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Church Bells
L'Estrange, John
The Church Bells of Norfolk, where, when, and by whom they were made, with the Inscriptions on all the Bells in the County.
[Norwich, printed by Miller and Leavins, 1874]

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BUCKENHAM, OLD, All Saints - 6 [bells].

1. Christopher Gibbs & George Gedge Ch: Wardens 1757 T.L. T.P.
2. Lester & Pack fecit 1757
3. + Tho. Gardiner + Sudbury + fecit 1722.
4. John Draper made me 1622.
5. Pack & Chapman of London fecit 1772.
6. + Tho. Gardiner + Sudbury fecit 1722.

There are ten impressions of a coin of Queen Anne on this bell. [This probably refers to the 6th bell].

The Inventory of 6th Edward VI. mentions one bell only, but an unfinished and cancelled memorandum asserts that Sir Edmund Knyvet did take away two bells.

A brass inscription in the church records that Matthew Sturdyvant, who died in 1604, gave by his will £20 towards three new bells.


In 1602 the church had been "decayed about three skore yearse," and was then used as a barn by Sir Thomas Lovell.

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