Norfolk: Denton


List of Names from Bastardy Orders 1790-1835

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There may be more information in the original records, which are at the Norfolk Record Office. The document reference is PD 136/66-78.

Lydia WESTROP male child by Samuel NORMAN (this couple did later marry)
Mary PETTIFER child by William LARKE
Elizabeth WRIGHT child by Edward DANN
Mary CHASE male child by Samuel HOGG of Flixton Suffolk
Sarah GLOVER male child by Robert WOOLTERTON
Pamela PALMER female child by Robert RAYNER
Elizabeth FULLER male child by John BARKER
Martha REVEL male child by Samuel HOLMES
Elizabeth KING male child by William HEVERSON
Dinah RODWELL female child by James LEVERETT
Isabella MILLS male child by James HOWLETT
Mary GIBBS male child by John GIRDLESTONE
Anne WATTS male child by Henry PATTRICK
Martha REVEL male child by John BARKER
Elizabeth KING male child by Robert LEGOOD
Hannah HURRY female child by John FOLGATE
Elizabeth PALMER male child by Robert WOOLTERTON
Mary GARDINER female child by William COLLETT
Priscilla NOBBS male child by Robert PATTRICK
Isabella MILLS female child by Henry HARRIS
Elizabeth KING female child by Samuel BALDRY
Anne FINCH male child by Joshua NOBBS
Sarah BULLING female child by John SAVAGE
Martha REVEL child by Thomas BRADY

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