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White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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DITCHINGHAM, a large scattered village, extending southward to the river Waveney, opposite Bungay, 13 miles S.S.E. of Norwich, has in its parish 1,124 souls, 2,055A. of land, and a large Silk-Mill, erected about 12 years ago, and belonging to Messrs. Grout & Co., of Norwich, who employ here about 500 hands. The large heath, in this and Broome parish, was enclosed in 1812.

The manors are -- Ditchingham and Pirnhow, and the fines are arbitrary. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the former, and John L. Bedingfeld, Esq., is lord of the latter, and owner of Ditchingham Hall, a handsome mansion, built in 1727, with picturesque grounds, near a rivulet, which is expanded into a fine broad or lake, that has been visited during the last 14 years, by a pair of Barnacle Geese.

The Lodge and Holly Hill, are two pleasant seats. The latter belongs to C. F. Costerton, Esq., and the former is the seat of J. J. Bedingfeld, Esq. Tindall Hall, now a farmhouse, belongs to Sir W. F. Fowle Middleton, Bart. Close to the Waveney is a remarkable cold Bath, built by the late William Windham, Esq.

The CHURCH (St. Mary,) stands on an eminence, 1½ mile N. of Bungay, and has a lofty tower. The Rectory, valued in K.B. at £12, has a good residence, 20A. of glebe, and a yearly rent of £560, awarded in 1839, in lieu of tithes. The Rev. Wm. Edw. Scudamore, M.A., is incumbent, and the Earl of Suffolk, and other Trustees of the late Lord H. Howard, are patrons, but must present it to any fellow, except a "plat-fellow," of St. John's College, Cambridge.

Here is a National and also an Infant School.

The poor have five tenements, and 3A. 1R. 32P. of land, (let for £7 10s.) left by John Gowing and John Towers, in 1668; and a yearly rent-charge of £2, left by Robert Davy, in 1725, out of a meadow belonging to J. J. Bedingfeld, Esq. The Town Lands, 61A. 1R. 25P., are let for about £100 a year, which is applied with the church and poor rates, and partly in distributions of coal.

 Bedingfeld    John James, Esq.   Lodge
 Bedingfeld    J. L., Esq.        Hall
 Botwright     Mr. Jas.
 Burcham       George             cabinet maker
 Cammell       Mrs.               gentlewoman
 Chapman       George             hay dealer
 Collins       James              travelling draper
 Crick         William            manager of Silk-Mill
 Cuddon        William            maltster
 Dowsing       Mrs.               Holly Hill Lodge
 Dutt          William            coach builder
 Folkard       James              blacksmith
 Foreman       Henry              National schoolmr.
 Foreman       Robert             cooper
 Forster       Major Peter        Cottage
 Godbold       William            vict., Falcon Inn
 Goodwin       Mrs.
 Goodwin       Samuel             wheelwright
 Green         Margaret           schoolmistress
 Grice         B.                 gent.
 Grout and Co.                    silk, &c., manufacturers,
                                   (and Norwich)
 Hayden        Mrs.
 Kerridge      Wm.                dyer
 King          Michael            wheelwright
 Mann          William            gent.
 Margitson     James Taylor       solictor, Ditchingham House,
                                   (office Bungay)
 Moore         James              merchant & maltster
 Morris        Isaac              joiner, &c.
 Pulford       Charles            cabinet maker, &c.
 Scudamore     Rev. William       Rector
                Edward, M.A.
 Skinner       James              butcher
 Smith         Joseph             bricklayer
 Smith         Robert             corn miller
 Smith         Thomas             gardener
 Tibnam        James              parish clerk
 Utting        Thomas             gentleman
 West          John               vict., Duke of York
   Beer Houses.
 Baker         Robert
 Sadd          Samuel
 Underwood     John
 Brock         Jeremiah
 Browne        George
 Drane         George
 Draper        John
 Hembling      John
 Larkman       William
 Minns         James
 Minns         John
 Moore         James
 Skinner       James
 Skinner       Samuel
 Stanford      William
   Grocers, &c.
 Gurney        William
 Knights       Daniel Thomas
 Skinner       John
 Brereton      John
 Palmer        George
 Tibnam        Samuel

Coaches and Carriers from Bungay to Norwich, &c., daily

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