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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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HEMPNALL, a large scattered village, 9 miles S. Norwich, and 7 miles N.W. of Bungay, has in its parish 1255 souls, and 3583 acres of land, belonging to many proprietors, and lying mostly in J. T. Mott, Esq.'s manor of Hempnall and Canons, and partly in W. F. Irby, Esq.'s manor of Boyland-cum-Fritton.

J. T. Mott, Esq., owns a great part of the soil, and is impropriator of the rectory, and patron of the vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £6. 13s. 4d., and in 1831, at £370, in the incumbency of the Rev. Robt. Rolfe, M.A. (See page 374 [which is the entry for Cockley Cley].) Here are 40 acres of glebe, and the tithes were commuted, in 1839, the rectorial for £452, and the vicarial for £287 per annum.

The Church (St. Margaret,) is a large structure, with a square tower and one bell.

A fair is held here on Dec. 11th, for hogs and pedlery.

The Town Lands, which have been held in trust from a period earlier than the reign of Elizabeth, for paying the tenths, fifteenths, and other taxes, and for the relief of the poor, consist of about 50A., let for about £80 a year, which is applied, as far as needed, in the service of the church, and the residue is carried to the poor-rates; but all the rent of the land called Barbers (22A.) ought to be distributed in charity to the poor, after the payment of 13s. 4d. for the leet fee, according to the trusts declared in a deed of the 15th of Elizabeth.

The poor have a yearly rent-charge of 10s., left by Robt. Row, in 1662, and another of 3s. 4d., given by an unknown donor. Part of the Town Lands were exchanged at the enclosure, in 1817.

          Barnes     Thomas            cooper
          Bullen     Benj.             watch & clock maker
          Cockerill  Edwd.             vict. King's Head
          D'Oyley    John              gentleman
          Dunn       Benj.             plumber, painter, &c
          Edge       James             fireman
          Ellis      Wm.               veterinary surgeon
          Elsey      John              wheelwright & beerhs      
          Hardwicke  Heynes            surgeon
          Hickling   James             saddler
          Hobart     Phoebe            vict. Swan Inn
          Johnson    Maria             plumber & painter
          King       Samuel            basket maker
          Lewell     Daniel            beerseller
          Palmer     Philemon          joiner
          Read       Jonathan          joiner & wheelwgt
          Read       Wm. & Samuel      bricklayers
          Redgrave   Mrs.
          Richards   Mrs. Jane
          Richards   Wm.               butcher
          Roberts    John              vict. Queen's Head
          Roberts    Jno.              hoop mkr. & woodman
          Roberts    James             wheelwright
          Roberts    Wm. & James       beer houses
          Rolfe      Rev Robert R.,    curate
          Yallop     Isaac             schoolmaster
          Drane      Nathan
          Garrard    John
          Lansdell   Richd.
             Boot & Shoe Mkrs.
          Buck       James
          Freston    George
          Goose      Thomas
          Laskey     Henry
          Smith      Robert
             Corn Millers.
          Baxter     Robert
          Robinson   Abm.
          Thirkettle Wm.
                         * are Owners.
          Arnell     Wm.             *Parker     Nathl.
          Caisey     John            *Paul       Robert
          Cooper     Benj.           *Read       Wm.
          Cunningham Rt.              Richards   Wm.
          D'Oyley    Henry            Riches     Robert
          Dordery    Wm.              Roberts    Roger
          Ellis      Wm. & Benj.      Scarnell   L.
          Fairhead   James            Skinner    John
         *Hipperson  John             Spink      Edward
          Howlett    Henry            Sporle     Robert
          Hylton     Robert           Thrower    Alfred
          Jennery    J.               Todd       John
          Mann       George           Turrell    Edmund
          Middleton  Wm.             *Warmoll    Edw.
         *Meek       Edward          *Webb       Joseph
         *Moore      Charles          White      Mrs.
         *Nash       John             Wootton    Robert
          Parker     Henry
             Grocers, &c.
          Bouttell   Thomas
          Freston    George
          Hylton     Richard
          Morris     Robert
          Rumball    Jn. Geo.
          Stammers   Wm.
          Thirkettle Eliz.
             Tailors, &c.
          Jermy      John
          Kennedy    John
          Neeve      William           and glover

Wm. Leggett and Jas. Thrower, to Norwich, Wed. & Sat.

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