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White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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GARVESTON, commonly called Garston, is a small village and parish, on the Hingham road, 5 miles S.S.E. of East Dereham, comprising only 386 inhabitants, and about 800 acres of land. Edw. Lombe, Esq., is lord of the manor, but the soil belongs mostly to Sir W. R. Clayton, and other freeholders. "The right of lord of this manor was decided in the time of King Edward, by the tenants in single combat."

The CHURCH, dedicated to St. Margaret, has a very ancient carved font, and four bells. The living is a discharged rectory, valued in K.B. at £7. 16., and in 1831, at £190. The tithes have been commuted for £243 per annum.

Sir Wm. Robt. Clayton, Bart., is the patron, and the Rev. A.P. Clayton, M.A., of Berkshire, is the incumbent, for whom the Rev. A. Wodehouse, officiates.

The Fuel Allotment, awarded at the enclosure, in 1812, comprises 7A. 2R., let for £14, which is distributed in coals. The parish has a house, occupied by paupers, and land, let for £3. 3s. 6d., which is carried to the poor rates. A farm at Yaxham, purchased with £100, left by Barbara Lock, in 1685, is let for £21, which is distributed among the poor, at midsummer, together with £6. 10s., arising from the following yearly doles, viz., 10s. from Mowting's charity, (see East Dereham;) 10s. left by John Rix, in 1639; £4. 10s. left by Wm. Blanchflower in 1723; and 20s. left by Barnard Church. (See page 140.[Charities section-History of Norwich]) From the latter charity, this parish also receives every fourth year, 30s., of which 9s. 4d. is for the poor, and the rest for a sermon.

 Daynes     John        shoemaker
 Fox        George      blacksmith
 Jarvis     Ann         vict., White Horse
 Sparke     Jas.        butcher & vct. King's Arms
 Springall  Robt.       miller and baker
 Springall  Walter      grocer and draper
 Stagwood   Wm.         carpenter
 Daynes     George
 Frost      Thomas
 Gapp       John Smith
 Greenwood  Jas. and John
 Hubbard    Jno. sen. and jnr.
 Jessop     John
 Richardson Sarah
 Stringer   Wm.

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