Norfolk: Hargham


Census: 1841

The National Archives (was PRO) ref is HO/107/781/11

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page number (1, 2, 3 or 4) in Folios 4 and 5 [the census is contained entirely in two Folios] which contain one or more occurences of the name.

Bart (p1)
Beevor (p1)
Biggs (p1)
Brothers (p2)
Bunneld (p2)
Chenary (p2)
Custon (p3)
Drane (p2)
Drawry (p4)
Fisk (p3)
Hunt (p3)
Long (p1)
Knights (p1)
Leggett (p1)
Lake (p1, p2, p3)
Mallows (p1)
Myhill (p4)
Read (p2)
Riches (p4)
Rudd (p3)
Pack (p3)
Saul (p1)
Saunders (p3)
Smith (p1, p2)
Taylor (p2)
Warren (p2, p3)
Watling (p1)
Watterson (p3)
Waterson (p3)
Warterson (p3)
Whillim (p3)
Whitham (p2)

The Census

  • Census place (parish, township, etc.)
    • Hundred = Shropham
    • Supt. Registrar's District = Wayland
    • Registration District = Watton
    • Enumeration District = 6
    • Description = Hargham
  • The columns transcribed are as follows :-
    • Address (street, number, etc.)
    • Un = "Uninhabited or Building"
    • In = "Inhabited"
      • A "/" in this column indicates more than one household at the same address - although the enumerator is not always consistent.
    • Surname / Forename / Relationship to head / Marital condition
    • Age / Male or Female (rounded to nearest 5 years. Under 15 yrs is exact)
    • Occupations
    • Whether born in same County ( Y or N ).
    • Whether born in S(cotland), I(reland),or F(oreign) Parts.


F(olio) 4 - Page 1

PLACE Un In Names Age/
S, I
or F
Hargham   1 Beevor Thomas 40   Independant Yes  
      Beevor Martha   30   Y  
      Beevor Martha   40   No  
      Beevor Elizth   20   Y  
      Beevor Julia     7   Y  
      Beevor Arthur   6     Y  
      Beevor Marianna     5   Y  
      Beevor Phebe     4   Y  
      Beevor Edwd   4     Y  
      Beevor Francklin Un     Y  
      Watling Phebe   55 Nurse Y  
      Biggs Sarah   50 F. S. No  
      Smith Louisa   25 F. S. No  
      Knights Hannah   25 F. S. Y  
      Saul Jamima   15 F. S. Y  
      Leggett Ann   30 F. S. Y  
      Long Mary   20 F. S. Y  
      Bart Mary   14 F. S. Y  
    1 Lake Wm 31   Labourer Y  
      Lake Perlindor/Bilindor?   25 [Wife] Y  
      Lake Julleeam?     1 [Child] Y  
    1 Mallows William 30   Shepherd Y  
      Mallows Maria   25 [Wife] Y  
    1 Lake Wm 70   Labourer Yes  
  2   Lake Mary   50 [Wife] Yes  
TOTAL in }
  Page 1     }
  2   4     7 18      
F(olio) 4   Page 2  
Hargham     Lake Speller 30   Labourer Yes  
      Lake Abraham 13   [Son] Y  
      Lake Rebecca   7 Daur Y  
      Taylor John 75   Labourer Yes  
    1 Read Isacc (sic) 28   Gardener Y  
      Read Mary   30 [Wife] Y  
      Read Henry   8   [Son] Y  
      Read Wm   6   [Do] Y  
      Read Marianne     4 Daur Y  
    1 Drane James 50   Farmer No  
      Drane Elizabeth   50 [Wife] No  
      Drane James 25   [Son] No  
      Chenary Elith   15 F. S. Y  
      Bunneld Elizabeth   15 F. S. Y  
    1 Warren Sarah   70 Nurse Y  
      Lake Henry 15   M. S. Y  
    1 Brothers John 40   Labourer Y  
      Brothers Chart   36 [Wife] Y  
      Brothers Mary   16 [Daur] Y  
      Brothers Fredrick 13   [Son] Y  
      Brothers Ruth     6 [Daughter] Y  
    1 Smith Elizabeth   53 Widdow(sic) Y  
      Smith Geo 31   Labourer Y  
      Whitham Rebecca   13 Inmate Y  
    1 Lake Thos 40   Labourer Y  
TOTAL in }
  Page 2     }
    6   13 12      
F(olio) 5   Page 3  
Hargham     Lake John 19   Labourer Y  
      Lake Robt 17   [Son] Do Y  
      Lake Elizabeth   11 [Daur] Y  
      Lake David   6   [Son] Y  
      Lake Geo 15   Shepherd Y  
      Custon Mary   20 F. S. Y  
    1 Warren James 30   Labourer Y  
      Warren Mary   34 [Wife] Y  
      Warren Sarah     9 [Daur] Y  
      Warren Mariann     7 [Do] Y  
      Warren Rebecca   11 Mon [Do] Y  
    1 Saunders Rebecca   48 Farmer Y  
      Saunders Ann   22 [Daur] Y  
      Rudd Henry 30   M. S. Y  
      Hunt Robt 21   Do Y  
      Pack Peter 19   Do Y  
      Fisk Mary   20 F. S. Y  
      Whillim Rhoda   16 F. S. Y  
    1 Watterson John 43   Gate Keeper Y  
      Waterson Margaret   34 [Wife]   I
      Warterson Lyddia   13 [Daur]   I
      Waterson James 11   [Son]   I
      Waterson Maria     2 [Daur] Y  
      Waterson John 5 Mon   [Son] Y  
TOTAL in }
  Page 3     }
    3   11 13      
F(olio) 5   Page 4  
Hargham   1 Riches John 50   Labourer Y  
      Riches Hannah   46 [Wife] Y  
      Riches John 22   [Son] Y  
      Riches Geo 16   [Do] Y  
      Riches James 13   [Do] Y  
      Riches Elizabeth     7 [Daur] Y  
      Riches Maria     5 [Do] Y  
    1 Myhill Ben 35   Gamekeeper Y  
      Myhill Frances   35 [Wife] Y  
      Myhill Wm 15   Gardiner Y  
      Myhill John 13   [Son of the above](*) Y  
      Myhill Elizabeth   10 [Daur] Y  
      Myhill Beatrice     8 [Do] Y  
      Myhill Anna     6 [Do] Y  
      Myhill Thos   3   [Son] Y  
      Myhill Robt   1   [Do] Y  
    1 Drawry Thos 30   M. S. Y  
      Drawry Mariann   28 F. S. Y  
      Drawry Elizabeth   18 F. S. Y  
TOTAL in }
  Page 4     }
    3   10   9      


