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Help and advice for Norfolk: Hargham

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Norfolk: Hargham

Churchwardens' and Overseers' Payments: 1836-48

Hargham raised money at various times, to either support its poor (from the Overseers' Rate) or to pay for other parish expenses (from the Churchwardens' Rate). This rate was levied on the occupiers (who may not have owned the land) and based upon the value of the property (which was usually a rental valuation). Both occupiers and owners are found living in and outside the parish.

For more information on these records see the Parish Accounts page.

These are from a Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference PD 96/11 and microform MF 732/9] containing the Churchwardens' and Overseers' (combined) accounts book for 1836-1876.

Note that only extracts have been transcribed but this includes most items which mention surnames. Common events eg. bread/wine, some non-specific trade bills etc. have for the most part been excluded. More information can be found on the original where some names occur more than once.

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[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

The account of the Churchwardens' & Overseers' of the Parish of Hargham in the County of Norfolk 1836.

Assessment £ s d
    Beevor     130 - -
    Bowles       21 - -
    Limmer     450 - -
    Saunders     145 - -
      Do Glebe       21 - -

[Total]     767 - -


Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1835 Received by rate of 5½d   17/10/-
1836 - Jan 20th Mr Caley's bill for books     18/8
  Mar 17th County Rate   2/16/4
  Thos B Beevor Ch Wn }
    Wm Saunders } Overseers


Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1836 - Jun 14th County Rate (£3000)   1/16/8
  County fees       5/-


Thos B Beevor Churchwarden and surviving Overseer.
Accts allowed by Geo. Evans, District Auditor.

1836 - Dec - Accts allowed by Geoe Knyvet Wilson, District Auditor.

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1836 - Dec County Rate & fee (£3600)   2/9/0
1837 - Feb 6th Contribution to (Wayland) Union
Quarter ending 25th March. £5
1837 - 14th Mar County Rate 2/4/- & fee 5/-   2/9/-


Thomas B Beevor Churchwarden and Overseer
(Accounts) Allowed by John Wright and H. S. Partridge

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1837 - June 10th County Rate & fee (£4200)   2/16/4


Samuel Caley for Sir Thos B Beevor.

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1837 - Sep 25th County Rate 2.4.0 & fees 5/- (£3600)   2/9/0
1837 - Dec 9th Contribution to (Wayland) Union
Quarter ending 25th December. £5
  Dec 23rd County Rate & fees (£4800)   3/3/8
1838 - Feb 23rd County Rate (£4800)   3/3/8
  Jul 24th Contribution to (Wayland) Union. £5   5/-/-
  Dec 15th County Rate (£5400)   3/6/0
1839 Auditor - W. L. Hotson  
  Dec 5th Precept for County rate     1/6
  Dec 24th County Rate (£4800)   2/18/8
1840 Jun 23rd County Rate (£10800)   6/12/-
1841 Mar 16th County Rate 2/4/-
Police Rate 1/16/8
  Mar 24th Magistrates Clerks fees in Removal of Caroline Gould     19/-
  Constable of Shropham serving summons on S. Gould     5/-


James Drane - Overseer.

Date [Disbursements] £/s/d
1841 Apr 23rd Of Sarah Warren repayment of expenses of proceeding against Spinks Gould   1/4/-
  Of Do do (sic) maintenance of his wife and child     7/11
  Of Jas. Drane claim for voter     1/-
  June County Rate £4200 2/11/4
Police Rate £2400 1/9/4
  Sep 11th County Rate (£3000) 1/16/8
Police Rate (£2400) 1/9/4
  Dec 14th County Rate (£4200) 2/11/4
Police Rate (£2400) 1/9/4
1842 Mar 15th County Rate £3000 1/16/8
Police Rate £3000 1/16/8
  June 24 County Rate (£3600) 2/4/-
Police Rate (£3000) 1/16/8
  Aug County Rate (£4800) 2/18/8
Police Rate (£2400) 1/9/4
  Dec County Rate (£4800) 2/18/8
Police Rate (£2400) 1/9/4
1843 Apr 6th Constables Appointment     7/6
1844 Sep 29th Barristers Certificate Allowed Overseer     4/-
1847 Mar 16th County Rate 2/11/4
Police Rate 1/8/-
1847 Dec 25th Contribution to Union   5/-/-


[There now follow very similar payments for County and Police rates through to 25th March 1848.]


[End of Document]


  • Based on the Police rate of 1841 it appears that the amount payable by this parish is "88d" = 7/4d per £600.

See also the Hargham parish page.

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