Norfolk: Poppyland


Poppyland is the area of the north Norfolk coast around Cromer, Sidestrand and Overstrand. It acquired this name at the end of the 19th century.

Description and Travel

Jones, Elizabeth
Poppyland in Pictures.
[ISBN 0946148031, Poppyland Publishing, c1983]
Rothery, Constance
The Poppyland Flyer: the story of the railway line from Cromer to North Walsham, 1906-1953: calling at: Cromer Links - Overstrand - Sidestrand Halt -Trimmingham and Paston & Knapton - Mundesley.
[Trimmingham, Norfolk, 1984]
Stibbons, Peter and Cleveland, David
Poppyland - Strands of Norfolk History.
The writings of Clement Scott, and the visitors from the world of the theatre who came because of those writings.

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