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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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BUCKENHAM (OLD,) is a large village of detached houses, skirting a pleasant green of 40 acres, shaded with trees, and distant about 1 mile N. by W. of New Buckenham, and 3 miles S. by E. of Attleborough. Its parish contains 1255 inhabitants, and 4812A. of land, mostly the property of Lady Herbert, the Earl of Albemarle, and the Rev. T.P. Slapp, the first of whom is lady of the manor, now leased during her life to J. Cuddon, Esq., of Norwich.

The fee of this place was given by William the Conqueror to William de Albini, whose son was commonly called "William with the strong hand," from his having (as the legends of chivalry relate,) killed a lion by thrusting his arm down its throat, after having been thrown into its den by the Queen of France, who was enraged by his refusing the offer of her hand, he being previously affianced to the widow of Henry I., whom he subsequently married, and became Earl of Arundel, in 1139, when he assumed the lion for his crest.

His father, disliking the old Saxon castle here, erected a new CASTLE upon the hill, a little farther to the east. This fortress consisted of a keep, two circular towers, a grand entrance tower, barbican, and embattled walls, surrounded by a moat; but nothing now remains except a few ruined fragments of the gateway and keep, all traces of the entrenchments having been obliterated by the plough.

The second Wm. de Albini, founded a PRIORY here in 1085, for Augustine canons. At the dissolution it was valued at £131. 11s., and granted to Sir Thomas Knyvet. But few traces of it now remain, though the foundation of its conventual church were extant in Blomefield's time.

The parish CHURCH (All Saints,) is an ancient thatched edifice, with a north aisle and octagon tower, containing five bells. The benefice is a perpetual curacy, certified at £17, and valued in 1831, at £103. It was augmented by a parliamentary grant of £800, in 1769, and £200 given by Wm. Holbeck, Esq., in 1768. The rate-payers are the patrons, and the Rev. T.P. Slapp is the incumbent.

The Baptists, Sandemanians, and Primitive Methodists, have each a chapel here.

In 1604, Matthew Sturdivant left £100, for schooling poor children of this parish, and it was laid out in 16A. 15P. of land, now let for £23. 5s. 6d. per annum, which is paid to a master and mistress, for teaching 10 boys and 10 girls.

The poor have the following yearly doles; viz., £9. 8s. 6d., from 5A. 1R. 10P. of land, left by Robt. Laughter, in 1622; about £5. 8s. from 4A. 6P., left by Andrew Reeder, in 1565; and £2. 10s., as the interest of £50 left by Hugh Harvey, in 1720. The Town Lands, 26A. 1R. 9P., partly allotted at the enclosure, in 1790, are let for about £30 a year, of which about one-fourth is carried to the poor rates, and the rest to the church rates. The Fuel Allotments, awarded at the enclosure, comprise 80A., on which the poor cut turf, and 16A. 1R. 18P. The latter, with the herbage of the former, is let for £36 per annum.

The POST OFFICE is at the White Horse. - Letters arrive at 10 morning, and are despatched at 5 afternoon.

           Adamson    Wm.               schoolmaster
           Burlingham J. & Son          corn millers
           Fulcher    Rev Thomas, B.A.  curate
           Gage       Thomas            bricklayer
           Haylett    John              plumber, painter, &c
           Holl       Geo. Taylor       watchmaker and vict. White Horse
           Lancaster  Samuel            schoolmaster
           Mounseer   Mrs               gentlewoman
           Petley     Wm.               veterinary surgeon
           Slapp      Rev Thos. P.      incbt. curate
              Bakers.                      Carpenters.
           Long       David             Norton    John
           Potter     Amos              Philips   Abraham
                                        Philips   Jacob
              Beerhouses.                  Grocers & Dprs.
           Daynes     John              Palmer    James
           Houchen    Edward            Potter    Amos
           Mordey     John
              Blacksmiths.                 Shoemakers.
           Chapman    Thos.             Houchen   Edwd.
           Loveday    Jno. (&           Mordey    John
                        ironfounder)    Smith     John
           Stebbings  John
              Butchers.                    Wheelwrights.
           Bales      John              Kibberd   Robert
           Lancaster  Joseph            Smith     Rt. (gigs)
                              * are Owners
           Bagwell    John            * Last      Richard
         * Bales      John              Long      John
         * Bales      Wm.               Palmer    Edward
           Colmam     Wm.               Palmer    Ellis
           Davy       Thomas          * Palmer    Hy. Ntl.
         * Davy       Wm.               Palmer    James
           Drake      Thomas            Rodwell   Robert
           Hewett     Samuel            Rodwell   Thomas
                                      * Rudd      Henry

CARRIER. Saml. Chilvers to Norwich, Sat.

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