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Parish Register Extracts

These have been found by the Norfolk transcribers for FreeREG, at the end of the Felbrigg register of baptisms 1700-1812, marriages 1700-1761, and burials 1700-1812.

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  • Part of Richard Locksmith's Will (died 1740)
  • Part of Mrs Mary Windham's Will (died before March 1752)
  • Purchase of Annuity by Mr John Windham Bowyer (March 1752)
  • Inscription in the church to Simon and Margaret Felbrigge (15th century)
  • Numbers of inhabitants, houses, christenings and burials.
  • One man to be provided for the militia (November 1807)

Part of Richard Locksmith's Will (died 1740)

A Copy of that part of Richard Locksmith's Will relating to the Gift Sermons &c. in this parish.

Except one piece of Land of the said Premises containing Six Acres lying in the Field of Felbrig [1] between the Lands of the Lord of the said Mannor on the East part and the Land of William Pye on the West and abbutting upon the said Lord's Land on the South and upon the Yard parcel of the said last mentioned premises towards the North which said piece of Land my Will and mind is shall be forever hereafter liable and subject to the yearly paiment of Forty shillings in manner following; viz Twenty shillings part thereof to be in hand paid to the Minister of the said Parish to preach Two Sermons yearly for ever in the said parish Church One upon every fourteenth Day of Novr and the other upon every fourteenth Day of May &c.

Richd Locksmith was buried at Felbrig May the 20th 1740 vide the old Tithe-Book with Past board Cover

Timo: Jones Rector

Note [1]: The words "containing Six Acres lying" were repeated here, and were crossed out.

Part of Mrs Mary Windham's Will (died before March 1752)

The Disposition of Mrs Mary Windham's Legacy to the Parish of Felbrig as directed in her Will.

Namely that as much Free-hold-land should be bought in Felbrig as would bring in £3 per annum. And on every Good Friday the Minister preaches He to have Ten shillings out of it. And the other Fifty shillings to cloath an old man & woman that take Alms, to be nominated by the Master of Felbrig; the Minister to buy the Apparel, which is to be of grey Cloth, a Coat & Breeches for the man and a Waist-coat & Petticoat for the woman. and if any money remain, to be laid out in Linnen for them. the Minister and Church-Wardens to be the Trustees.

vide the opposite Page.

Note "vide the opposite Page." refers to the annuity below.

Purchase of Annuity by Mr John Windham Bowyer (March 1752)

Mr John Windham Bowyer wrote word on March the 3d 1752 that He had bought £100 old S.S. Annuity to answer the intended purpose; And that He had then of the Dividends in hand £11 17s. 6d. And at Lady-Day following He should receive £3 15s. more. so that on Lady Day 1752 There is due to be accounted for to the Parish £15 12s. 6d.

Timo: Jones Rector


Note: The amounts of money were shown in the original with the symbols on the line above, for example £11 17s. 6d. was:
  £ S. D.
11 17 6

Inscription in the church to Simon and Margaret Felbrigge (15th century)

Inscription In the middle Aisle in Felbrigg Church

Hic jacet Simon Felbrigge miles quondam Vexillarius illustrissimi Domini Regis Ricardi Secundi, qui obiit [blank] die [blank] mense, anno Dom: M:CCCC [blank], et Domina Margareta quondam Consors sua [blank] et generoso sanguine Roma, ac olim domicilla nobilissime domine Anna quondam Anglie Regine - obiit 18 die June 1416.

A possible translation is:

Here lies Simon Felbrigge, knight, formerly standard bearer to the illustrius Lord King Richard the Second, who died on the [blank] day of the [blank] month, in the year of the Lord 1400 [blank], and Lady Margaret formerly his consort [blank] and lady of the family of Rome, and once lady in waiting to the noble Lady Anne formerly Queen of England - died on the 18th day of June 1416.

Note: this is similiar to, but not the same as, the Latin transcription in Blomefield's Topographical History of the County of Norfolk. For example Blomefield has more words, Boama (Bohemia) not Rome, and that Margaret died on the 27th June, not the 18th. Blomefield also says that Simon died in 1442 and was buried in the choir of the Preaching-Friars of Norwich, with his second wife, Catherine.

Numbers of inhabitants, houses, christenings and burials.

63 Burials from Lady day 1700 to Lady day 1720. 76 christenings.
From Lady day 1720 to Lady day 1740 65 Burials. 80 christenings.

Michs. 1745. Upon a Survey then made it was found that there were 30 houses in this parish and 124 Souls: about 4 to a house

Burials from 1700 to 1740          128
Number of Inhabitants at present 124

So that Supposing the Numbers of Inhabitants for the forty year to have been pretty near equal to what it was when the Survey was made, about one in forty die in a year in this parish.

Timo: Jones Rector.

One man to be provided for the militia (November 1807)

Militia Act 47th Geo 3rd Ch.71

Notice is hereby given that His Majestys Deputy Lieutenant acting in and for the Subdivision of North Erpingham hath appointed to meet at the New Inn Cromer on Friday the 6th day of Novr 1807 at Eleven O'Clock in the forenoon to Ballot 14 Men to be raised for the Militia in the said Subdivision & hath apportioned one Man to be raised for the Parishes of Felbrigge and Roughton and Bessingham.

To the Constables of
Felbrigge who are directed
to attend at the Ballot & to
affix this Notice on the
Church Door on Sunday
the 1st Novr 1807.
Given under my Hand this 30th Octr 1807
Clerk of Subdn Meeting

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