Norfolk: Hedenham


Zachary Clark: Charities belonging to the Poor: 1811

of the different CHARITIES
belonging to THE POOR
Abridged from the Returns under GILBERT'S ACT,
to the House of Commons in 1786;
in the Office of the LORD BISHOP OF NORWICH.


  • G - (if present) an abridged extract from Gilbert's Returns, 1786
  • T - (if present) an abridged extract from a terrier, with its date
  • GT - (if present) combined abridged extracts from Gilbert's Returns and a terrier.
  • In the original, pounds are shown as "l" so, for example, 60 pounds is shown as "60l." which is not easy to read. In this transcription they are shown as "£" so 60 pounds appears as "£60".
  • The parish of Ellow, in Suffolk, is now spelled Ellough.

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G. - Robert Rickman, of Ellow, in Suffolk, and Robert Smith, of this place, granted by Deed, in 1559, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Hedenham, for the special purpose of easing them in the payment of the tenths and fifteenths when imposed on them, Lands in Hempnall, in this county, now vested in Charles Garneys, Esq. and others; let for £30. per annum, subject to land-tax and repairs. The clear produce is now paid in aid of the Poor's rate. They also at the same time gave two Pieces of Land in Hedenham, for the same purpose. The annual produce 4s. 10d.

A small Piece of Land (upon which stood heretofore sundry cottages called Town-houses) for which a rent of 2s. 6d. is paid to the Town-reeve, and applied as above.

Three Cottages called Town-houses, two of which (by information) were built at the expense of the parish. Of the third no account can be given. The rent of these, when any can be recovered, is applied as before.

By an extract from the Will of Elizabeth Rickman, dated 1583, and copied into the parish register, it appears she left £4. for the purchase of 20 ewes, to be farmed for the benefit of the Poor of this parish for ever; of which legacy no other account remains.

OBSERVATION. - The quantity of land given by Rickman and Smith is not specified, as it should have been, and it is to be feared that the Will of Elizabeth Rickman has not been complied with.

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