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William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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INGHAM, 2 miles E. of Stalham, 9 miles S.E. by E. of North Walsham, and 16 miles N.E. by N. of Norwich, is a scattered, but pleasant village, with several neat houses, occupied by the owners. Its parish has 509 inhabitants, and 1503A., of which 1000 are arable. A large stock fair is held here on Trinity Monday. Rt. Fras. Whaites, Esq., who resides at the Hall, is the principal owner and lord of the manor, which was successively held by the Inghams, Stapletons, Calthorpes, and Johnsons.

The Church (Holy Trinity,) is a large and handsome Gothic fabric, with several antique monuments, two of which have the effigies of Sir Oliver de Ingham and Roger le Bois, the former of whom rebuilt the Church in 1360, and annexed to it the College, which he had founded here for a prior, a sacrist, and six canons of the Order of Trinity and St. Victor, for the redemption of captives from Turkey. This College adjoined the north side of the Church, where some of the ruins still remain. Its revenues were valued at the dissolution at £74. 2s. 7d. The founder, Oliver de Ingham, was a valiant knight, and a great favourite of Edward II., who made him governor of several castles, seneschal of Gascoigne, and lord warden of the marches of Guienne, at which time he had raised a large army, and recovered the country of Agnois.

Previous to its being made collegiate, the Church was a rectory; but it is now a curacy, certified at £28, and augmented in 1810, '17, and '20, with £600 of Queen Anne's Bounty, all vested in land, except £89. 6s. 1d. still at interest. The Rev. Edward Wymer, B.A., is the incumbent, and the Bishop of Norwich is patron, and also appropriator of the tithes, which are leased to J. Sewell and J.J. Blake, Esqrs., and have recently been commuted for £471. 15s. per annum. The late Bishop augmented the curacy with the value of eight quarters of wheat yearly.

Here is a Baptist Chapel.

The Poor's Land comprises 2A., given by one Durrant, and 1R. 14P., awarded at the enclosure, let for £5. 5s. The Fuel Allotment, awarded at the enclosure, in 1812, is 17A. 2R. 28P., let for £24. 6d. The poor have also the interest of £51. 10s., of which £36. 10s. arose from the sale of an old poor-house.

           Ames      John               wheelwright
           Batchelor Martin             shoemaker
           Beck      Wm.                blacksmith
           Clements  Wm.                tailor and shopkpr.
           Cork      John               shoemaker
           Lack      Wm.                vict. Swan
           Long      John               bricklayer
           Matthews  Geo.               miller and farmer
           Oakley    John               master mariner                                     
           Postle    John               gentleman
           Priest    Charles            relieving officer
           Venimore  Rev. Jas.          (Baptist min.)
           Whaites   Rt. F. & J. Esqrs. Hall
           Wymer     Rev. Edw., B.A.    incumbt.
              FARMERS. (* are owners)
         * Harvey    John
           Lack      Wm.
         * Lusher    John
           Pilgrim   Postle

Wm. Lack's Omnibus to Norwich, Wed. and Sat. 7 morning

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