Norfolk: Old Buckenham


Zachary Clark: Charities belonging to the Poor: 1811

of the different CHARITIES
belonging to THE POOR
Abridged from the Returns under GILBERT'S ACT,
to the House of Commons in 1786;
in the Office of the LORD BISHOP OF NORWICH.


  • G - (if present) an abridged extract from Gilbert's Returns, 1786
  • T - (if present) an abridged extract from a terrier, with its date
  • GT - (if present) combined abridged extracts from Gilbert's Returns and a terrier.
  • In the original, pounds are shown as "l" so, for example, 60 pounds is shown as "60l." which is not easy to read. In this transcription they are shown as "£" so 60 pounds appears as "£60".
  • In other documents for Old Buckenham the name is Robert Laughter.

[Transcription copyright © Pat Newby]


G.- In 1655 Andrew Reeder left Land, which is vested in the heirs of John Wellham, the surviving Feoffee, and produces 30s. per annum, to be given to eight aged and impotent poor people of this parish.

Land left by Robert Laughton [sic] in 1622, the rent of which, £4 10s. per annum, vested in William Alger and other Feoffees, is applied for the same purpose as above.

OBSERVATION. - Here again the number of Acres is not specified.

In addition to this Legacy, it appears by Terrier 1806, that 2A. of Land have been allotted by the Inclosure Act in right of commonage, which is let for £2 5s. per annum.

A House for the Poor, built with £50 given by Hugh Harvey. The money was originally left with the intent that the interest thereof should be yearly distributed among the Poor.

A Rent Charge of £2 per annum, upon an Estate in Old Buckenham, vested in William Algar, Gent. given by - Wellham, to be distributed to the Poor in bread, wood, or money, annually.

16s. annually, arising from an Estate in Stradbrook, in Suffolk, given by Mr. Richard Girling.

OBSERVATION. - In 1806 the above was stated to produce £1 annually.

James Harvey bequeathed in 1720 the Interest of £100 for 99 years, charged on an Estate of Mrs. Ann Manning, towards the maintenance of five poor widows.

T.- There appears from the Terrier of 1806 to belong to this parish (beside the above from Gilbert's Returns) a House adjoining the church-gate, occupied by the Poor; 2 Pightles, containing 3A. now let to Lydia Fulcher, at £4 per annum; and 40A. allotted from the commons, of which 12A. are said to be in lieu of a House and Land provided for a Schoolmaster in this place, and the rest in lieu of other Pieces formerly belonging to the Church and Poor.

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