Norfolk: Clenchwarton


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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CLENCHWARTON is a scattered village with several neat houses, 2 miles W. of Lynn by the ferry, and 3 miles by the bridge; including within its parish 597 inhabitants, and 2,720 acres of land, exclusive of about 160 acres of the old bed of the river Ouse, now converted into pasture-ground. The soil belongs to a number of freeholders, the largest of whom are Lord George Bentinck, J.B. Monk, and John Stephens, Esqr., of Berkshire.

The CHURCH, dedicated to St. Margaret, is an ancient cemented building, partly mantled with ivy, and sheltered on the north by the plantation of the rectory-house. The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £14 16s. 6d., and in 1835, at £348, is in the patronage of the widow and son of the late Rev. Fdk. Wm. Goldfrap. The son is now at college, and for him the living is now held in commendam by the Rev. Thos. T. Upwood of Terrington St. Clement. The glebe is about 32 acres, and the church-land 3½ acres, with nine cottages. About 1,100 acres of land, in this parish, is titheable only to West and North Lynn.

The poor have an orchard of three roods, left by Thos. Wardle, in 1730, and three roods left by Ann Rodgers, in 1776. The salt-marshes of this parish extend to the Wash, between Terrington and North Lynn.

         Goldfrap   Mrs.            Rectory         Hill       Rev. Geo. Fdk.,                      M.A.          curate         Hudspeth   Henry           machine maker, smith, & vict. Victory         Secker     Charles         police inspector         Sissons    William         vict., Black Horse         Tate       Ralph           vict., Shetland Pony         Tipple     Geo.            butcher, & beerhs. kpr         Wardale    Robt.           schoolmr. & parish clerk; - Post Office.                                      (Letters despatched 4 afternoon)         Wright     William         chief constable of Marshland                              FARMERS.          Atmore     John, Hall      Mountain   John         Barron     Thomas          Presswood  John         Briggs     Henry           Southwell  Robert, (&         Carter     William                      shopkeeper)         Clements   James           Wardale    John         Dawson     John Watson     Waterfield Robt.         Fisher     George          Wright     William, (&         Fletcher   Samuel                       miller) 

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