Norfolk: Helhoughton


Clergy of the Church of All Saints

The first part of the list, from 1312 to 1748, is from Francis Blomefield's Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, Volume 7: Gallow, Brothercross, Blofield and Clackclose Hundreds, pages 104-105, published in 1807.

The second part is from the Helhoughton Parish Register of Baptisms, 1813-1921.

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1312   William de Caston, instituted vicar, nominated by the Bishop,
presented by the prior and convent of Horsham.
1335 Thomas de London. Ditto.
1345 John Bodeney, nominated by the Bishop, presented by the
King, on account of the temporalites of Horsham.
1359 Hugh Aleys, by the bishop and convent.
1361 John Barker. Ditto.
1418 John Barkere. Ditto.
1428 Thomas Gournay. Ditto.
1429 William Arneburgh. Ditto.
1440 Robert Poule. Ditto.
1481 Richard Willyn. The Bishop, by lapse.
1484 John Williams. Ditto.
1511 John Newton. Ditto.
1514 Gilbert Walker
  George Heywarden.
1544 Robert Towers, by Sir Roger Townsend.
1554 David Moresby, by Robert Bozoun, and Robert Cooke.
1556 William Luke, by Rob. Bozoun, &c.
1560 Robert Okes, by Robert Cook, Esq.
1582 John Pinkney.
1624 Tobias Legg. The Bishop, a lapse.
1640 Anthony Underwood, by Edward Symonds, Gent.
1660 Samuel Clark, by Horatio Townsend.
1662 Robert Framingham, by Horatio Lord Townsend.
1678 Thomas Nelson. Ditto.
1684 Samuel Cushing.
1740 Thomas Scot, by Lord Townsend.
1742 William Miles. Ditto.
1748 Charles Allen. Ditto.
Here was the gild of St. Thomas.

1789 George Boldero by George 1st Marquis Townshend
1822 Arthus Loftus A.M. by George 3rd Marquis Townshend
1846 Henry Thomas Lee by Lord Charles Townshend
1871 George John Ridsdale by John Villiers Stuart 5th Marquis Townshend
1905 William Henry Johnson [might be 1906]

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