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Land Tax: 1767-68

This tax was based on the value of property etc. and paid by the owner or (sometimes) occupier according to their agreement. It started in 1692 and valuations are based on those done at this date.

For more information on these records see the Land Tax Assessments page.

This Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference C/SCD 2/28/1 1767 and also on microform] is one of the Norfolk Quarter Sessions Land Tax Assessments which are arranged by divisions this one being in Shropham Hundred.

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Norfolk An Assessment made by George Hicks Assessor of the Land Tax in the Parish of Hargham in the said County for the year 1767 at 3/- in the £ (of valuation).

The Revd Mr John Hare for the Rect(ory).    28.0.0      5.12.0      1.8.0
George Hicks for the Hall farm  124.0.0    18.12.0      4.13.0
  Do for Doe's      8.0.0      1.4.0      0.6.0
Mr Bowles for Leeders    62.0.0      9.6.0      2.6.6
  Do for Lands      8.0.0      1.4.0      0.6.0

 £    34.10.0      8.12.6


[Signed] George Hicks

[Seen and allowed by us]
[Signed] J Wright       Wm Grigson


[End of Document]


  • The "Names" given in the Land Tax appear to be "Occupiers"? when normally Proprietors are found on similar documents for other parishes.
  • Total valuation is £230.
  • The Rector the Revd Mr John Hare (d. 1769) had held this post since 1730. He was presented (to the post) by his eldest brother Thomas Hare of Hargham. Hugh Hare (b. 1729 d. 1810) is the son and heir of this Thomas Hare. This John Hare was also the rector of Wilby.
  • The "Leeder" above may be related to a Robert Leader who was a Churchwarden from 1713-1724.
  • Hargham is also written as "Harpham" in some records.

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