazier, &c.
         Davy      Charles         shoemaker
         Davy      William         shoemaker & beershop
         Esling    Mrs. Henry
         Fisher    J.              cattle dealer
         Gaymer    William         'Crown'
         Gilbert   George          brickmaker
         Gilbert   Robert          millwright
         Hewitt    James           butcher
         Holmes    Mrs. Mary
         Humphreys Francis         shoemaker
         Humphreys William         gardener
         Humphreys William         millwright
         Hunt      John and
                     Jonathan      joiners and brickmakers
         Hurrell   John            whitesmith
         Jolly     Elias           cattle dealer
         Kemp      Robert          carrier
         Kemp      Stephen         beer retailer
         Legrice   Samuel          grocer and draper
         Ludkin    Henry           joiner
         Mark      Wm.             shoemaker & parish clerk
         Mexey     -               schoolmaster
         Newell    Mr. Robert
         Page      Thos. jun.      wheeler (& gig mkr.)
         Pilgrim   Charlotte       ladies' school
         Spurling  William         wheeler
         Surtees   Rev. John       rectory
         Taylor    John            bricklayer
         Taylor    Henry           carpenter
         Turner    Joseph Gilbert  tea dealer and chemist
         Turvey    Robt.           tailor and post office
         Wells     George          miller and constable
         Weston    Wm.             shoemaker & beershop
         Dix       Robert          Newson    George
         Gall      James           Page      Thomas
         Germany   John            Palmer    Foster
         Gunns     Robert          Phillips  Mrs.
         Hewitt    James           Rich      Thomas
         Humphreys Chapman         Roper     Edward
         Hunt      James           Spurling  William
         Moore     Charles         Wells     Mary
         Murrell   George          Wick      John, jun.

CARRIER to Norwich, Kemp, Sat. at 7 morn.

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