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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1883


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Military districts were originally formed in 1792, and were re-formed in 1870, and again in 1882. The regimental districts are a modern subdivision of the county, effected by the Secretary of State for the better management and administration of the affairs connected with the land forces, including the regular army, the militia, and the volunteers.

Each military district is under the command of a general officer, and each regimental district of a colonel. Two battalions of the line, and the militia infantry and the rifle volunteers belonging to each regimental district constitute a brigade. One or other of these battalions of the line is always absent on service in India or some other of the colonies or possessions; the remaining battalion of the line being quartered in some garrison or camp in the United Kingdom.

In many cases a regimental district comprises one entire county, but the larger and more populous counties are divided into two or more regimental districts; and in several cases two or more smaller counties form one regimental district ('Census General Report, 1871').

Norfolk forms a regimental district (No. 9), in the Eastern district (II.), which also comprises Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex (except Tilbury Fort, Purfleet, and Coal House-Point Battery), Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk. The headquarters of the district are at Colchester, and the officer commanding is Major-General R. White, C.B., The troops quartered in the command are - Cavalry, 7th Hussars, Colchester; Artillery, 3rd Brigade, D and E batteries, Ipswich; 4th Brigade, Q Battery, Colchester; No. 1 Battery, Eastern Division, depôt, Eastern Division; Engineers, Commissariat and Transport; Infantry, 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers, Hounslow; 1st Battalion the Norfolk Regiment.

The ARTILLERY DIVISION has its depôt temporarily at Colchester, Lieut.-Col. H.Y. Wortham.

The ARTILLERY stationed in the Eastern Division are 1st Brigade (Royal Artillery), 2nd Brigade (Prince of Wales's Own Norfolk Artillery Militia), and 3rd Brigade (Suffolk Artillery Militia). The Artillery Volunteer Corps are 1st (Norfolk), 2nd (1st Essex) 3rd (1st Lincolnshire). The 1st Brigade consists of nine batteries, which are stationed at various places. The 2nd (Prince of Wales's Own) is stationed at Yarmouth, and the 3rd at Ipswich.

The officers of the former are - Hon. Col., Field-Marshall H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, K.G.; Lieut.-Col., Lord Suffield, K.C.B.; Instructor of Artillery, Captain E.R.M. Pratt; Adjutant, Capt. Hon. H.C. Denison; Quartermaster, H. Stembridge; Majors, E.M. Alderson, and E.S. Trafford; Captains, T.E. Bagge, W.H.A. Keppel, Sir W.H.B. Ffolkes, E.R.M. Pratt, J.S. Holmes, and F. D'Arcy Newcome; Lieutenants, Sir W. Proctor Beauchamp, Bart.; H.J. Preston, Esq., Lord Hastings, A.C. Dawson, Hon. A.E. Harbord, Sir Seville Crossley, Bart., P. Bennet, Hon. H. Tyrwhitt-Wilson, and R.J. Sheriffe.

The 1st Norfolk Royal Artillery Volunteer Corps (Norfolk and Suffolk) has its headquarters at Great Yarmouth. Hon. Col., Sir E.H.K. Lacon; Lieut.-Col, H.M. Leathes; Major, W.J. Foreman; Captains, H. Seppings, G.L. Coleman, T.B. Steward, T. Wilson, W. Woodhouse, Viscount Dunwich, S. Smith; Lieutenants, G. Archard, J.P. Walton, P.E. Back, J.G. Christian, L.F. Orde, H.W.H. Elwes, E.M.U. Adnams, J.F. Remnant; Adjutant, R.C.E. North (Capt. R.A.); Quartermaster, E. Cooke; Hon. Quartermaster, J.G. Atkinson; Surgeon, T.H. Moxon; Acting Surgeons, W.M. Vores, and E.R. Blackett; Hon. Chaplain, Rev. B. Vaux; Acting Chaplains, Revs. J. Jessopp, and P.L. Cautley.

The headquarters of the NORFOLK REGIMENT (Regimental District No. 9) are at Great Yarmouth, and the regiment comprises 1st and 2nd Battalions (originally 9th Foot), the 1st being at Colchester and the 2nd in Bengal; 3rd Battalion (1st Norfolk Militia) at Norwich; and 4th Battalion (2nd Norfolk Militia) at Great Yarmouth. The uniform is scarlet with white facings. The Volunteer battalions are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Norfolk. Gen. Sir. H. Bates, K.C.B., is Colonel; and J. Miller, is Lieut.-Col. commanding regimental district.

Third Battalion (1st Norfolk Militia) - Hon. Col., Sir Hambleton F. Custance, K.C.B.; Lieut.-Col., Randall R. Burroughs; Majors, Fred. W. Garnett, and Fred. Hambleton Custance; Captains, J. Campbell, H.E. Gower, R.F. Bros, A. Meller, N. Forte, A.D. Tuck, S.A. Snow, and H. Keppel; Lieutenants, Sir K. Kemp, A.E. Fellowes, H.W. Boileau, G.H. Seymour, C.F. Sewell, C.C. Boileau, C.H. Bulwer Caldwell, W.F.J. North, G.C. Nugent, G.E. Ripley, E.A.E. Bulwer, and W.T. Haughton; Regimental instructor of musketry, Lieut. A.E. Fellowes; Adjutant, Capt. J.B.S. Deverell (2nd Battalion); Quartermaster, Fred. Mills.

