Norfolk: North Elmham


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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ELMHAM, or NORTH ELMHAM, formerly a fortified city, and the favourite seat of the early Bishops of Norwich, is a well built village, having a station on the Norfolk railway, 5 miles N. of East Dereham, and 18 miles N.W. by W. of Norwich. The castle stood on an elevation above the village, and was the manor house of the martial Bishop Spencer, who by permission of Richard II. had it embattled and converted into a fortress, with moats, intrenchments, and other military defences.

In the parish are two extensive and well wooded parks, in one of which, on an eminence above a lake, is Elmham Hall, the beautiful seat of Lord Sondes. The building is a large mansion of brick, and the park - abounding in deer and other game - is thickly studded with stately trees, and irrigated by the waters flowing from a little brook, which feeds the lake and falls into the Waveney.

Here rising boughs, with summer's pride, adorn
The limpid lake, the ever verdant lawn,
And softly stealing from the woody lair
Out stalks the deer, or frisks the timid hare,
Whilst gently perching on the leafy spray
Each feather'd warbler tunes his fav'rite lay.

The parish, rich in rural charms, comprises an area of 4400 acres, and the population in 1841 was 1219. Post Office, at William Diggens's. Letters delivered at 8 a.m. and despatched to Norwich, and all parts, via Dereham, at 6 p.m.

         Sondes     Lord               the Hall
         Atkinson   Mr. Charles
         Bell       Philip             saddler
         Bensley    George             shoemaker
         Bradfield  Chas.              painter, glazier, &c.
         Bradfield  Frances            'King's Head Inn'
         Brunton    Benj.              painter, glazier, &c.
         Bryant     William            grocery dealer
         Calver     William            shoemaker
         Chapling   John               tailor
         Clarke     Henry              shoemaker
         Cook       Elijah             grocery dealer
         Cook       Jeremiah           cooper
         Cooper     John               tailor
         Copsey     Thomas             pump maker
         Cushing    Francis            bricklayer & bldr.
         Diggens    Wm.                baker & confectioner
         Elmer      Jno.               tailor, registrar of
                                         births and deaths
         Emms       Hy. jun.           veterinary surgeon
         Fenn       James              'King William'
         Fisher     Mrs. Money
         Goshawk    Henry              baker
         Hoe        Philip             grocery dealer
         Howell     Robert             tailor
         Jewell     Samuel             veterinary surgeon
         Knatchbull Rev. Henry Edward
         Lambert    Charles            gardener
         Mason      Mrs. Sarah
         Mayston    John               butcher
         Monument   John               blacksmith
         Neal       James              bricklayer
         Nicholson  George             butcher
         Nicholson  George             grocery dealer
         Norton     Edw.               'the George & Dragon'
         Norton     Robert             miller
         Pratt      Jonathan           grocer and draper
         Ransom     Peter Parlett      surgeon
         Reynolds   John F.            relieving officer
         Rogers     Rd. & Sophia       natl. school
         Sands      William            grocer and draper
         Seaman     Robert             steward to Lord Sondes
         Sussens    Edward             grocery dealer and carpenter
         Tombling   Benjamin           shoemaker
         Tombling   Robert             carpenter
         Tombling   William            carpenter
         Tuck       Thomas             baker
         Twiddy     George             shoemaker
         Upton      William            bricklayer
         Utting     Thomas             wheelwright
         Watts      Robert B.          porter merchant
         Ward       James              blacksmith
         Webb       John               basket & sieve maker
         Wells      John               saddler
         Willby     Samuel             tailor
         Willimont  Mr. Howlett
         Yull       Peter              tinman and brazier
         Bird       John               Englebright Thomas
         Bradfield  Charles            Hawes       William
         Bradfield  James              Howell      Dinah
         Bradfield  Fisher             Hubbard     James
         Bradfield  Frances            Mayston     Joshua
         Bradfield  William            Monument    John
         Bream      Thomas Rudd        Norton      Robert
         Bunn       James              Rix         William,
         Eastoe     William                          Old Hall
         Elmer      Robert,            Whiter      William
                      Grange farm      Willimont   John Kirby, (and
         Elmer      William                          coal dealer)

CARRIERS to Lynn, Tombling, Mon.; to Norwich, Spooner; and also Tombling, both on Friday.
RAILWAY CONVEYANCE. - Trains several times daily to all places on the Eastern Counties and Norfolk lines.

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