Norfolk: Horstead with Stanninghall


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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HORSTEAD-cum-STANNINGHALL, a village 7 miles N.N.E. of Norwich. The parish comprises 2586 acres, and contained in 1841, 625 inhabitants; its present residents are:-

         Amis       Robert             shoemaker
         Baldwin    John               bricklayer
         Bird       Edward             shoemaker
         Blake      Thomas, Esq. LL.D.
         Brightwen  Thomas, Esq.       Horstead House
         Burrell    George             blacksmith
         Collins    John               'Recruiting Sergeant'
         Coman      John               tailor
         Cooke and
          Gambling                     millers
         Cooke      Mr. Samuel         Mill House
         Copland    George             coal dealer
         Ewing      John               grocery dealer
         Foulger    John               blacksmith
         Lee        John               miller
         Norgate    Maria              day school
         Partridge  Mr. Robert
         Suffield   Dowager Lady       Hall
         Thackery   Rev. Joseph        (rectory)
         Wright     James              corn, coal and timber merchant
         Cooke      William            Mayes     William
         Foster     John               Page      Philip
         Gostling   John, jun.         Pretty    John
         Gostling   William            Smith     Richard
         Lovick     James              Utting    John  (Stanninghall)

CARRIERS to Norwich, Barnard, Mon. Wed. Fri. & Sat. 9 morn. and Edwards, Mon. Wed. & Sat. 9 morn.

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