Norfolk: Barnham Broom


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk 1850

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BARNHAM BROOM is a village 9 miles W. of Norwich, and 4 miles N. by W. of Wymondham. The parish comprises 1710 acres, and contained in 1841, 494 inhabitants; its present residents are:-

         Buckenham   John              vet. surgeon
         Child       Thomas            blacksmith
         Copping     John              letter receiver
         Cranness    Thos. H.          shoemaker
         Cunningham  Caleb             'Bell Inn'
         Gurdon      Rev. Edward       Rectory
         Hipkin      Sarah             school
         Howlett     John              wheelwright
         Howlett     Matilda           shopkeeper
         King        George            shopkeeper
         Lebbel      Thomas            blacksmith
         Loyterton   Michael           schoolmaster
         Melton      George            cattle dealer
         Packe       Rev. Henry        (curate)
         Riches      Charles           shopkeeper
         Tingay and
           Roberson  -                 millers
         Turner      Mr. William
         Turner      Mrs. Sarah
         Child       Robert            Outlaw        John
         Child       William           Thwaites      John Thurlow
         Cunningham  John              Turner        John
         Davey       Walter            Vasser        Caleb
         Field       William           Watson        Ann
         Gooch       Henry             Wiffen        John
         Norton      Hammond           Wrigglesworth John

CARRIER to Norwich, Lebbel, Wed, and Saturday at 8 morn.

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