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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1883

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BUCKENHAM (OLD) is a large village of detached houses, skirting a pleasant green of 40 acres, shaded with trees, and distant about 2 miles N. by W. of New Buckenham, and 3 miles S. by E. of Attleborough. It is in Guiltcross union, Attleborough county court district, Norwich bankruptcy district, Shropham hundred, Guiltcross and Shropham petty sessional division, Attleborough polling district of South Norfolk, Rockland rural deanery, and Norfolk archdeaconry. It had 1146 inhabitants in 1881, living on 4986 acres, and has a rateable value of £7566.

The principal landowners are Richard Bird, Esq., Thomas Bird, Esq., Wm. Thos. George, Esq., Christopher Wm. Smith, Esq., Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart., J. and J. Colman, Esqrs., J.O.H. Taylor, Esq., trustees of John Gall, executors of Henry Norton Palmer, Edward Dade Palmer, William Thomas Simpson, H.J. Banyard, Esq., and W.T. Bud, Esq. Old Buckenham Lodge, which was recently purchased by Francis John Gurney, Esq., from A.T. Cockell, is pleasantly situated in a well-wooded park of about 40 acres.

The fee of this place was given by William the Conqueror to William d'Albini, whose son was commonly called 'William with the strong hand,' from his having (as the legends of chivalry relate) killed a lion by thrusting his arm down its throat, after having been thrown into its den by the Queen of France, who was enraged by his refusing the offer of her hand, he being previously affianced to the widow of Henry I., whom he subsequently married. He became Earl of Arundel, in 1139, when he assumed the lion for his crest.

His father, disliking the old Saxon castle here, erected a new castle, a little farther to the east, upon the ancient earthworks, which still exist, and like those of Castle Acre, Rising, Hedingham, and Norwich, comprise a circular work. This fortress consisted of a keep, two circular towers, a grand entrance tower, a barbican, and embattled walls, surrounded by a moat; but nothing now remains except the keep and a few ruined fragments of the gateway.

The second William d'Albini founded a Priory here in 1085, for Augustine canons. At the Dissolution it was valued at £131 11s., and granted to Sir Thomas Knyvet. But few traces of it now remain, though the foundations of its conventual church were extant in Blomefield's time.

The Parish CHURCH (All Saints) is an ancient thatched edifice, comprising nave, chancel, north aisle, and octagonal tower with six bells; and was reseated in 1859. The perpetual curacy, now worth £100 per annum, is in the patronage of the inhabitants, and incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Fulcher, B.A. It was augmented by a parliamentary grant of £800, in 1769, and £200 given by William Holbeck, Esq., in 1768.

The Baptists, Sandemanians, and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here.

The Poor Lands comprise 5A. 1R. 22P. of land, left by Robert Laughter, in 1622; and 4A. 1R. 11P., left by Andrew Reeder, in the year 1565. The Town Lands, 28A. 17P., were partly allotted at the enclosure in 1790. The Fuel Allotments, awarded at the enclosure, comprise 80A. 2R. 17P., on which the poor cut turf, and 16A. 2R. 3P. The latter, with the herbage of the former, is let. In 1861, Mr. Robert Cocks, of London, erected here a handsome range of buildings, comprising ten almshouses, for ten poor persons of this his native parish.

By a scheme of the Charity Commissioners, dated August 16, 1861, all the charities were amalgamated, including Sturdivant's, Laughter's, Reeder's, The Fen, the Overseer's Land, Church Land, Harvey's Charity, Girling's Charity, and the Rectory trust, and twelve trustees appointed to administer the funds, which in 1881 produced £167 15s., the properties being let from Michaelmas, 1877, for a period of eight years, ending October 11, 1885.

The proceeds were distributed as follows, viz.:- 50 tons of coal, £50; clothing to 209 families at 1s. per head, £33; churchwardens, about £34; school, £28; surveyor, £4 10s.; payment to vicar, £16 13s. 4d. Rev. Thomas Fulcher, vicar, Major William George Keppel, Messrs. W.T. Simpson, Richard Bird, John Gall, C.W. Smith, William Frost, G.P. Johnson, William Scales, W.G. Hammond, and Richard Bowles are the present trustees, and Mr. Edwin Henry Reade is clerk.

