Norfolk: Hockering


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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HOCKERING village stands on a declivity of the Norwich road, near the Blackwater rivulet, 5 miles E. of East Dereham, and includes within its parish 457 inhabitants, 1,934 acres of land, mostly the property of Thomas Trench Berney, Esq., lord of the manor. Mrs. A. Howard and Mrs. Martineau have estates here.

The Church (St. Michael,) is a rectory, valued in the King's Book at £7. 3s. 4d., and consolidated with that of Mattishall Burgh. The joint benefices were valued in 1831, at £600 per annum, and are in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. Thos. Berney, M.A., who has here about 50 acres of glebe.

The Primitive Methodists have a small chapel here.

Hockering was the chief manor in the Barony of Rye, and was formerly held by the Mareschals, Roscelines, and Parkers.

The Poor's and Town's Lands have been vested in foeffees from an early period, and were encreased by allotments at the enclosure, in 1826. The property now consists of the Cock Inn, let for about £12; four cottages and gardens, let for about £10; 2A. 3R. of land, let for £2. 2s. a year; a garden, of 14 perches, used by the schoolmistress, and 4A. 1R. 21P., let for £13 a year. Out of these rents about £15 is expended yearly in supplying the poor with coals, and the rest is applied with the church rates. The poor have also the yearly doles of 9s. from Mowting's charity, and 20s. left by Ann Repps, in 1663, out of 3A., called Warner's Yard.

         Barnard      Jas.            saddler, &c.
         Bayes        Jas.            shoemaker
         Berney       Rev. Thos. M.A. Rectory
         Boyce        John            gent. Lodge
         Howard       Mrs. Ann
         Huggins      Wm.             blacksmith
         Isbill       Chas.           butcher and beer-house
         Kitteringham Downing         wheelwgt.
         Lovett       Jas.            corn miller
         Masters      Geo.            vict. Cock
         Nelson       John            grocer, &c.
         Nelson       Leonard         carpenter
         Parker       Granville       farm bailiff
         Ramm         Rt.             wheelwt. and par. clerk
         Taylor       Hy.             tailor
         Webster      John            shoemaker
         Hook         John
         Leveridge    Wm.
         Leveridge    Moses
         Mack         Aemilius        (and butcher)
         Matthews     Wm.
         Nelson       James
         Payne        James
         Pilch        William

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