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White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845


Is skirted on the north by the river Yare, and on the west by the river Tas. It is about nine miles in length, and varies from six to three miles in breadth; being bounded, on the north, by Blofield; on the east by Loddon and part of Clavering; on the south, by Depwade; and on the west, by Humbleyard Hundred, and the county of the city of Norwich.

Near the centre of it was formerly an extensive heath; but it was enclosed under an act passed in 1800, and the whole Hundred is now in a high state of cultivation. It was possessed by the Crown, until granted out to the Priory of Norwich, and the families of Clavering, Cornwallis, &c.

Its Petty Sessions are held at the Rummer Inn, Stoke Holy Cross, every alternate Friday; and Mr. Thos. Waters, of Norwich, is clerk to the magistrates, and also to the commissioners of taxes for this Hundred.

The following enumeration of its 20 parishes, shews their population in 1841, the annual value of their lands and buildings, as assessed to the county rate in 1843, and their territorial extent, in assessable acres.

PARISHES. Pop. Annl.
Arminghall 79 1148 609
* Bixley 110 1516 639
* Bramerton 229 1422 621
* Caistor St.Edm. 147 1646 1020
* Framingham Earl 100 838 611
* Framingham Pigot 289 1524 565
* Holverstone 37 526 331
Kirby-Bedon 265 2588 1329
* Poringland Gt +
* Poringland Ltl +
520 }
57 }
2000 1452
Rockland St. My. 473 2228 1210
Saxlingham Ngt. 650 3296 1530
Saxlingham Thrp. 131 1114 456
Shottesham All Sts 557 2538 1523
Shottesham St. }
Mary & St. Martin }
408 3312 1615
Stoke Holy Cross 453 2974 1603
Surlingham 446 2816 1767
Trowse Newton 562 2510 1121
Whitlingham 28 666 555
* Yelverton 82 952 529

Total @ 5623 36,484 19,086

[There is more information about individual parishes]

+ Great and Little Poringland are united for the support of the poor.

* Those parishes marked thus * are in the Liberty of the Duke of Norfolk. (see page 25. [in description of Norfolk])

@ Henstead Hundred had 5213 souls, in 1831. Its annual value as assessed to the Property Tax, was £25,542, in 1815, and £40,559, in 1842. It is in Catton Police Division, except the parishes of Saxlingham Nethergate and Thorpe, which are in Long Stratton Division; and Holverstone, Rockland All Saints, the two Shotteshams, & Yelverton, which are in Loddon Police Division.

HENSTEAD UNION comprises all the parishes of Henstead Hundred, except Yelverton, which is in Loddon and Clavering Union. It also comprises the 18 parishes of Humbleyard Hundred, and is already noticed at p. 692 [this is Humbleyard Hundred description].


Some placenames in the transcription (of pages 787 to 788) above are given below together with their standard spelling :-
Caistor St.Edm./Caistor St.Edmund, Holverstone/Holverston, Poringland Gt/Great Poringland or East Poringland, Poringland Ltl/Little Poringland or West Poringland, Rockland St. My/Rockland St. Mary, Saxlingham Ngt./Saxlingham Nethergate, Saxlingham Thrp./Saxlingham Thorpe, Shottesham All Sts/Shotesham All Saints, Shottesham St. Mary & St. Martin/Shotesham St Mary

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