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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1836

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HEACHAM, 14 miles N.N.E. of Lynn, is a large and scattered village, on the sea-coast, sheltered behind by a bold acclivity, at the foot of which a small rivulet flows across the salt marsh to the flat beach, where there is no harbour for shipping, though coal vessels and other small craft unlade their cargoes on the sands. The parish has increased its population, since 1801, from 524 to 735 souls, and contains 3465A. 2R. 25P. of land, all arable, except 909A. in pasturage, 146 in waste, and 64A. of plantations.

The principal owners of the soil are Henry L'Estrange Styleman, Esq., Edmund Rolfe, Esq., and the Rev. Martin Davy. The two latter have handsome seats here, called the Hall and the Lodge, and the first is lord of the manor, impropriator, and patron of the vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £6. 13s. 4d., augmented in 1779 with £200 of Queen Anne's bounty, and now enjoyed by the Rev. Henry North.

The CHURCH, dedicated to St. Mary, has a square tower, rising between the nave and chancel, and formerly had transepts. Here are inscriptions to the Redmaynes and Rolfes. One of the latter family sailed with Sir Walter Raleigh, in his voyages of discovery, and married the princess Pocahon [sic], daughter of one of the most celebrated Indian chiefs, which greatly facilitated the friendly intercourse between the natives and the English.

The Independent Chapel, built here in 1832, is under the ministry of the Rev. P. Kent.

The School was founded by subscription, in 1815, for 25 free scholars.

Ths [sic] poor's land, allotted at the enclosure in 1780, is let for £10. 10s., and a cottage for £3; besides which, the poor have two yearly rent-charges of 10s. each; but the donors are unknown.

         Allen      Thomas             schoolmaster 
         Bly        Benjamin           wheelwright
         Bradfield  James              maltster and coal merchant
         Bradfield  Robt.              grocer & draper
         Browne     Robert             tailor
         Heugh      Henry              tailor
         Davy       Miss E.            [see note below]
         Davy       Rev. Martin, D.D.  master of Corpus Christi College,
                                         The Lodge
         Dawes      William            joiner 
         Ellis      Robert             corn miller
         Filbey     Wm.                ale & porter mert.
         Granger    Robert             blacksmith
         Kent       Rev. Philip        Indpt. Min.
         May        Rev. James, B.A.   curate
         North      Miss Ann           [see note below]
         Nurse      Robert             bricklayer
         Pigge      Andrew             gentleman
         Richardson Clement            tinner, &c.
         Robinson   W.                 butcher  [see note below]
         Rolfe      Edm. Esq.          Heacham Hall
         Roythorne  Edm. & Jas.        coal dlrs.
         Silcock    George             auctioneer
         Simpson    John               maltster & beerhs.
         Spanton    William            miller & baker
         Wagg       James              baker
         Wilton     T.                 butcher  [see note below]
         Yaxley     Cath.              vict., Wheat Sheaf
         Bly        William            Harrison   John
         Carter     Mrs.               Land       William
         Clement    Stagg              Rix        Benjamin
         Clowes     Francis            Rix        Henry
         Duffield   Thos.              Rix        William
         Foule      Robert             Wells      Robert
         Andrews    Robt.
         Collings   Wm.
         Hooks      Robert
         Jarrett    William

The Mail to Wells, at ¼ before 9 mng., & to Lynn at ½ p. 5 evg., leaves letters at Ths. Granger's.

Note: in the original this is
     Davy Miss E. & North Miss Ann
     Robinson W. & Wilton T., butchers
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