The school is under the management of the trustees. The Parochial School was built in 1841, and is chiefly supported by an endowment of £30 10s., derived from the rent of 16A. 21P. of land, purchased with £100 left by Matthew Sturdivant, in 1604. A sum of £50, left by Hugh Harvey, in 1720, has been applied towards the erection of the School. The school, with master's residence attached, will accommodate 160 scholars, and the infant school, now used as a class-room, will accommodate 60; the average attendance is 123.

POST OFFICE at Miss Elizabeth Potter's. Letters are received at 6.45 a.m., and despatched at 7.30 p.m., Sundays at 11 a.m., viâ Attleborough. New Buckenham and Banham are the nearest Money Order Offices.

         Adams      Rev. Arthur Bayley curate
         Aldous     Charles            tailor & parish clerk
         Ashford    T.L.               farm bailiff to Messrs. Ireland
         Bacon      James              farmer
         Banyard    H.J.               farmer
         Barker     Henry              farmer
         Barker     Richard            farmer
         Barnard    Robert             farmer
         Beales     Horace             victualler, Crown
         Beales     William Miller     farmer, corn and coal merchant
         Benns      Charles            shopkeeper
         Betts      Edward Wiseman     farmer and cattle dealer
         Bird       Mr Richard
         Bird       Edward             farmer, Old Hall farm
         Blackbourn John               farmer
         Blyth      Simon              farmer
         Booty      William            farmer
         Bowen      James              wheelwright
         Bowles     Richd.             frmr. & assisnt. ovrseer
         Brighton   James              farmer
         Catlyn     James              farmer
         Chapman    Mrs Francis        frmr. White hse
         Chapman    William            blacksmith
         Clare      H.                 grocer, draper & ironmonger
         Chilvers   David              farmer
         Colman     J. & J.            farmers & merchants
         Cordy      George Riches      farmer
         Dade       Lewis              blacksmith & vict. Sun
         Deane      Rev. William
                      Edward, M.A.     rector of Eccles, The Manor house
         Fitt       Charles Edwd.      plumber & glazier
         Foster     George             bricklayer
         Frost      Charles            farmer
         Frost      William            baker and confectioner
         Fryer      William            farmer
         Fulcher    Rev. Thomas, B.A.  vicar
         Gedge      John               farmer
         Gibson     Thomas             beer house
         Gould      John               farm bailiff to F.J. Gurney
         Gunns      George             farmer
         Gurney     Mr Francis John    Old Buckenham lodge
         Hammond    Walter Geo.        farmer, Hill hse
         Hanton     William            farmer
         Hardy      Charles            farmer
         Hardy      Mrs Margaret       farmer
         Hardy      Peregrine          farmer
         Hardyman   David              farmer
         Hewett     Samuel             farmer
         Hindes     Leonard            barber
         Holl       George Roger       watchmaker and victualler, White Horse
         Howell     W.G.               farmer
         Ireland    H.J.               farmer
         Jessup     George             farmer
         Johnson    Geo. Page          frmr. Bury's hall
         Keppel     Major Wm. Geo.     The Grange
         Kybird     Robert             wheelwright
         Lancaster  Mrs Caroline       butcher
         Lancaster  Frederick          builder
         Linstead   Walter             miller and farmer
         Long       David              baker
         Long       Mrs Susan          vict. Jolly Sportsman
         Loveday    Elisha & Sons      ironfounders and machinists
         Loveday    Mr Thomas
         Loveday    David              farmer
         Loveday    Foulger            shoemaker
         Mallett    James              farmer
         Nordey     Esau               shoemaker
         Norton     John               farmer
         Orvice     John               farmer
         Parish     Bristol            farmer
         Petley     William            cattle dlr. and farmer, Abbey farm
         Petley     William John       vet. surgeon
         Phillips   Abraham            carpenter
         Potter     Mr Barnabas
         Potter     Miss Elizabeth     dressmaker and post office
         Punt       Edward             blacksmith & whlwright
         Reade      Edwin Henry        schoolmaster, clerk to Charity
                                         trustees, School hse
         Saunders   William            farmer
         Scales     William            farmer
         Self       Christopher        farmer
         Simpson    William Thomas     farmer and landowner (Salter & S.),
         Smith      Elisha             shoemaker
         Smith      Mr Christopher Wm. Sunnyside
         Summersby  Miss Charlotte
         Sparrow    David              farmer and carrier
         Tingey     Charles            farmer, Park farm
         Townshend  Mrs Lydia
         Turner     James              shoemaker
         Webster    William            farmer
         Westgate   Albert             cattle dealer and farmer, Castle farm

CARRIER to Norwich, David Sparrow, Saturday

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