Fourth Battalion (2nd Norfolk Militia) - Hon. Col., Sir E.H.K. Lacon, Bart.; Lieut.-Col. Commandant, H. Coldham Mathew; Majors, C. Applewhaite, and E.B.K. Lacon; Captains, J.W. Haines, H.J.C. Haly, J.E. Fryer, Sir C. Harvey, H. Walpole and O.N. Long; Lieutenants, W.C. Barratt, E. Hayward, C.B. Collings, C. Yeatman, H.L. Harper, T.A.A. Schalch, W.H. Gilbert, J. Marriott, and H.T. Mills; Adjutant and Captain, W. Dods; Quartermaster, Albert Reeves.

Volunteer Corps. - 1st City of Norwich - Lieut. Col., G.W. Boileau; Major, C. Foster; Captains, J.R. Fitch, G.F. Buxton, H.T.S. Patteson, H.G. Barclay, and W.A. Miller; Lieutenants, F.W. Skipper, T.J.F. Rackham, H.C. Bolingbroke, J.B. Bridgman, W. Womersley, W.E. Hansell, T.P. Raven, R.A. Harbord, S.G. Hill, and C.E. Gurney; Adjutant, F.A. Cubitt, (Major); Quartermaster, A. Mottram; Surgeon, T.W. Richardson; Hon. Chaplain, Rev. J. Patteson. (Scarlet, and white facings).

Second (Norfolk and Suffolk) Great Yarmouth - Hon. Col., A.J.B. Thelluson; Lieut.-Col., H.E. Buxton; Majors, W.M. Crowfoot, and E.H.H. Combe; Captains, J.S. Clowes, C.P. Skerrett, H. Hartcup, W. Diver, F.W.D. Robinson, J. Taylor, J.T. Bunn, C.S. Orde; Lieutenants, A. Peaton, R.C. Mann, R.H. Inch, J. Read, C.J. Wiltshire, J.P. Larkman, H.W. Youell, and E.H. Wallich; Adjutant, Capt. D.K. Robertson; Quartermaster, C.L. Chipperfield; Surgeon J. Bately; Acting Surgeon, E. Fawcett; Hon. Assistant Surgeon, Dr. W.W. Webb; Hon. Chaplain, Rev. R.M. Marshall: Acting Chaplains, Rev. G. Venables, and Rev. J. Lancaster. (Scarlet, with white facings).

Third (East Dereham) - Hon. Col., Lord Suffield; Lieut.-Col., W.E.G.L. Bulwer, (Hon.-Col); Majors, J. Hollway, and Sir F.G.M. Boileau; Captains, T.L. Reed, S.A. Gurney, C.W. Archdale, W. Matthews, R. Wortley, Rev. C. Norris, H.E. Hyde, A.C. Fountaine, and G.F.A. Cresswell; Lieutenants, R. Sewell, R. Wells, J.J. Nunn, C.W. Croad, W. Seppings, jun., C.R. Dewhirst, C.B. Norgate, H.C. Hollway-Calthrop, E.S. Copeman, A.W. Jarvis, J.G. Neave, B.B. Saywell, H.F. Grigson, L.K. Jarvis, L.J. Jones, W.C. Nash-Woodham, M.R. Stedman, and H.R. Gidney; Adjutant, T.J.B. Dunne; Quartermaster, W.T. Gidney; Surgeon, S.M. Hopson; Acting Surgeons, R.K. Morton, J.K. Milne; Hon. Chaplains, Rev. E.C.K. Bearcroft, B.J. Armstrong, B. Houchen, A. Napier; Acting Chaplain, Rev. H.H. Bridgwater. Cadet Corps - Hon. Lieut. C.W. Croad. (Scarlet, with white facings).

Fourth (Norwich) - Lieut.-Col., R.T. Gurdon, M.P.; Major, R.T. Gwyn; Captains, F. Taylor, W. Edwards, R.G. Burrell, W. Kirk, J.B. Forrester, and Rev. C.H. Fellowes; Lieutenants, T.E. Bond, H. Oake, J.E. Cooke, L.J. Jillings, A.A.W. Bailey, Z. Lane, T.L. Palmer, and W.G. Jillings; Adjutant, K.R.B. Wodehouse; Quartermaster, T. Hart; Surgeon, J.R. Clouting; Hon. Asst. Surgeon, F. Clowes; Acting Surgeon, R.T.H.B. Rodwell; Hon. Chaplains, Rev. J. Cholmeley, and A.F. Smith; Acting Chaplain, Rev. M.W. Currie. (Grey, facings grey).

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