Norfolk: Earsham


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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EARSHAM, which gives name to this hundred, is a considerable village, in the vale of the Waveney, 1 mile W. of Bungay, and has in its parish 731 souls, and 3052A. of land, but only 2718 acres are assessable. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor of Earsham (fines arbitrary,) and owner of the Park farm (600A.) Sir Wm. Windham Dalling, Bart., is lord of the manor of Dobels-in-Earsham, and owns a large estate here; and Earsham House, a large mansion, in a pleasant park, built in 1700, by John Buxton, Esq., of whom it was purchased by Colonel Windham.

The Church (All Saints,) has a square tower, containing three bells, and crowned by a short spire. The south windows were decorated with stained glass by the late Joseph Windham, Esq., an eminent antiquary, who died in 1810.

The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £15, is in the gift of Sir W.W. Dalling, and incumbency of the Rev. W.G. Cautley, M.A. The glebe is 35A. 1R. 25P., and the tithes were commuted, in 1839, for £486 per ann.

The Town Estate, which has been vested, from an early period, for the benefit of the church and poor, was partly exchanged, at the enclosure in 1816, and now consists of 13A. 3R. 24P., let for £23, which is applied with the church-rates; and 8A. 2R. 11P., let for £11. 5s. a year, which is distributed among the poor on Plough Monday, together with a yearly rent-charge of £21, left by Wm. Windham, Esq., in 1787; and another of £4, left by Thos. Bransby, in 1730. The Fuel Allotment, 5A., awarded at the enclosure, is let for £11, which is distributed in coals.

         Capon      Edward            vict. Duke's Head
         Cautley    Rev Wm. G., M.A.  rector
         Dalling    Capt. John W.
                      Windham, R.N.   Earsham House
         Godfrey    George            cooper and shopr
         Goodwin    Samuel            wheelwright
         Grigg      Thomas            draper
         Harvey     James             vict. Buck
         Hogge      Wm.               brewer
         Holsworth  Robert            bricklayer
         Hunt       John              shopkeeper
         Martin     Robert            tailor
         Narburgh   Richard           corn miller
         Pulford    George            corn miller
         Richmond   James             joiner
         Scarnell   John              schoolmaster
         Smith      Mr Robert, senior
         Spink      Margaret          beerhouse & shopr.
         Wade       James             gardener
         Weston     Mrs Mary
         Wright     Mrs
            Blacksmiths.                 Shoemakers.
         Garland    P.                Banham    Robert
         Leggett    Robert            Chaston   Daniel
                                      Revell    Jonas
         Aldborough Hy.               Hammond    Wm.
         Banham     Robert            Jordan     John
         Barnard    Henry             Legood     Robert
         Burgess    Richard           Minns      Charles
         Calver     Wm.               Muskett    Samuel
         Chambers   Edw.              Rackham    John
         Cleveland  James             Rembland   Daniel
         Clutton    George            Smith      Robt. jun
         Coates     Mary              Spence     Wm.
         Crowe      Henry             Wallman    John
         Drake      Rivers,           Watts      Robert
                      Park farm       Wright     Robert

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