Norfolk: Hardingham


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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HARDINGHAM is a parish of scattered houses, comprising the hamlets of Flockthorpe and Low Street, and extending from 1½ to 3½ miles N. by E. of Hingham. It contains 602 inhabitants, and 2,422 acres of land, of which 300 were enclosed in 1821. The principal land-owners are Lord Wodehouse, Mrs. Edwards, and some others. Here are the manors of Camois, Gurneys, and Swathings.

The CHURCH, (St. George,) is a rectory, valued in the King's Book at £15. 3s. 4d., and in 1831, at £577, but the tithes were commuted in 1840, for £770 per annum. The patronage is in Clarehall, Cambridge, and the Rev. C.Paroissien, M.A., is the incumbent. The only house near the Church is the rectory, rebuilt in 1834.

The large mansion here, formerly the seat of the Woodyeare family, is now a farm-house. Sir Thomas Gresham, founder of the Royal Exchange, was born in this parish. Miss Edwards contributes largely towards the support of two schools here.

The Fuel Allotment awarded at the enclosure, comprises 23A., let for £10, which is distributed in coals among the poor, who have also £2. 10s. yearly, in bread from the bequests of W. Mowting, C. Adcock, and J. and T. Cushings.

In the following Directory, those marked 1 are at Flockthorpe, and 2 in Low Street.

           Alcock     John               carpenter
         1 Dye        Wm.                schoolmaster
           Edwards    Mrs Lucy and Miss  Hall
           Garwood    Mr John
         1 Goldson    George             beer-house keeper
           Holdich    Cath.              schoolmistress
           Paroissien Rev. Challis, M.A. rector
           Rose       Hy.                vict., Bird in Hand
           Taylor and
             Tingey                      corn millers
           Taylor     John, Esq.         solicitor
         2 Thurling   Benj.              blacksmith
           Thurling   Wm.                blacksmith
                          (* are yeomen.)
           Anthony    John               Holdich      Francis
           Baby       George             Norton       John
           Bennett    John               Riddlesworth -
           Carter     Joseph           * Rose         Thos.
           Duffield   Wm.                Smith        J.  Old Hall
           Goldson    John               Smith        Thomas
         1 Haystead   Wm.

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