Page No Inhabited
Building Males Females  
Total on Page 1     4       2     7   18  
Total on Page 2     5       13   12  
Total on Page 3     3       11   13  
Total on Page 4     3       10     9  

Totals   16       2   41   52  




[End of Census Document]


  • All shorthand contractions in the document have been reproduced as written.
  • Where the age is given in "Months" this has been contracted to "Mon" in the transcription.
  • The abbreviations are "Chart" = "Charlotte", "Daur" = "Daughter", "Do" = "Ditto", "F. S." = "Female Servant" and "M. S." = "Male Servant".
  • The text enclosed in "[]" was on the original but had been crossed out but has been included here for completeness. In the entry for "John Myhill aged 13 years" the crossed out words "Son of the above" refer probably to "Ben Myhill aged 35 years"?
  • In other documents and transcriptions the following alternative spellings have been seen which appear to refer to the same people/places:-
    Beevor/Bewor, Drawry/Drewry, Perlindor Lake/Belinda Lake, Julleeam Lake/Julia Ann Lake.
  • On Page 1 under Mary LAKE the "2" in the "Uninhabited or Building Houses" column should really appear on the next line with no name against it. They are totalled in the summary as "Building".
  • The following are noted from Hargham Parish Registers:-
    • John BROTHERS marr. Charlotte MALLOWS on 18/Mar/1822.
    • William LAKE (widower) marr. Mary NICHOLS (spinster) on 27/Nov/1820.
    • William MALLOWS marr. Maria WARREN on 22/Jan/1834.
    • William SAUNDERS marr. Rebecca BOWLES on 3/May/1815.
    The above marriages are purely pointers and further searching should be done as the males may have married again females with the same first names before the Census was taken.
  • The following is noted from Ludham Parish Register and Kirby Cane Register and Norfolk Archdeaconry AT's (Archdeacon's Transcripts):-
    • Franklyn Lancaster BEEVOR was Baptised 19/Apr/1761 at Ludham the son of son of John Batt and Martha BEEVOR (nee LULMAN) (who had married by licence at Kirby Cane on 7/Nov/1748).

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