Norfolk: Caston


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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CASTON, a pleasant village, 3½ miles S.E. of Watton, has in its parish 513 souls, and 1509A. of land, mostly the property of Sir Edward Bowyer Smijth [sic], Bart., of Essex, and the Rev. B. Barker. The former is lord of the manor of Caston Hall, but part of the parish is in the manors of Newlands, Griston, and Scoulton.

The Church (Holy Cross) is a large fabric, with a tower and six bells. The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £11.19s.2d., is consolidated with those of Rockland, All Saints, and St. Peter, in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. B. Barker, of Shipdham. The joint livings were valued in 1831, at £1022 per annum. The glebe here is about 21A.

The Wesleyans have a small chapel here, and on the green, is the shaft of an ancient cross, curiously carved.

An Allotment of 25A., awarded to the occupiers of 24 ancient cottages, in 1813, is let for £8. The Town Land, 2A. 35P., is let for £4, which is applied with the poor rates.

         Bailey    Geo.          shopr. & vict. Duke's Hd.
         Banham    Geo.          wheelwright
         Barker    Robert        corn miller
         Bilham    Jas.          shopr. and shoemaker
         Brett     John          shoemaker
         Burcham   Robert        shopkeeper
         Coe       Mary Ann      schoolmistress
         Cook      Wm.           blacksmith
         Crook     Wm.           beerhouse keeper
         Darsley   Wm.           baker, &c.
         Dover     Hy. Esq.      Parsonage
         Fox       Edmund Geo.   tea-dealer
         Hewett    Jno.          plumber, painter, &c.
         Horne     Jas.          grocer and draper
         Land      Jas. W.       vict. Red Lion
         Land      Robt.         bricklayer
         Osborn    James         saddler, &c.
         Palmer    Ellis, Esq
         Partridge Rev Walter J. curate
         Sayer     John          shoemaker
         Taylor    Henry         carpenter
         Vince     Philip        wheelwright, &c.
         Davey     George
         Darsley   Wm.
         James     William
         Lock      Davey
         Smith     Jas. Wm.
         Smith     Robert
         Turner    Ellis         Caston Hall
         Wilby     Isaac
         Youngman  Wm.

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