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Help and advice for Norfolk: Gasthorpe

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Norfolk: Gasthorpe

Land Tax: 1767-1833

This tax was based on the value of property etc. and paid by the owner or (sometimes) occupier according to their agreement. It started in 1692 and valuations are based on those done at this date.

For more information on these records see the Land Tax Assessments page. This is also where examples of the standard headers from 1798 to 1825 and 1826 to 1832 are linked to.

These Norfolk Record Office documents [with the references C/SCD 2/19/1 1767 to C/SCD 2/19/39 1832] are from the Norfolk Quarter Sessions Land Tax Assessments which are arranged by divisions this one being in Guiltcross Hundred.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Year Proprietors' Names Occupiers' Names Yearly Value
1767-68   The Hall Farm
  122.0.0   18.6.0   4.11.6
    The Gate
  27.0.0   4.1.0   1.0.3
    The Tythes
  27.0.0   4.1.0   1.0.3

  [JPs= JW, WG, CD] £   176.0.0     26.8.0   6.12.0

1781-82   Richard Croftes Esqr Willm Fowell   122.0.0   24.8.0   6.2.0
    Richard Croftes Esqr Willm Pruer?   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0
    The Revd Charles Wake The Tythes   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0

  [JPs= WP, HH, WW]
[AS= WF]
£   176.0.0   35.4.0     8.16.0

1782-83 Missing

1784-85   Richard Crofts Esqr Willm Fowell   122.0.0   24.8.0   6.2.0
    Richard Crofts Esqr Isaac Barsham   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0
    Revd Mr Wake Willm Fowell   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0

1796-97   Mrs Crofts The Exors of the late Wm Fowell   122.0.0   24.8.0   6.2.0
    Mrs Crofts Jane Barsham   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0
    The Revd B. Wake The Exors of the late Wm Fowell   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0

1797-98   Sir J Sebright The Exors of the late Wm Fowell   122.0.0   24.8.0   6.2.0
    Sir J Sebright Jane Barsham   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0
    The Revd B. Wake The Exors of the late Wm Fowell   27.0.0   5.8.0   1.7.0


From 1798 a printed form was used which contained the following.

The original document had the following headings spelt out in full. They have been contracted to allow for a clearer display.

  • Names of Proprietors = "Names of Proprietors -- Listed Alphabetically"
  • Value = "Valuation"
  • Exon = "Sums assessed & exonerated"
  • Not Exon = "Sums assessed & not exonerated"
  • Estate = "Sums assessed of PERSONAL ESTATES STOCK"
  • OFF = "Sums assessed of OFFICES ANNUAL AMOUNT"

The original had all the following columns:-

    Exon Not Exon        
Names of Proprietors Occupiers Value
£.s.d Value
£.s.d Est


Columns G & H were blank so have not been included. Only changes are included in the following transcription.

      Exon Not Exon    
Year Names of
Occupiers Value
£.s.d Value
£.s.d YEAR
1800-01   Sir Jno Sebright Bart. Nathan Fowell   149.0.0   29.16.0        
    Baldwin Wake clerk Nathan Fowell       27.0.0   5.8.0   5.8.0   1.7.0
  [AS= NF]              

1801-02   Baldwin Wake clerk Nathan Fowell   27.0.0   5.6.0        

1802-03 to 1803-04 - No changes from 1801-02

1804-05   Silvanus Bevan Esquire Nathan Fowell   149.0.0   29.16.0        

1805-06 to 1809-10 - No changes from 1804-05

1810-11   Thomas Thornhill Esquire Nathan Fowell   149.0.0   29.16.0        

1811-12 to 1815-16 - No changes from 1810-11

1816-17   Reverend John Thoresby Bird Nathan Fowell   27.0.0   5.6.0        

1817-18 to 1822-23 - No changes from 1816-17

1823-24 [AS=WS] to 1824-25 [AS=GM] - Both Occupiers are blank


In 1826 a new printed form was used - see main land tax page link above for an example showing full header.

Year(s) Rent
Names of Proprietors Names of
Names or
of Estates
or Property
Not Exon
1826-27   149.0.0   Thomas Thornhill Esquire Nathan Fowell     Farm   29.16.0  
    27.0.0   Reverend John Thoresby Bird Nathan Fowell     Land & Tythe   5.6.0  

1827-28   27.0.0   Reverend John Thoresby Bird Nathan Fowell     Land   5.6.0  

1828-29 to 1832-33 - No changes from 1827-28



[End of Document]


  • A William Croftes of West Harling had his will proved in Nov.-1770. A Richard Croftes was buried at West Harling in July 1783. John Saunders Sebright married a Miss Croftes about 1793. There is more information on this family in NRO records.
  • The Reverend Charles WAKE took up his post in 1767 (Patron was Sarah, widow of Sir William WAKE) according to the "List of Norfolk Benefices" by "Dawson Turner" published in 1847 (under "Riddlesworth with Gatesthorpe (sic)). He was succeeded by Reverend Baldwin WAKE on 2nd Feb. 1782 (Patron as before). He was succeeded by Reverend John Thoresby BIRD on 17th Oct 1815 through to 1839 (Patron was Thomas Thornhill of Riddlesworth Hall bur. Jun/1844).
  • JPs (Justices of the Peace) who passed these accounts are:-
    "CD" = "Charles Dunham", "WG" = "William Grigson", "HH" = "Hugh Hare", "WP" = "William Pawlett", "WW" = "William Woodley", "JW" = "John Wright"
  • Assessors [AS] or Collectors [CO] (1826 form said they must live within parish) :- "HF"= "Henry Fowell", NF"= "Nathan Fowell", "WF" = "William Fowell", "GM" = "George Mathew", "WS" = "William Sare"
  • In other documents the following alternative spellings have been seen which appear to refer to the same people/places:-
    John Thoresby Bird/John Thorisby Bird, Croftes/Crofts, Pruer/Prewer, Sebright/Seabright.
  • Abbreviations in the above transcription have the following meanings:-
    "Jno" = "John", "Revd" = "Reverend", and "Wm" or "Willm" = "William".
  • Rate was at 4s/£1 (of Valuation) for all the above years except for 1767 when it was 3s/£1.
  • In the "1832 Register of Electors - Western Division" the following are present as being qualified under Gasthorpe :-
    2546 - George MATHEW - Gasthorpe - 900 acres of land, as occupier - Gasthorpe hall farm, near East Harling
  • The following have been extracted from the "Riddlesworth with Gasthorpe" Parish Registers.
    • Reverend Charles WAKE was buried 6th Sept 1781
    • Isaac BARSHAM from Gastrope(sic) buried 29th Dec 1785
    • Sarah the wife of William FOWELL of Gastrope(sic) buried 7th June 1790
    • William FOWELL [brought from Gastrope(sic)] buried 16th Jan 1792
    • Anna the wife of the Reverend Baldwin Wake was buried 7th May 1808
    • George Smyth was buried 18th Sept 1809 aged 19 years - groom to S. Bevan Esq.
    • Entry 17. Jane Widow of Isaac BARSHAM - Gasthorpe buried 21st Nov 1808 Aged 77 years.

See also the Gasthorpe parish page.

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