Norfolk: Hickling


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

This is the list of the most prominent residents. It has been extracted from the directory by, and is copyright © to, Ray Martin.

          Annison       Samuel         vict. White Horse
          Beevor        Robert         tailor
          Cook          Cubitt         vict. Greyhound
          Ebbs          Robert         vict. Bull
          Gibbs         Mrs Sarah
          Gibbs         Mr Phillip
          Lambert       Mr Benjamin    parish clerk
          Lambert       Joshua         bricklayer
          Lowne         George         vict. Ferry Boat (Pleasure Boat ?)
          Micklethwait  Rev.S.N., M.A. vicarage
          Nelson        Thurlow
                          & Hannah     school
          Ready         Rev. Henry,
                          M.A.         vicar of Palling and rector of Waxham
      Farmers (* landowners)
          Barber        George Vincent
          Barnes        Richard
         *Bord          George
         *Bishop        James
         *Borrett       John           Hickling Hall
          Cubitt        Thomas
          Curtis        Benjamin
          Dawson        Robert
          Derry         Thomas
         *Durrant       Charles
          Garrett       Israel Royal   (and miller)
          Gibbs         Alfred George
          Goulder       William
         *Harbord       Robert
         *Howes         George
          Kirby         Clement
          Lowne         George
         *Minner        Edward
         *Myhill        John (and joiner and wheelwright)
         *Neale         Samuel
          Newman        Henry
         *Newman        John
          Newman        Samuel (jun.)
         *Nudd          John
          Paine         Benjamin
          Pratt         Robert
          Slap          William
         *Slipper       Thomas
          Trory         William
          Turner        Richard
          Turner        William
          Gibbs         Samuel
          Pilgrim       William
          Thaine        John
      Boot and Shoemakers
          Beevor        William
          Gibbs         Samuel
          Woolston      Robert
      Pork Butchers
          Beckett       Arthur
          Mason         John
          Georges       Lydia          (also Post Office)
          Mallet        Elizabeth
          Reeve         Henry
          Taylor        Maria
          Norwich       Wednesdays and Saturdays
          Goose         Thomas         Norwich, Saturdays

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September 1999