Norfolk: Hainford


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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HAINFORD, or Haynford, 6½ miles N. of Norwich, is a large straggling village, occupied partly by weavers, and having in its parish 570 souls, and 1755 acres of land. The Hall is the seat of the Rev. A.W. Keppel, A.B.; and the Rev. H.N. Astley has an estate here, but the greater part of the soil belongs to Robert Marsham, Esq., the patron of the Church, (All Saints,) which was built in 1840, at the cost of about £1200, in lieu of the old one, of which the tower and vestry are still standing. The old churchyard is still used, and the new Church is at the distance of nearly half a mile. The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £6. 2s. 1d., is enjoyed by the Rev. W.A.W. Keppel. The glebe is 34A., and the tithes have been commuted for £425 per annum.

Here is a National School, attended by about 80 children.

The poor have £30 a year from the owners of the new enclosures, pursuant to a provision of an Act of the 42nd of Geo. III. In 1693, Thomas Bulwer left to the poor of Hainford £200, which was laid out in land, now intermixed with other poor's land, left by Jno. Sporle, in 1677, and a Mr. Bolts, and comprising altogether about 66A., with eight cottages, let for £84 a year. Of this income, £2 is paid to the rector, £2 to the poor communicants, and the residue is divided among the poor parishioners, who have also a yearly rent-charge of 40s., left by the above-named Thomas Bulwer, out of a farm belonging to R. Marsham, Esq. There is paid yearly out of the Garrod estate, 6s. to the poor, 3s. 4d. to the rector, and 8d. to the clerk.

         Basey      Robert            vict. Chequers
         Beck       Austin            beerhouse
         Bowman     Henry             shopkeeper
         Colman     Susan             schoolmistress
         Cornvill   John              coal dealer
         Everson    Wm.               wheelwgt. and shopr.
         Keppel     Rev W. Arnold W.,
                      A.B.            rector, Hainford Hall
         Laws       Wm.               shoemaker
         Lockett    Jas. Chas.        shoemkr. & shopr
         Lockett    Samuel            vict. Maid's Head
         Pearce     Hy. Neale         tailor & draper
         Remington  Wm.               blacksmith
         Roberts    Wm.               plumber, painter, &c
         Smith      Alfred            butcher
         Smith      John              shoemkr. & par. clerk
         Springall  Isaac             yeoman
         Tills      Samuel            corn miller
         Boughen    Wm.               Mack      Robert
         Fransham   Daniel            Neale     Fountain
         Goulden    Wm.               Nobbs     Charles
         Hardy      James             Roberts   James
         Humphrey   Thomas            Springall John
         Laws       Wm.               Wright    Joseph

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