Norfolk: Gasthorpe


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

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GASTHORPE, anciently called Gatesthorpe, is a parish in the vale of the Little Ouse, 3 miles S. by W. of East Harling, containing only a few scattered houses, 87 inhabitants, and about 864 acres of land, belonging to Thomas Thornhill, Esq., lord of the manor and patron of the Church (St. Nicholas), which has long been in ruins, and its rectory consolidated with that of Riddlesworth. The glebe is 21A., and the poor have 20s. a year from land left by Dorothy Gawdy in 1660.

The chief residents are -

         Hennells  Benj.    shopkeeper
         Smith     Hannah   blacksmith
         Wharton   Wm.      farmer

POST via Thetford.

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