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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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BANHAM parish has a small village on a gentle eminence, 2 miles from Kenninghall and new Buckenham, and 5 miles E. by N. of East Harling, and contains many scattered houses, 1165 inhabitants, and 3714 acres of rich loamy land, belonging to a number of copyholders and freeholders, many of whom are residents. The whole is in the Duke of Norfolk's manors of Banham Heath, Mareschalls, Greys, Beckhall, and Hockham, mostly on arbitrary fines. About 150 people are employed here in making bricks and tiles, and here is a fair for horses, toys, &c., on the 22nd of June.

The CHURCH (Virgin Mary) is a large handsome structure, with a square tower, surmounted by a wooden spire. In a chapel lies the effigy of the founder - Sir Hugh Bardolph, Kt. The rectory, valued in [the] King's Book at £9. 3s. 6½d., and in 1831 at £800, is in the gift of the Crown, and incumbency of the Rev. John Surtees. The glebe is 34A.

The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have a chapel here.

The yearly sum of £5. 4s. is paid out of 6A. of land, left by John Bidwell in 1713, for schooling six poor children. The TOWN LANDS, partly acquired in the 15th century, have been conveyed to trustees from time to time for the church and poor, and consist of about 43A., with a house, let for £65 a year, and a building called the Pest-house, occupied rent free by paupers. Out of the rents, 7s. 5d. is paid for the leet-fee and quit-rent; £4 is divided among the poor, and the residue is applied in the service of the church.

The FUEL ALLOTMENTS, awarded at the enclosure in 1790, consist of 123A. 2R. 2P. of fen, on which the poor cut turf, and let the herbage for about £50; and 9A. 3R. 27P. on Holme Hills, let for £16 a year. Part of the rents is paid to the poor who cut the turf, and the rest is distributed in clothing and coals. The Guildhall Feoffment consists of an old building divided into three tenements, occupied by paupers, and 3A. 33P. of land, let for £3. 10s. These premises being settled for superstitious uses, fell to the lord of the manor, who in 1549 granted them to feoffees for the use of all the copyhold [tenants], on condition that the lord should have liberty to hold the manor court in the old building called the Guildhall.

The poor have 30s. a year, left by Mrs. Gawdy and Mrs. Bidwell. In 1832, Mrs. Mary Bowles gave 5A. 3R. 20P. of land, let for £5, in trust for the poor of Banham and Kenninghall in equal shares.

         Armes     Wm.               miller and baker
         Browne    Sarah             shopkeeper
         Browne    Alfred            schoolmaster
         Carter    Robert            gentleman
         Cracknell Wm.               plumber, painter, &c
         Chapman   John              blacksmith
         Elliott   Wm.               lime & corn merchant
         Esling    Hy.               gent
         Esling    Wm. Chpr. & John  grocers, drapers, and agents
                                       to Norwich Equitable Fire
                                       and Life Ins. Co.
         Gaymer    Wm.               vict. Crown
         Gilbert   George            brickmaker
         Gilbert   Robert            millwright
         Hewett    James             butcher
         Holmes    Mrs My.
         Humphreys Wm.               gardener
         Humphreys Wm.               millwright
         Hunt      J.                joiner and brickmaker
         Hurrell   John              whitesmith
         Jessup    Wm.               bricklayer
         Kemp      Robert            beerhouse keeper
         Kemp      Stephen           carrier and shopr.
         Ludkin    Henry             joiner
         Newell    Mr Robert
         Page      Thos. jun.        wheelwright and gig maker
         Pears     Rev Charles, M.A. curate
         Prince    Mary              ladies' school
         Robinson  Charles           vict. Lion
         Rust      Wm.               butcher
         Spurling  Wm.               wheelwright
         Surtees   Rev John          Rectory
         Taylor    John              bricklayer
         Taylor    H.                carpenter, &c
         Wells     George            corn miller and chief constable
            Cattle Dealers.
         Fisher    J.
         Jolly     George
         Jolly     Elias
         Bilham    James             Newson    Rebecca
         Blomfield Chas.             Newson    George
         Bobby     Thomas            Page      Thomas
         Gall      James             Palmer    Jonthn.
         Germany   John              Palmer    Edwin
         Gunns     Robert            Phillips  Robert
         Hewitt    James             Rich      Thomas
         Humphreys Chapman           Roper     Edward
         Hunt      James             Smith     Robert
         Moore     George            Spurling  Wm.
         Murrell   George            Wells     Mary
                                     Wick      Jas. jun.
            Shoemakers.                 Tailors.
         Bradley   John              Bale      J.
         Davy      Charles           Barnard   Thomas
         Johnson   Robert            Elsing    Hy. jun.
         Mark      Wm.
                     parish clerk
         Weston    Wm.

POST-OFFICE at Rt. Turvey's. Letters daily, from Attlebro'

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