Norfolk: Old Buckenham


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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BUCKENHAM (OLD,) is a village 16 miles S.W. of Norwich, 3 miles S. by E. of Attleborough, and 1 mile N. by W. of New Buckenham. The parish comprises 4812 acres, and contained in 1841, 1255 inhabitants; its present residents are:-

         Adamson    William           schoolmaster
         Bales      John              butcher
         Burlingham Jno. and Sons     millers and corn and seed merchants
         Chapman    Thomas            blacksmith
         Daynes     John              beer retailer
         Fulcher    Rev. Thomas, B.A. (curate)
         Gage       Thomas            bricklayer
         Haylett    John              painter, glazier, &c.
         Holl       George Taylor     'White Horse' and watchmaker
         Houchen    Edward            beer retailer and shoemaker
         Kibberd    Robert            wheelwright
         Lancaster  Joseph            butcher
         Lancaster  Susan             school
         Long       David             baker
         Loveday    Jn.               blacksmith & founder
         Mordey     John              beer retailer and shoemaker
         Mounseer   Mrs.
         Norton     John              carpenter
         Palmer     James             grocer and draper
         Petley     William           veterinary surgeon
         Philips    Abraham           carpenter
         Philips    Jacob             carpenter
         Potter     Amos              grocer and draper
         Potter     Amos              tailor
         Punt       John              blacksmith
         Smith      John              shoemaker
         Smith      Robert            wheelwright
         Bagwell    John              Last      Richard
         Bales      William           Long      John
         Bird       Richard           Palmer    Edward
         Colman     William           Palmer    Ellis
         Davy       William           Palmer    James
         Drake      Thomas            Peck      Richard
         Hewitt     James             Rodwell   Thomas
         Hewitt     Samuel            Salter    George William

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